A character that lasts is an ordinary guy with some extraordinary qualities.

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  • mrunalini_04 3w

    So this happened a few days back. One of my male friends and I went shopping. And it was just a coincidence that I ended up holding all the bags which I didn't mind of course. After a while, we noticed a lot of people, staring at us, some of which were actually turning their heads around to look. And giving a judgemental stare to my friend. It struck a few minutes later that this was happening because I WAS TAKING ALL THE BURDEN, while my friend who is a man, was walking freely. Of course, my friend had asked earlier as well to share the load which I declined because honestly, it wasn't much, but after this staring contest, he asked me again, to which I asked a simple question, "are you worried that people might be judging you because I'm holding all the bags?" And I could see an affirmation in his eyes.

    This whole incident made me understand how we somehow enable toxic masculinity, subconsciously at times, and how it affects men. We have been propagating this whole idea where a man is supposed to take the burden while hiding all his emotions to appear tough, and we immediately make fun of those men sometimes, who have breakdowns and who do express all the human emotions. As of 2019, the suicide rate ratio for males to females stands at 70.2:29.8. And while I'm not implying that the primary cause is this propagation and enabling of toxic masculinity, but you have to agree that it somehow plays an important role here.

    While I support feminism and women empowerment, I do stand against gender stereotyping because I have seen how it affects my own father and my brother one way or another. And it's high time to discard these outdated beliefs that only men should be responsible for holding all the responsibilities and burden all this while not expressing anything. 


  • mrunalini_04 5w

    Everyone wants to be happy, to know what it is like to feel peace,
    And whenever you finally feel sure of yourself,
    the pain and the struggles smile at you again.

    Sometimes, you just feel sorry and it's a sure thing to bring you down-
    knowing that this journey is endless.

    And while focusing on all of life's good is tough sometimes.
    Please try to take some action, make a move-
    it doesn’t matter if others approve

    But just know, nothing lasts forever and you'll be there again
    Filling your life with moments of utter fulfillment


  • mrunalini_04 5w

    You can be busy, but not in the way most people accept.
    You can be busy finding the courage or get in touch with yourself

    You can be busy interpreting the reality around you
    And understanding how you can be kinder to yourself

    You can be busy, but not looking forward to special events
    But rather enjoying every small moment. of your life

    Because that's how I think it should be
    Building a thoughtfully crafted life defined by no one else
    Just you.


  • mrunalini_04 6w

    What were you doing, when a woman was judged just for an attribute of heaven - BEAUTY
    Were you trying to tell her that she is born to feel full on her own and be her own storyteller?
    Or were you singing the lullabies of being a miracle maker and a life-giver?

    What were you doing, when a woman was filling all her pockets with weapons before leaving the street?
    With her heart full of fear and her mind full of what-ifs?
    Were you trying to tell her, that she has the privilege to be at her destination?
    Or were you trying to sing out loud how foolish it is to even think that?

    What were you doing, when a woman was putting on lipstick
    with that cute little polka dot dress, she bought for herself?
    Were you telling her just how beautiful she is looking tonight?
    Or were you there, smashing the mirrors because no one sees beauty and soul anymore
    And all they can see is the excuse to exploit her instead?

    What were you doing, when she was wandering off in this labyrinth of life?
    Trying to figure out how much stronger she needs to be
    To stand up on her own feet and convince the world that she can do anything on her own?
    Were you trying to let her paint the character with her own palate?
    Or were you caging her wings even before she knew and telling her to smile because that should be her ideal life?

    What were you doing when you were reading this?
    Were you picturing a woman you loved and cared for
    And deciding how to do better for her?
    Or were you taking inspiration on how to be a masterpiece
    In pretending how much you care for her?
    While making this entire world so suffocating
    That someone else needs to be the voice for her?


  • mrunalini_04 6w

    Accept yourself as a work in progress,
    For now, just breathe.
    And you'll think of solutions.
    Do not let your worry control you,
    understand that this universe took it's own time to build you:
    So it's okay to accept your flaws, your truths and your insecurities
    But make a light out of them, to shine so bright that no one can tear you down.
    For now, just breathe and trust in yourself, and it will all be okay.


  • mrunalini_04 9w

    I’m notoriously bad at getting up sometimes. At times a decent breakfast armed with a cup of tea is the only thing that can transform me into a functioning human adult.

    My mind wanders to places. Sometimes, I waste my time by scrolling as soon as I open my eyes.

    So chatting about what i’ve just read, learnt or written with friends or family, (or even just to myself) has helped me keep it clear in my mind about what all I've done in these last two years.

    During this time, I feel congratulating myself on whatever I’ve achieved so far. And that I believe is a good change for me mentally.

    I know this lockdown or isolation has been hard on everyone, financially, emotionally and mentally.

    So no matter what social media at times shows you about how much others have been achieving and how much they're happy, sometimes, it's a huge victory to simply get out of bed.

    And that's okay!


  • mrunalini_04 10w


    I'm thankful to everyone I've interacted with in my life so far. I understand that I wasn't mature enough to see through a person or the battles they might be fighting themselves. I've been desperate for love perhaps because I was hurting and treating love as an escape rather than an emotion that binds you. I have hurt people too: something I'm not proud of- but I hope I can mend that someday. 

    But after these two years of isolation, I know for sure that I've grown into a much better, calmer, and empathetic person, because of each person I've met so far. And while I'm still learning to unlearn a lot of things,  trying to lose a lot of baggage, I still hope I can be that person someday too.
    Thank you!


  • mrunalini_04 11w

    To realise that you can, you've to go through you can't.


  • mrunalini_04 13w

    Hey there my sunshine
    I know at points I'm lost and at some other, you're lost too.
    And that makes me wonder,
    Can we be the home for our hearts, searching for something even it doesn't know?
    Will we ever be able to read each other like our favorite poem and smell like our favorite novel?

    Pages hiding the smell of an old, broken rose, still so beautiful.
    Would our shadow ever touch each other and our existence merge into one being?

    And at night when the stars will light up our rooms, and we might sit by ourself.
    Talking to the moon
    Hoping someone on the other side hear us too.

    I know that we would be there for each other on the other side.
    Trying to know each other, wholly, completely. furiously
    That we will forget where I start and where you end.


  • mrunalini_04 14w

    There comes a point in our lives when we realize that fighting for what we want or what we love will never be enough. That no matter how much tears we cry and efforts we give, it will not change a thing - it will still slip away from our grasp. And after wasting my time, trying to force my life to make things go the way I want. I realised that it's okay. I don't always need to push myself to the limits; I don't always need to have this full energy. One can be clueless, about almost everything that's happening around us. But if this very moment is draining you, lay down, or just sit in a chair- don't think of anything else, just yourself, your existence and feel that moment, your heartbeat, your breathing, everything. You may feel so tired now, but even if that happens remember to love yourself, remember to be genuinely aware about the things that make you happy. And above all, the fact, that with every new day, you still have the chance to pursue things that you love.