¤ Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, Not What You See While Sleeping ;) ¤

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  • muskaan_26 6w

    Relatable, right?

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  • muskaan_26 20w

    I Relate Myself To An Alarm Clock Without A Battery ●~● Cause I Actually Ain't Very Punctual, What About You, Comment Down Below With Which Funny And Cute Things You Relate Yourself And Your Friends!

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    Some Things Are Made To Rise Like An Aeroplane And Some Are Just Made For Staying Down And Keep Going Like A Motorcycle, It's Based On It's Particular Role, What's Your Role And With Which Everyday Things You Relate Yourself?

  • muskaan_26 21w

    Tag Those Friends Of Yours Who Are Completely Like This!!!
    And If Your Friend Keep Smiling At You On Your Birthday Then Please Don't Expect That They Are Gonna Give You A Surprise Gift *-*.

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    Smiling At Someone Is The Best Gift For Them, So Don't Expect Me To Prepare A Special Birthday Present For You, Cause You're Lucky Enough That You Got To See Me Smiling.

  • muskaan_26 22w

    A Father Is Always A Daughter's First True Love At First Sight,
    He Is Always Something Life Is Worth Living For,
    So Always Remember His Face Whenever You Want To Find A Reason To Live.

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    An Endless Love!

    This Relationship Stays The Same In Your Whole Life,
    It's A Love That Would Never End,
    A Feeling That Would Never Expire m
    It's A Relationship Between A Father And A Daughter,
    No Matter How Many Fights You Have,
    A Single Sorry Will Always Be Enough Bring You Back,
    A Relationship Between A King Who Doesn't Need A Crown And His Sweet Little Kingdom,
    No Matter How Many Years Pass By,
    He Will Always Love You No Matter What,
    If He's Being Strict Then It's Not Like He Doesn't Like Your Choice,
    It Means That He Cares For You And He Wants You To Be Careful While Choosing Between What Things You Deserve And What You Like,
    He Can Never Think Bad Of You,
    Cause He's A Hero, A True Legend And A Person Who Sacrifices His Whole Life Just To Give You A Bright Future.

  • muskaan_26 23w

    L ={ x|x Is Used To Form A Hollow Heart And A Lifeless Life With A Light Of Hope)

    Let My Life Be The Set Of All The Painful Things In This World,
    .·. L= { Anger Running Through Your Veins But All You Got On Your Face Is A Fake Smile, Pressurized Cause The Ones Who Look Upto Want You To Be Their Puppet, The Ones You Love Always Stab You In The Back, Your Love Doesn't Care Whether You're Alive Or Not, Depression And Anxiety Now Seems Much Better Than What You're Suffering Now, Everyone Thinks Your Just A Mistake, A Burden, But Still You Think All This Will Change And You Still Keep On Believing That Someday You will Finally Find Someone That Loves You The Way You Are And Will Take You To The Land Of Happiness When You're Drowning In An Ocean Of Pain And Emotion. }

  • muskaan_26 24w

    My Favourite Captain, My Favourite Wicketkeeper, My Favourite Indian Cricketer, And My Favourite Quote By Him.

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    My Goal Is Not To Be Better Than Anyone Else,
    But To Be Better Than I Used To Be ~M.S Dhoni

  • muskaan_26 24w


    Happiness For Me Is To See All Of My Loved Ones Smiling,
    Happiness For Me Is To Watch All The People Live Peacefully,
    Happiness For Me Is To Watch T.V Till Late Night,
    Happiness For Me Is To Watch My Favourite Batsman Hit Sixes And Fours,
    Happiness For Me Is To Watch My Favourite Ship Sail,
    Happiness For Me Is To Do All Good Without Any Regrets,
    Happiness For Me Is To Cherish The Things I Have In My Life,
    Happiness For Me Is To Think About The Person I Love,
    Happiness For Me Is To Watch My Favourite Team Win The Match,
    Happiness For Me Is To See My Friends And Insult Them On Daily Basis,
    Happiness For Me Is To Hear The Bell Ring And Watch All Of My Classmates Getting Out Like A Flock Of Sheeps,
    Happiness For Me Is To Make Sure That My Family And Friends Both Always Stay Happy,
    Happiness For Me Is To Walk Around In My Surroundings And Point Out That So Much Has Changed,
    Happiness For Me Is To Remember All The Happy Moments In My Life,
    Happiness For Me Is To Thank Everyone Who Came Into My Life And Never Left Till Now,
    Happiness For Me Is To Cherish The Moments I Have For Now Cause Who Knows What Will Happen In The Next Minute.

  • muskaan_26 24w


    Expectations Barely Come To An End,
    And That Only When You Finally Realise That You Won't Get Anything And Would Lose Everything By It.

  • muskaan_26 24w

    Time Flies By...............

    Taking A Glance On The Moments We Lived Before,
    Just A Single Moment With My Loved Ones Hits The Core,
    Tears Rolling Down To My Cheeks Knowing That Nothing Could Hurt More,
    Knowing That They Aren't Here In This World Anymore,
    All Those Moments Flew Away And Now There Are No Wishes I Could Ever Ask For,
    I Felt Like A Sea Shell Being Left Ashore,
    My Life Was Being Like A Wooden Boat In The Middle Of A Sea With A Lost Oar.

    Looking Back, I Moved On Wishing Them A Happy Place In Paradise,
    Now My Life Has Grown Warmer Than The Freezing Ice,
    I Learned That Time Flies By But The Memories I Had With Them Had No Price, Now I Only Remember My Good Memories In My Sight.

  • muskaan_26 25w

    "A Great Warrior Never Thinks Of Himself,
    He Always Thinks Of The Future Of His Kingdom"

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    Tale Of A Warrior

    All The While,
    All The Days,
    He Was Always On The Battlefields,
    Fighting The Battles He Always Dreamt Of,
    Just For His Loving Kingdom,
    He Was Sharpest Weapon And The Incomparable Weakness,
    The People Of The Kingdom Knew They Would Be Nothing Without Him,
    After All The Battles He Had Won Were Nothing But Just A Game Of Chess To Him,
    He Always Made His King Take Away The Throne Of The Other,
    No One Compared To Him Was Worthy Of His Title,
    He Was The Bravest, The Strongest And The Wisest To Know All The Teachings,
    He Would Never Think Of Betrayal,
    He Couldn't Lose A Single Battle Even If He Wants To,
    He Was The Lone Pride Of His Kingdom,
    But On A Day The King Got A Letter Sent By Him,
    The Servant Passed It To The King,
    The King Was Feeling Something Fishy,
    Let Alone When He Took A Glance At The Letter,
    His Feeling Turned Out To Be Truthful When His Body Turned Pale,
    The Ministers Were Worried About Him,
    With A Sweaty Face They Asked "My Lord, What's The Matter?",
    They All Knew Something Very Bad Has Happened To the Great Warrior,
    But All They Had On There Faces Was Only A Sign Of A Question Mark,
    The King Broke The Silence Saying "The Great Warrior Has Left The Army,
    Ask The Soldiers To Ask His Favor To Come To See Me",
    The News Spread Like A Fire In The Forest,
    Just Turning Everyone's Pride Into Ashes,
    There Were Sparks Of Sadness And All The Questions Of The People Had In Their Minds,
    Many People Thought That The Great Warrior Has Caught A Disease That's Why He Can't Fight,
    But They Knew That The Great Warrior Has Never Got ill And Even If He Did
    He Would Recover Easily Cause Of His Knowledge Of Herbs,
    The Whoke Kingdom Felt Like A Disaster, A Misery None Had Faced Before,
    Early In The Morning Right After The Sunrise The Great Warrior Entered The Palace And Bowed In Respect For The King On Ceremony,
    All The While, He Looked So Serene And Calm And Normal Like Nothing Has Happened,
    And In Deep Voice He Stated The Reasons And The Answers Of All The Questions He Saw On Everyone's Face,
    He Stated " My Lord All From The Age Of 16 I've Been Fighting All The Battle, I've Never Lost Any Of Them, And Now I'm Turning 30 This New Year's Eve, This Kingdom Has Been My Only Home Since The Day I Lost My Parents,
    Everybody Treated Me So Nicely And I Am So Grateful To Them For The Love They Showered On Me, This Whole Kingdom Is The Only Place I Love On This Earth, You All Took Me In Like I Was Destined To Live In It, From The Bottom Of My Heart I Apologise If I Ever Used Any Kind Of Words That May Have Hurted You, And Coming To The Point I'm Really Sorry If I Made You Worried, But It's True That I Have Decided To Leave The Army. "
    The King And All The People Remained Silent Because They All Knew That The Great Warrior Is The Wisest Among Them And He Won't Do Anything That Can Cause Harm To The Kingdom But The Only Thing Causing The Confusion Was 'Why Was The Great Warrior Leaving The Army? ',
    He Broke The Silence Saying " You May Know That I Too Am A Human,
    And Someday I Will Have To Die No Matter How Healthy I Stay,
    And I've Noticed That The Others Kingdoms Have Been Thinking That I Am The Only Power Of This Kingdom, That's Why To Prove Them Wrong I'm Leaving The Army, And I Know If The Enemies Prepare For A Surprise Attack Then Our Kingdom Might Not Be Stable After The Attack, So To Increase The Chances Of Our Winning, I'm Holding A All-Year Training Campaign In Which I Will Myself Teach All The Techniques, Strategies And Martial Arts I've Learned In My Life To The Youths In This Kingdom, Because Someday I Might Die But I Want To Make Sure That My Kingdom Stays Safe After Me,
    I Hope My Kingdom Would Bear Many Of The Great Warriors And Would Be Safe After I Die, If Not My Soul Would Still Be Impatient, So I Humbly Request To My Lord To Grant Me The Permission To Make My Kingdom Be Proud Of Itself Instead Of Just Me",
    All His Words Stunned The People Who Were Present In The Hall And The King, The King Was Impressed By His Thoughts For His Kingdom So He Granted Him The Permission,
    After All These Years Nobody Dares To Call The Great Warrior By His Name Not Because They Fear Him But Because They Have A Huge Respect For The Great Soldier And Hus Thinking For Them.