I write so many stories that no one reads.. No one knows.. So many starts but no endings.. I check reality once in awhile.. Im still there..

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  • ms_mellie 45w

    Depressed? What is that?

    I lost my mom when I was 6
    Then I was molested by a neighbor
    Then Dad remarried
    Then got molested again in a new place
    Took a course I didn't like but hey it was free
    Skipped too many breakfasts and lunches
    I only have money for transport to and fro school
    Dinners are the best at home
    Left 1st bf because I was told I was still young
    Was on a rebound by the 2nd bf
    Then a bf who would not let me breathe so we split
    Then a bf older by a decade, but didn't want anything to do with me.
    Then another bf came now husband..
    Nice and good but I still want to experience sweet things.. Never mind atleast he's good
    Financially derailed but happy
    The Lord is still good.
    Now you have a job a husband who treats you well yet you need a me time
    A job that pays you more than your mortgage
    Still you post #depressed #needMEtime
    I was wondering.. Should I be depressed?


  • ms_mellie 62w

    How do you start a story, without knowing the ending?
    How will you know the end of a story not knowing the beginning?
    Ours is just like this
    We never took note of how it started..
    We just let it go on without expecting an ending.

  • ms_mellie 62w

    Sunsets over where we first met
    The rain started as we parted
    Now darkness hover this empty place.

  • ms_mellie 62w

    Why am I sad?
    Didn't I ask for this?
    Why am I lonely?
    Didn't I long for this?
    When you said "what's done is done"
    Now I'm the broken one.

  • ms_mellie 62w

    I let you go slowly..
    I'm taking my time, breathing in and breathing out with a sigh
    It may be over for you, but I'm taking it one step at a time
    Drowning myself with your memories
    Laughing at your antics
    Crying at the moment you're saying goodbye
    Angry at your lame reasons
    Going crazy asking why.
    Yes, it will take some time picking up pieces
    Of my broken heart, don't worry if you get over me fast..
    In the time it will all just be part of a "past"


  • ms_mellie 72w

    I miss you

    Wherever you are, know that I miss you
    I miss the way you look at me,
    The times you hold me dear.

    Now memories are fading fast
    Some i can still recall
    Some I can't remember at all

    You left early when I was 6
    Now the bitterness I still can't fix
    I feel like I lost so much

    When life is hard to bear
    I look for someone
    But then I know no one's there

    I miss you when life is tough
    I miss you when I laugh
    I miss you..


  • ms_mellie 74w

    I woke up worried,
    I looked at the mirror, forcing a smile
    Then everything's fine.. Now you try..

  • ms_mellie 74w

    He was just an excuse to pass the time
    Until he became a habit
    Now an addiction

  • ms_mellie 74w

    The "New Me"

    Mornings are always a breath of fresh air
    With the sun shining on my hair
    I breathe in the morning mist
    And breathe out a shout
    I love smiling and talking to people

    But now I don't feel anything
    I'm tired of hearing them complaining
    I'm tired of forcing smile
    I'm done telling them it's going to be fine
    I wonder if they even wonder about me

    How I feel, if I'm fine
    How I was back in the past
    The new me is numb
    The new me lacks epathy
    The new all new to me

    I didn't like how it is
    Or where I am going with this
    But I hope as I travel on
    I will again mee that person
    The person I used to know

  • ms_mellie 83w

    He holds me close and whisper to my ear,
    "Thank you for everything.. Today is lovely"
    I smiled, I just organized my dream wedding.
    Only its not mine, but his.