Echoes. Thoughts. Various shades of a thing called Poetry. Disclaimer: I do not own any picture(s) used in my posts.

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  • mrguilty 174w


    हर मंचली साँस मेरी सुनाती है, बस तेरा ही नाम
    तेरी पलको की छाँव मैं जभी समांऊ, मिले जन्नतो सा आराम
    जैसे वो लेहरे मौजिले है, जैसे उसका सागर गेहरीला है
    वैसे ही है, तेरी..मेरी..सभी बातें..

  • mrguilty 174w

    You are mine..

    “You and me both know that resistance is unwarranted
    When my immortal desires and your crimson submission
    Are about to pander and gratify us..
    You know that, Don’t you..?
    Let yourself..
    Let me..
    Let us..
    Within..One another..” 

  • mrguilty 174w

    A Tango Matter

    Inevitable form of a passionate fusion
    It was written by his actions
    It was painted by her raven waves
    Creating an another one;
    They went at it..
    Unspoken reverberation
    Being her only Sunrise
    Being his precious Sunset..

  • mrguilty 174w


    Jism-e-jurrat kya karein tujhe paane ki
    Ruh ka aashiyana hum paros te hain sada
    Saanson ki minnatein kyon karein hum bhala
    Tere liye qatra qatra Ishq bhi kam pade, meri jaan-e-jaan

  • mrguilty 174w

    What you are to me

    It's not the matter of how much I want you in my life.
    It's the matter of how much I love you regardless of the future.
    It's not the matter of how much you have become my life.
    It's the matter of how essentially our souls have collided with one another like we have known each other since forever..

  • mrguilty 174w


    There is a term called: desire. For people, it's a linear pathway which they portray and wish for. For me, it's my destined analogy and what I have asked for. Difference between the two is that, for them it will eventually come true with their dedication. And for me, it had came true the day when I fell in for you.