Amateur english writer from Bangladesh. Instagram: sakib_ahmed08

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  • muhtashim_utopia 174w

    Judging, too deeply engraved, too hard to eradicate.

    Embedded in our system and culture affix. The one who frown upon, will be the one to hurl a statement. This blame game will continue for it runs in the blood through our veins. It is so trivial that they laughingly shrug it off. It is almost impossible to find someone who can read the situation and circumstances, the one who shall not give in and neither give up to personal opinion. Opinions and intuitive based thinking are important for the leap forward but if decisions are conquered by judgements and less rational thinking the repercussions will be menacing. Even the best and the finest one falls. The moment we let go of forming opinions and start to embrace rational thinking, the intrinsic reward of life can be felt.

  • muhtashim_utopia 174w


    When my sense of humor didn't create a spark in my attempt to socialize. When being witty rendered disturbance as the onlookers exuded grimace. I walked with my head turned down with scorn and lost in pensiveness. I turned to the primitive family book-shelf, where I seldom invested time. The literature books are carefully placed. Dusty though they are, I sneezed and read through pages after pages only to get lost in a strange world called fiction. I do not need people, it is these words with which I will play. Whimsically outsmarting the annoyed faces.

  • muhtashim_utopia 175w

    Poet in oblivion.

    I'm a 74-year-old man trapped in the body of a 24-year-old, for I possess the ethereal prowess of comprehending situations and look through the most unintelligible beings. Yet amid in this shabby looking cell, I have an unsettling mind, as tender and naive as a child who is merely aged five. I drift In this sea of thoughts often, feeling reclused and all alienated and swim through the waves only to find out where's my tribe at.

  • muhtashim_utopia 215w

    Poignant times.

    I have not observed my death closely. I have seen people crying, whilst their loved ones rests, counting on thier faith and believe, that survival will be the biggest win. Seeing them shedding the tears of concern, strikes every part of my organs, shivers me so hard that I can almost feel thier agony. A certain blood flows through my veins, creating sparks of fear and grave concern. I wish I could consume their pain alone so that I can see a glimpse of smile on their face. But then again I begin to ponder, we all have to go through this moment of crisis. There is no joy of consuming this pain, death is inevitable, no matter how much the truth is disdained.

  • muhtashim_utopia 219w

    A poetry with a message.

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    Compelled to be in constant competition.
    Never imagined the goodness we shared.
    Never cared for each other.
    We saw each other as foes, and less friends.
    We almost shared the same strengths.
    We took turns, looked for opportunity.
    Exploited and attacked you with everything I was good at.
    I wanted all of my strengths to be your weaknesses.
    And all those weaknesses of mine, were your strengths.

    I feared for the time when you will vanquish me.
    I waited for the moment when I will dismantle you.

    Amidst this constant competition,
    we undermined peace, and harbored envy.
    Amidst our potentials.
    We forgot the value of co-operation.
    And the world of goods we can give together.
    Just by standing tall beside one another.

  • muhtashim_utopia 227w


    We run after people whom we admire the most. We keep running away from people who loves us, as if they are ghost.


  • muhtashim_utopia 234w

    I'm giving you my words.

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    Straight forward.

    Your words, your words are so good that it just soothe my mind and soul but at the same time I fear, you have other motives behind. Here I stand alone, undaunted. Unruffled I'm, I speak upon what I see. There is no room for intricacy, my words cannot be anymore clearer, because I mean what I say. I adhere to my words.


  • muhtashim_utopia 236w

    Beauty of mediocrity.

    People who are greatly qualified and highly elevated, should not think of pairing up with one another. For it creates an imbalance in the circle. Learn to be calm and composed with those who are not as much potent as you are. Go for the mediocre, restore peace and harness balance.


  • muhtashim_utopia 237w

    Identify thy passion.

    I've a firm believe that someday, my precious writings and works will take me somewhere, away from all of these chaos, away from these materialistic minded people who does not learn to value true art. Although my career and passion clearly collides. I'm still at the learning curve. Trying to develop and master my skills. Someday I will be able to touch her heart with these very words. Someday...


  • muhtashim_utopia 237w

    A prisoner's fate.

    Came to this world as clean as light
    Caressed by his mother as she held him tight.
    Held father's fingers, tip-toed down the lanes.
    Lived across the station, enjoyed watching the trains.
    Little he had the knowledge that times won't remain the same.
    Ate, slept, played and laughed those were his childhood days.
    Passed high school with mediocre grades.
    Fell for the tender and naive beauty he had ever known.
    Talked about life with her every alternate afternoon.
    Simpler phase of life was passing by.
    He knelt down and prayed, things were like this all the time.

    Simplistic times didn't last longer, moment of crisis kicked in.
    Got entangle into an untimely situation he never expected to be in.
    For a crime he truly did not commit.
    Sentenced to death, everyone in the court convened.
    What day what night, for him it did not matter.
    Reclused from other inmates, locked himself up in the utter darkness.
    Prison guards began to worry about his strange numbness.
    A prison guard finally stepped inside the cell
    Curious to learn more about his story.
    He explained to the prison guard, it was all orchestrated and he wronged none.
    The astounding story shivered his bones.
    The prison guard knew, if allowed to escape, his job would be in prone.
    In a new world, new people. Became friends with the prion guards and other inmates to his delight.

    Clocked tick-tock, it was the final hours.
    His family visited for the one last time.
    He shared a sweet conversation with the prison guard on the last night.
    He asked, "if you pray sincerely to Lord and repent for the sins you committed, can you goto heaven?"
    "I just about to believe so," said the prison guard with eyes full of tears.

    It was time. It was time.
    Came his execution time.
    Death stood right next to him
    Legs trembling in fear as he felt the presence.
    He was content that he was destined to heaven.
    All he could think of, forever tranquil rest.
    The guards held him by the hand chains, took him to the execution point.
    He sat into the chair, and his childhood days flashed before his eyes just during the final minute.
    With heavy hearts and eyes full of tears the guards bid him final goodbye.
    He left his beloved ones and the prison guards in tears.
    Now that he is likely to be in heaven there is only sweetness, love and none to fear.
    For one thing it can be understood over all the other,
    He was genuinely a pious and a nice man.
    Away from ugliness and cruelty
    Now he is in a far far better land.