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  • msupraja 2w

    Hey winter! You well know I am afraid to face you , but I appreciate the hues you hold at windy nights of yours .I want to look at those night and sky of yours,but I am afraid to face , even though night may feel light sometimes but am scared of days more !! Scary to look at my meaningless mornings when sun rise , I like to see my life that makes some sense , remarkable ofcourse they are meaningful and have some sense ! ......just a feeling that's raising me , just give me some hope and rays of light that you hold to keep my day and night little worthy!

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    Hello winter's !

  • msupraja 3w

    There is some 'Hope' in between the line of self doubt.
    There is something that is pushing me from darker corner of my room to turn on lights to feel my soul little lighter
    There is something that is telling me to release all the energy and forgive everything,everyone including myself for the past mistakes.
    I am feeling littler lighter , little pain , little hope, little energetic!
    For me , I can do better !
    For me , I can push beyond!
    For me , I will cross path!
    For me , I will not take u turn !
    For me , I will make it !
    For me , I will make everything happen

  • msupraja 3w

    My fears are big !! While dreams are greater!!.
    The fears that are burried inside me , let me to feel so low, insomanic , but all these are temporary a part of life too!!
    I know I can let my fears burn once I say 'NO TO FEARS '
    I know I can create confidence for self once I say 'NO TO SELF DOUBT'.
    May be not today or within few hours , but definitely by days. I will let know myself am not less but I can be more!

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    Coundown Day 1

  • msupraja 4w

    It's been a year, we are part of each other, My heart still won't believe to take a risk for falling in love, but you proved loving is not tough .
    Unexpected virus, made us to come across each other , unexpected time made us to love each other,
    You are precious one to keep in my heart and hold on hands. I remember our first talk that kept us transient to threshold to steady !! Like an endless talks and by time our story became talks !!
    I remember when we met for the first time on the streets of my city, trying to catch and hold to look into each other's eye, but unfortunately couldn't because of shyness that was burried in each of our heart, while they were beating 100×2 times a minute and having a smile while exchanging roses that gave some fragnance around us creating a weirdest and romantic atmosphere.
    You and your smile is what I fallen for, as well your talks and humour that makes me fall for you everyday feels so mystical magic you create while telling for the reason why you fallen in love with me !That puts pure smiles and tears to me since you hold them accountablely!! So by night I glow differently so though you glow too, just like two shining stars sharing same sky at those nights .


  • msupraja 27w

    I couldn't touch my own feets
    To step this couchy heat..
    Am afraid to look around..
    Myself ,for more than 10 min,
    My heart race for few seconds,
    Later I realise , I no longer
    Interested to smell these
    Summer heat ....I no
    Longer want to smell these
    Summer flowers,
    I no longer want to look up the sky
    And to get lost somewhere.
    A confused me want to smell.
    The letter resembling ' s' 'D'..
    I just want to make me feel secure
    For more than some ways.
    I couldn't touch my own feets
    To step this couchy heat.


  • msupraja 30w

    I lost in your eyes for a while
    And felt the moment ,
    It turned into the heaven ,
    And realised you are the
    Soul I awaited for .


  • msupraja 32w

    What is this Bruh?
    Bro bolo , brother bolo..

    Coffee thodi h vo


  • msupraja 35w


    Even knowing ' The sky is blue'
    Sometimes we try to
    Paint ' pink'....
    Just to create our own
    Imaginary world
    That we wanna live in.


  • msupraja 41w

    Tere itrr mein hai Kuch nasha,
    Vo din bhi Shyam SA lagne LGA.
    To Kabhi, tere baahon mein yu hi
    Khoya SA lagne LGA.
    Intezar hai, Kisi Shyam Ka, jabh dono
    Un taaron ke asamnan ke neeche....
    Shyam azmaye,
    Aur Kuch Apne pyaar ki panktiyan rachdale


  • msupraja 43w

    You love me in different languages
    I don't know , so I love you back
    Learning those different languages
    As you pour your abundance of feelings
    One me admiring me the way I am.
    I know the language 'BETRAYAL'
    But how beautifully you portrayed
    The language 'love' .
    Slowly you are into
    My poems ..and this essence
    Of ink defines you the way who
    You are, Because my words and
    Diary only deserves the right one
    To be in pages ..
    And so far I was waiting for such right..
    So , every line I poetise is for you.