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  • mrinalaniteotia 4w


    Memories either fascinates or it hurts.

    Paper trail behind,
    Of moments & experiences keep us bind
    Altogether with all in life,
    Friends, family, no friends or anyone's had been a part of your life
    May be worst, bad or tasted fine like wine,
    It added to your history leaving no white
    Embrace and nourish it, it's up to you,
    Or discard and annihilate it again up to you
    But memories always teaches,
    Whether hurts or fascinates, it kind of preaches.


  • mrinalaniteotia 4w

    Long time

    Hi All,

    It's been a very long time.

    I didn't show up here at Mirakee platform. Reasons being some too personal. I had to keep myself shut, away, far and really far battling some life crucial stages.

    Thankfully, everything is getting settle back again. The rippling and joggling water of my lake is finally grasping some serenity. And I am feeling kind of back, but with a novelty in me.

    Thanks for this year long life experience that have taught me some very significant aspects of life.

    So,cheers again.

    Will be regular with my posts from now onwards.

    And thank you for all the new followings I have gained.

    Sweet life!

  • mrinalaniteotia 35w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Mystery

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    Mystery is past.

  • mrinalaniteotia 35w


    As it steams up from the hot base
    My veins sway the same way as your hand go down my waist,
    The pulses actually rush but it feels seized then and there
    Our breath mingles and you unpin all my lace,
    Naturally my throat streams out doting wails
    Crisp! It's a crispy turn on.

    I bore into you, hiding away myself from this world
    Wanting to nibble at the back of your ear,
    Browsing on your bare chest that is exceptionally shielding me from evil eyes,
    I coiled in your arms, totally curled
    Away from the eyes, off to the world
    Yes, then happened a crispy turn on!


  • mrinalaniteotia 36w

    This is a short happening I managed to put it in short sentences. This tells a gloomy phase of a woman's life who have been maltreated by a guy whom she thought she loved and that he was the only man on this planet for her. Like every other emotional female she surrendered herself to him after dating him for a month and there she discovered a dirty side oh him.

    #love #betray #psycho #pain #partner

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    Sex or Play

    He got a heavenly room arranged for us that day,
    I was too elated to throw myself to a first experience of sex play,
    With the love of my life-- my man
    O! Thank God I got waxed, buttered and dolled up myself.

    "I love being wild", he gasped pulling me closer to his chest.

    It didn't sound weird to me yet a flow of immense sensations ran through my veins. I smiled, "I'm all yours."

    Suddenly his expression switched. Now his eyes had wicked gaze and lips curving in a villain smile.

    I couldn't understand.

    Steadily with that encouraging foreplay we both dropped off our clothes and turned naked. But then...then I started feeling that he was getting to impatient, not mannerly. He began to mishandle me that for sure a decent man never do.

    "What are you doing?...What is this...?" I sounded panic as he turned me around to muffle my mouth with a black scarf. He knotted tight. Yanked my wrist back and bound them too. With a chain. It surely had hurt my wrist bone.

    My throat echoed in pain. Basically I shouted a humm. A cosy room averted to a harassing room, soon. He pushed me to kneel down, thwart my back forward such that I bent to the floor with my butts hovering in mid.

    Ahhhh... I screamed full throat the moment he pinched out my clit. He splashed whisky to my vaginal entry and there he thurst. He let his dick to force inside of me. Nearly hurting the inside skin folds. It was unmannerly wild. And I wasn't loving that physical torture he continued to play upon me.

    The more he speeded the more he gone aggressive and lurched my head back entwining his fingers through my hairs. He wrenched my scalp pay no need to my shouts. But it wasn't enough. He got another chain wrap around my neck, holding it with one hand and keeping other hand engaged to slap my butt harsh. And kept on oscillating like he was riding some wild horse.

    I didn't know when that harassment was going to stop but when it did I stumbled like a feeble frog gasping for last breath. I was shaky top to down but I wasn't dead! He didn't let me go and did thirteen attempts that day. It didn't take me long to decide that he's not the love of my life. I did a mistake.

    Day later, somehow I made my way out and week later I discovered-- he was psycho.


  • mrinalaniteotia 36w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Laughter

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    Laughter at poor kids face he's living

  • mrinalaniteotia 37w


    Your eyes moved as you scrolled down her insta pic,
    Each pic is sexy with perfect face, wide hip and heavy teat
    Those defining curves, lifted boobs made you believe,
    That you should also be lifted, changed and botox your skin
    You see that oh that star Nicki Minaj have apt figure,
    Perfectly toned, fatty or flawless or unblemished girl
    The sexy lass make it to the top of beauty lists,
    You vowed, depress or cry rolling your fists
    Oh! I too wanna be like her, the sassy and plush,
    You began to count your too many flaws and fail to blush
    Comparison is laid basis the plumped lips, waist and booty,
    You are unknown that it's merely a plastic beauty

    (To be Continued)


  • mrinalaniteotia 37w

    All the woman around are beautiful, pretty and praiseworthy. While creating you that almighty didn't put any written tag on your foreheads. He created us all with equal love and slashing equal energies in us.

    The lifted cheeks, edgy jawline, sleek nose, extended neck, perfectly carved abdomen, round - heavy and bun like breast, or tight wide and twerky hips and bony or fatty thighs, these all don't determine the beauty of a female.

    Looking at plastic people we feel moved and began to put efforts to carry out these kind of surgeries ultimately putting ourself into an unnatural world. We fail to accept yourself the way we are. Rather we begin to think about the outer world and people. And the girls start to criticize themselves, feeling completely dishearten.

    So, be happy as you are. Do not feel move by celebrities who have done a costly makeover to dolled up themselves completely into a fake structure.

    If you are changing your physique relying on the thought that you don't look apt and beautiful. Remember you are questioning God's creation.

    #plasticsurgery #cosmeticsurgery #breastlifting #breatsurgery #healthconcern

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    No mess with your Butts or Boobs,
    No botox, fillers, liftings or tubes.


  • mrinalaniteotia 37w


    Oh! He helped undress you
    Now after these bunch of hours in row
    After pressing and twisting sheet under
    You find him sleeping carelessly, face turned to
    another side of you
    And here you are, the true - the alone, dressing yourself up
    Ready to back up, ready to pack up.

    You have to go,
    You are supposed to leave
    Cuz he needed you on bedtimes
    So let's not waste your accrued energy with this lie
    With someone who's careless
    You lied to your life letting yourself to press
    Walk away, run fast to find your own way where your energy can flow in a right manner
    Millions of fake face, millions are there so be a scanner.


  • mrinalaniteotia 37w


    Oh! That's my little honey pot
    Swelled up and enlarging,

    Oh! That's when my hymn is broken
    Not bleeding leaving white linen white,

    So, this question of being virgin or not?
    Do not depend if hymn bleeds at your first night,

    Cuz hymn may break with the onset of puberty
    As a cause of physical activity.