You cannot breakdown what can't be broken

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  • mr_vansh_ 8w

    No Make-up

    Making vows is easy & breaking vows too
    Dark isn't so lousy, you see the lights through

    Fake a smile in pictures but life isn't a joke
    Life isn't a movie & time isn't a clock

    Uncontrolled emotions? what a nightmare!
    The brain isn't a warfield but we fight there

    Death is just a cat & you're a caged mouse
    The world isn't so bad, it's a slaughterhouse

    I find the good in bad & see the truth in lies
    Guilt beneath the shame & love in disguise

    The show is on the loop, it ends up in a row
    And when it's all over, you can take a bow


  • mr_vansh_ 9w

    Fear of Judgement

    is the killer of Expression.


  • mr_vansh_ 9w

    P O P U L A R

    It's popular to support people when they're popular.


  • mr_vansh_ 10w

    Is it necessary to always give bouquets to people when they're in their graves and cannot even smell those flowers or we can appreciate them right now?


  • mr_vansh_ 12w

    Mr. Carter,

    First of all thank you so much for making my life a bit easier, for giving me power in my moments of suffering, for enlightening me to keep it real.

    No matter how much people dislike you for your looks, for your voice, for doing drugs and lean, I know how much your lyrics supported me when I was alone on the road waiting for a death wish.

    I relate a lot to your life and learn a lot as well. You have a huge contribution to what & whoever I am right now.

    I know that you have millions of devotees all over the world and it is useless to write all this because you will never read this but still...

    There is a tiny spark of hope in my heart that maybe one day I will be able to become worthy enough that my feelings will reach you.

    I want to meet you once before leaving this world.

    I wish you a very happy, prosperous, and healthy journey ahead... Thanks again for showing me the lamp in the darkness.

    Thanks a lot..❤️



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    T U N E C H I

  • mr_vansh_ 13w

    R E A L

    What Family? What Friends? & What Relatives?

    Even if your own shadow leaves you in the middle of hell, even if they all refuse to believe in your existence, Never give up on your ethics for the sake of relief or sympathy.

    Keep it real till your last breath.


  • mr_vansh_ 13w

    A celestial being of the dusk
    Blessed me with the pearl of the Euphrosyne
    Violins of devotion & grace of the Iris
    The fragrance of Jasmine & poise of a dove

    She came on a unicorn & kissed my soul
    Her presence gently unchained my melodies
    She gave me butterflies and turned my tears into raindrops
    She gave ink of the 7 heavens to my quill

    So, I wrote her in my fate till the doomsday
    I tried to delineate her eyes but ended up drawing the universe
    She changed my purple hyacinths into violets
    Brought light to the blackness with her smile

    I went to the seashore, I went to the mountains
    I can no longer stay away from her
    I screamed my pain to the nothingness
    But got relief when she is played the mellow notes of my piano

    //July 18//10:52//

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    B L E S S I N G

    "O queen of my world
    Look at the stars
    They're twinkling for you..
    Look at the roses of my garden
    They're blooming for you...
    Look at the holy paradise
    They're singing for you...
    Look in my eyes
    They're shining for you..."


  • mr_vansh_ 14w

    Catching flaws is one of the easiest things in the world but 'FLAWS OF OTHERS'

    A faultfinder/niggler can see a thousand faults in Lord Rama too. So, it's an easy job.

    But what is difficult?

    To find light in the dark, rays in the dusk, butterflies in the desert.

    But once you train yourself for it, you will be able to do something a lot better in both the world and your life.

    You will be able to see good in Raavana.

    You will be able to see butterflies in the desert.

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    Train your eyes to see only butterflies

  • mr_vansh_ 14w

    Dedicating this to:

    @titly_ (Pyaari gudiya)
    @mamtapoet (Beloved sister)
    @keentiwari (Respected di or ma'am)
    @_optimist_ (Caring friend)
    @mesmerizing_moon (Sweet dost)

    May God bless y'all with lots of prosperity and joy �� thanks for supporting my pen and making it more like a family... I'm blessed ��

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    फूलों से खुशबू से लाकर तुम
    सबका जीवन महकाती हो
    एक सूर्य-किरण पल में जैसे
    जग को रोशन कर जाती हो

    हर दर्द को दिल में दफ्ना‌ कर
    तुम होंठों से मुस्काती हो
    वो दर्द भी हंसने लगता है
    जब उसको तुम सिखलाती हो

    ईश्वर, लम्बी आयु दें तुम्हें
    और खुशी तुम्हारी साथी हो
    दुनिया में रोशन नाम करो
    जैसे दीपक की बाती हो

    हर दुआ तुम्हारी पूरी हो
    मिल जाए जो भी चाहती हो
    अपने सपनों में रंग भरो
    और जग में ऊंची ख्याति हो


  • mr_vansh_ 15w

    If you're truly in love

    Replace your possessiveness with freedom, lust with respect, doubts with faith, ego with affinity & gifts with care & loyalty.