Amateur english writer from Bangladesh. Instagram: sakib_ahmed08

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  • muhtashim_utopia 145w

    I'm a Listener.

    When people decide to go all out sharing stories from their personal lives, don't get annoyed or exude disturbance. But take great pride and feel good about it because they perceive you as someone trustworthy. And do not for once think about taking advantage, the curse is inevitable.

  • muhtashim_utopia 149w

    In good time

    Great things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

    -Abraham Lincoln

  • muhtashim_utopia 149w

    I'm co-authoring a research paper on how we can streamline the employability for the third gender. It has been sometime now since I have initiated this project. It's amazing how my co-authors shares the same vision and idea as much as I strongly believe in. Albeit the health of this research paper is weak since it is completely non-academic but I'm glad the wheels of this special project is finally moving.

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    The society has long accepted technology and advancements and luxuries since the inception of industrial revolution however, this same society is taking insurmountable time to accept a new system where people from all demography can coexist in a peaceful manner. We can never march forward as a progressive community if we continue to take a subjective approach and disregard the importance of respecting each other. And we can never find cure to the problem if the mindset of the people is steadfast, densely polluted with preconceived ideas regardless of how airtight framework and models we propose.

  • muhtashim_utopia 151w

    The chapter titled, Marriage.

    I'm clueless as to how my fate will all unfold, with whom and how will I spend times with that person who is all unknown to me at this very point. I've seen my Sister being all brave and bold, concealing her tears and sometimes twinkles in her eyes she carries with and walks to a new adobe. Its a start to a strenuous journey for everyone who has been so closely attached with her. I can never ever entirely feel what she goes through in these poignant times. What I can only do with all of my resources, is to love someone and tirelessly care for my woman even if it means sacrificing self happiness and comfort. We should all learn to endure. Sacrifice for your woman as she have done it for you, sacrifice greatly as you are obliged to, and the let the beam of love shine bright.

  • muhtashim_utopia 156w

    With a big heart I look at all the beautiful people, with a heavy heart I leave.

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    The middle child.

    They understand reciprocity like no other. They get this mammoth joy and pleasure in making their favorite ones smile. A break of laughter and joy in the faces of the beloved ones is all they crave. Nonetheless, they get upset, devoured by melancholy when they do not get the same treatment. They continue their journey, walking all alone construing everything as fine and normal. They are compelled to digest the truth which is, their loved ones would not show the same quantity of affection. All of these appears to be a rough road to walk on, but the middle child's path is the solitary one.

  • muhtashim_utopia 158w

    Recognition gives you strength to go forward but I never tell people that I'm successful, it slowly kills the ingenuity, I believe. Don't get disappointed but remain focused. I was trained by the Europeans. From the quaint Buckingham Palace to the sand dunes of Rajasthan, I work all over the countries, I try to sell the products of my country, they take it away and replace it with their products. It is okay to get upset, but I will continue to do this for the survival of the precious artisans, I'm drawn and revered by people of Bangladesh.
    -Bibi Russell


  • muhtashim_utopia 159w

    I will be okay and fine with if you forget to bring me anything, but tomorrow when I will not be there, I want all of you to remember me for everything I've given you in my full capacity.

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    The will to give.

    I have had had enough discourses on reciprocity. I do not construe reciprocity like others. In fact, I don't think I like the act of reciprocity at all. It is an important element to sustain here in this world, and without it, society would be absolutely dysfunctional. True, I abide by that. My understanding is, give enormously and expect nothing in return. Give and pour so much that at some point people will remember you for the good deeds. It's not necessary one needs to be resourceful enough in order to give, but the will to give is what matters here. Plant this seed now, the result will be fruitful.

  • muhtashim_utopia 160w

    Of dreams and vision.

    ...and nothing will give me more inner satisfaction and joy when I will see my works finally getting materialized, improving lifestyle of the impoverished neglected marginalized group by making them employable. A revolutionary redefined managing of people. 50 years down the line I intend to see myself building my own massive NGO, and when it will all be done, my request to Lord, may I live this world for good and rest for eternal peace.

  • muhtashim_utopia 161w

    The mighty kind in his natural habitat.

    I'm an epitome of enigma, I thrive and rocket high when it's my day. People come to me with strange request so that they can have me on board. To them I radiate the spark of prodigy. O' boy what a power-pack team we would make. It is in that moment I'm confronted with my conscience. The fear of failing looms, I do not wish to leave my mark by illustrating the symbol of disappointment. So do yourself a favor, I'm conveying you with my counter request, do not have me on board at all. The ship will capsize. When it is my day, my turn and ofcourse my kind of project, I will take down all of you at once, bulldoze my opponents to the ground. I'm giving you my words.

  • muhtashim_utopia 164w

    Like a dampen paint, we erode.

    We artists have the infinite gamut of contents to share with the audience. We produce works which people could relate to themselves. In the process of regaling others, we are stricken by melancholy. A writer will direct his work for a certain someone, and that special someone will start to contemplate other admirers. It is the alley where we walk alone, observe and learn. Not complaining, but living a pleasant solitary life.