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  • musicalmuse 1w

    There's something about Long Hair that drives poets mad, to the point where they write down some of their most interesting pieces after looking at it...

  • musicalmuse 1w

    If I've ever told you any experience of what Music shows me, know that I love you with all I've got. Maybe it's a curse, to Love, or to do any little thing with all you've got or not to do at all. Maybe sometimes in Life, you have to Stay a Bit in the grey, And it's a beautiful thing that most people manage to do it easily. But maybe, that's an Artist's way, to get into any little thing with everything they've got, like their whole life Depends on that one little thing, Like their Soul would Just die if they don't do it, and hence If that thing doesn't happen, the Artist goes through a Death, and might bounce back on the people around, but one has to understand he has no choice, but to lose Patience. For, If he stays dead to it, Calm, without a Drastic reaction, it would just mean that he was never Completely absorbed in his work, and thus would create mediocrity.
    Well, That's the Artists way, if you have to Do any little thing, you have to be ready to Face Death for it... It's a Curse to have it this way, And also a biggest Boon...

  • musicalmuse 2w

    I walk back and forth, playing with memories,
    I want you around me, and I learn to fly away,
    I run like a mad mad dog in this world of Love,
    I think there's a light at the end that says, ' COME HERE, LOVE ME. '
    And I run again away from it,
    Knowing that there's a story left unsaid,
    And a place where I can rest...

  • musicalmuse 5w

    You know, there's this need to be with you.
    The need to feel your hair on my face,
    To love you with all I have,
    And to Rest in your Lap...

  • musicalmuse 7w

    Every moment we carry with us a huge loathsome Regret.
    Of the choices we made. Of The people we've lost. Of the Things that we supposed to be doing now. Of Being Alive and yet living as good as a body in a mortuary.
    Every moment we carry with us a huge Loathsome Regret.
    The one that springs out from the Dreams that you dream when love is lost and the girl that roams around with you doesn't understand your Poetry.
    The one that Springs out From all the arrogant words you've spoken to your parents, to your loved ones.
    The one that springs out from the night which shouts with loneliness empowering your Distant Sweet Memories...
    Every Moment we carry with us a Huge Loathsome Regret.
    And we don't know how to fight this thing.
    We don't know what to do with it,
    Or how to get away from it.
    And the worst part is ?
    No one is ready to Understand that each one of us is carrying the same Loathsome Regret with us.
    And hence no one is ready to FORGIVE us for this Regret.
    There's no forgiving. There's only a little bit of Hope, that someday someone will forgive us.
    I hope the person understands my poetry.

  • musicalmuse 7w

    The soul is now tired, it needs no More of what already has been,
    It just needs to rest. It needs Rest.

  • musicalmuse 8w

    The most beautiful poetry I've ever witnessed is The long hair that flows down and dances with the wind...

  • musicalmuse 9w

    You know, there's a light that never goes out.
    I've started to glow with every new day,
    There's Love around me,
    And a long hair lady in search of Poetry...

  • musicalmuse 9w

    Let go of all the happiness and sorrow...

  • musicalmuse 9w

    I still look for love in lost spaces of Time,
    I guess your wet hair is all mine,
    I look for You in my Lust,
    And I found you when my Soul needs rest.
    What is this ?
    There are two Birds,
    And I love them both....