So finally when we die, we all become stories. Some told, some untold. It's simple, I don't want mine to be untold.

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  • mrstoryteller 17h

    You don't need words to describe emptiness.

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  • mrstoryteller 6w


    What's the most precious thing at this time?
    This moment, yeah this moment.

    Stay in the moment before it turns into past.
    This moment, of course.

    Don't ruin it by overthinking much about future;
    Remember to always stay in this 'moment'.


  • mrstoryteller 6w

    I am the one.

    I was all high!
    Boasting around,
    Me thinking, myself as smarty;
    The world seemed dull.
    The results also proved,
    That I was the one.

    Me, again all high,
    Laughed at others,
    Cared less,
    The world is not so,
    Good as me.
    Yeah, I am the only one.

    I was soaring high,
    As high as a kite would fly,
    In a windy sky.
    Me like a kite,
    Thought I was all by myself,
    Hence, I ignored my luck;
    Forgetting that 'wind' was 'luck'.

    Times don't last forever,
    Nor do the wind;
    The kite once soared;
    Fall onto the ground,
    An opportunity for the onlookers,
    To tear it apart.

    The kite prayed,
    Remembered the wind,
    The ego of the kite surrendered;
    On being grounded,
    'Down to earth', it became.

    One day, I failed, rather terribly;
    It challenged my way of judging things,
    My perception of the world, changed.
    As if I came out of my delusion;
    That I was the only one.

    A kite is everyone of us,
    Only the absence of wind;
    Will make us gain,
    What we call now as empathy.

    And I am not the only one,
    But just assimilation of circumstances.
    An 'unfortunate' event rather made me;
    Rethink to what I was taking for granted.


  • mrstoryteller 6w

    Am I bad?

    Thinking of my achievements,
    I am in a dilemma;
    Whether I was too good?
    Or is it I worked hard?
    Or simply plain luck?
    Well, I don't know, neither any of us know.
    So, always there is an amalgamation;
    Rather than a singular reason.
    Besides, these also applies to failures;
    It isn't your 'complete' fault,
    Let circumstances also be considered.
    In the end, you aren't that 'bad'
    That you once taught,
    Following your fiasco.
    Rethink. Rekindle.


  • mrstoryteller 10w

    The past had its own regrets,
    The future seems to be dull;
    The present on a balancing act,
    To forget what's gone;
    And to change what's coming.


  • mrstoryteller 10w

    That thing was around us,
    But we didn't care,
    Coz it wasn't worthy at that moment;
    It gathered dust,
    We questioned its existence.
    "Ahh, another crappy material,
    Spoiling my vision", thoughts surfaced.
    Well, time flies,
    Purpose arises;
    That moment made it a gem,
    What was once a scum.
    That thing won't mind,
    The change of flow of importance
    Coz it doesn't have feelings;
    But humans do.
    Be humane and have humanity.

  • mrstoryteller 10w

    We exist,
    So do others.
    Sometimes we notice,
    Mostly we ignore and so they do.
    What makes sense,
    In this wide world;
    Is purpose; which connects us,
    Makes each other 'noticable'.


  • mrstoryteller 11w

    In this fast paced, monotonous world;
    Take a break.
    Slow down,
    Sharpen your senses,
    Take a moment,
    To appreciate what's around;
    And get yourself ready to run again.


  • mrstoryteller 12w


    Waking everyday,
    With a feeling that I am a sore loser,
    Would look upon those,
    Who are one of the bests in that field!!
    Willing to be that one day,
    Will try my best everyday,
    Working hard ain't enough,
    Withstanding all those failures,
    Won't be as easy, I would say to myself,
    Willpower isn't for those,
    Weak who may give up,
    Warriors don't care about results,
    Who just break all their mental shakles,
    Winning all those over,
    Who were saying, You can't.
    With this, they would chose a new field,
    With a will to conquer it.
    Where there's a
    Will, there is always a


  • mrstoryteller 14w

    Sometimes, it's difficult to explain how you feel, coz you are so burdened with work, that no spark of motivation comes around to do so.

    Here, I try.

    Lots to do, lots to study.
    With all regrets of not studying previously, and not utilising the opportunities provided to me, I am just weighed down by this possibilities of what better I could have been than I am now.
    All I need is to move forward, keeping behind what I messed up, as regrets won't end.
    Here, I am trying hard to cover all the damage that has occurred.
    I know that it's impossible to restore completely, but all I can do now is try to get my best of what time permits, without falling into the gloomy emotions of negativity.