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  • muditbharat 6w

    My Loving wife...

    You seeped quietly into me
    Like gentle rain through hardened soil
    And nourished my life with your gentle embrace
    Bringing to end, my inner turmoil

    Your love was pure and unconditional,
    It glowed softly in your exquisite eyes
    Your touch was soft, your voice mellifluous
    You were the epitome of all that's good and wise

    You loved me the way I was
    Smiling, as you faced my flaws
    You made me want to be a better man,
    Worthier of you today, than I yesterday was

    You were all that was good in the world
    You gentleness, your warmth, your child-like innocence
    You lived upto your name...Chandni - moonshine,
    illuminating the world with your radiance

    You were a stream that adjusts to any course,
    Flowing through life with affection for all
    But when faced with challenging situations;
    Like a mountain, you stood firm and tall

    Your life serves as an example for all
    You carried out to perfection, every role
    You were too good for this sinful world
    For it never deserved your virtuous soul

    I never thought I'd write all this in past tense
    I wish I could get a chance to tell you all this
    While travelling the world, hand-in-hand
    Talking with you, in eternal bliss

    I can write my whole life, and never run out
    Of things to say about you, sweetheart
    I may not be able to hold you anymore
    But you will forever hold my heart

    Death can separate, but not overcome true love
    And our love will travel beyond life
    I'll forever be your "Patidev"
    And you'll forever be, my loving wife...


  • muditbharat 42w

    Frame on the wall

    The frame on the wall speaks to me
    In a language lost in memories
    And although I know I shouldn't live in the past
    I can't help but relive all our stories

    We found happiness, in this tiny little world of ours
    Your arms were my horizon and my shoulders were your sky
    I couldn't dream of spending a day without you
    And now I have to suffer a lifetime getting by

    I stare at the garlanded frame, see your exquisite smile
    A lot is said in the mournful silence
    I promise to love you forever, as I always did
    And you tell me I'll always feel your heavenly presence

    The frame captures only a moment in time
    But your memories will always be safe in my heart
    Ours was a love true and eternal
    And it'll never be confined to "Till death do us part"


  • muditbharat 42w


    In a world without mirrors, you'll only need my eyes


  • muditbharat 55w

    The great song

    In laying down what's right and wrong
    And in proving that our side is strong
    We forget, that it's more important we get along
    Because in the end, we all belong
    To the great, infinite song
    That plays through us briefly, before we say, "so long"


  • muditbharat 55w

    Whispers to the afterlife

    My broken heart will not mend
    Till it joins you in the afterlife

    You were gone too soon
    But then
    You were too good for this world
    And all its weariness

    I have to carry out
    The responsibilities you left me
    And I shall join you soon after
    Because life without you isn't living
    Only existing

    I hope these whispers reach you
    Wherever you are
    And let you know
    That you will always be remembered
    Always be cherished
    And you will always be loved


  • muditbharat 55w

    To live...

    To live, is to feel your existence
    And to experience every sensation
    Not to miss out on the splendour around
    And forever, search for inspiration

    To live, is to find the joy around us
    And to flow through the sorrow
    To hold on through the weariness of today
    And hope for a brighter tomorrow

    To live, is to taste the marrow of life
    And not merely survive it
    To find the passion and bliss in living
    And to find both gentleness and grit

    To live, is to find equanimity and contentment
    And to rise above the worldly din
    To discover the beauty scattered outside
    And the beauty hidden within

  • muditbharat 56w


    M - Must
    U - Usher
    S - Soul
    I - Into
    C - Cloud Nine!


  • muditbharat 69w


    Beyond thought, beyond feelings, beyond everything used to measure human life, lays the soul, experienced only by those seeking it.


  • muditbharat 72w

    It's been a couple of months
    And I still can't believe you are never coming back
    I wait for the door to open
    And see you rush in
    Calling out lovingly to our son
    Reassuring me that everything would be fine
    But I know it wouldn't
    And I know I have to go on
    With nothing but your memories
    Time had written for our journey to be till here
    And fate decided to snatch you away
    So I am left with your gentle voice
    Your loving touch, your grace
    Your smile, your liveliness
    You, who loved me more than I knew one could
    You, who accepted me as I was
    You, who saw the best in me
    You, who thought the world of me
    You, who got my loved ones loving you more than they loved me
    You, who brought to me the greatest gift of all - our son - And that too on our anniversary
    You, who made my life complete
    And as I start to live this fragmented life now,
    Clutching the hands of our little son
    I promise you this - I will make sure
    That our son knows the beautiful soul that his mother was
    I will bring him up the way you wanted to
    And I will live how we wanted to
    I will celebrate every moment because you would have wanted to
    But please forgive me if I do it sometimes with a tear in my eye
    Because even if you are not here, my love
    You will always remain alive in my heart
    And I will always love you, with all I've got...

    #fragments @mirakee

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    I will celebrate every moment because you would have wanted to
    But please forgive me if I do it sometimes with a tear in my eye
    Because even if you are not here, my love
    You will always remain alive in my heart
    And I will always love you, with all I've got...


  • muditbharat 106w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Horizon

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    For me, love was like a horizon - forever beyond reach...