The name says the best. The words do the rest.

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  • mr_romantic 9w

    Ek Bhukhi Maa

    Ek bhukhi maa ne haivano pe bharosa kiya,
    Insaano ne aakhir apna asli chehra dikha diya,
    Ek phal me rakh ke usne visfot ki samagri,
    Bhukh ke sath ek nanhi si jaan ka vajood mita diya

    Pure desh me ye khabar faili, jungle ki aag ki tarah,
    Hum aap se kuch logon ne vyakt kiya shok is tarah,
    Kuch ne kaha ki saaksharta samajhdari nahi deti,
    Kuch ne jaise ko taisa keh kar sazaa-e-maut suna diya.

    Kuch ne aansuon se bhare shabd jawab me ukere,
    Kuch log soch me parivartan ke lagate rahe pag-phere,
    Mansahariyon ko shok karne ka nahi hai adhikar,
    Kuch ne aisa bhi keh ke apna faisla suna diya.

    Kisi ne khud se kyun nahi pucha ki meri ab tk ki zindagi me,
    Kya maine kisi ko chot pahunchayi kya sach hai meri bandagi me,
    Jawab jo bhi mile us hisaab se sochna ae mere doston,
    Ki dosh ek ka hai ya sab ka kya maine kisi aur ka bhala kiya?

  • mr_romantic 164w

    Girl named Love

    Her name meant 'Love',
    How can I not love her,
    I, who meant precious,
    Wasn't enough to be above other.

    We were perfect for one another,
    She knew it in her heart too,
    But on her lips she had this lie,
    She always said swiftly "I don't love you".

    Almost like hiding her feelings,
    Which may restrict her decision,
    To keep her love hidden,
    With careful child-like precision.

    Her beauty lies in her smile,
    Adorned by this cute little dimple,
    Her eyes shines like starry night,
    Her face serene and simple.

    Now that she's gone,
    Not a day goes without missing her,
    For this distance is the reason,
    Else probably I would've been kissing her.

  • mr_romantic 201w


    Just like a ray of sunlight,
    8 minutes is all that it took,
    For you to get into my heart,
    With your sweet and innocent look.


  • mr_romantic 210w

    Love doesn't hurt

    They say love hurts.
    When actually its not even love if it hurts you.
    Look closely, you'll see it's
    False mental image.
    Lies. Etc. Etc.

    Often, people give power to these feelings over love and then blame love when something goes wrong.

    Love is innocent.
    Love is pure.
    Love is unconditional.
    Love is undemanding.

    If love is true you will feel it not just in your heart but in your soul. Into each particle of your existence. It'll not drain you but will complete you, enrich you, inspire you to be your highest self.

    Understand love,
    Give it the respect it deserve, and
    Please don't malign it's name by calling something else


  • mr_romantic 211w


    The walls of ego got shattered by touch of love.


  • mr_romantic 213w


    A blue french horn,
    A yellow umbrella,
    One hard-core tomboyish lady,
    Another this gorgeous Bella.
    One he loved without reason,
    Another just perfect for the ring,
    It's funny how sometimes you just,
    Find things...


  • mr_romantic 216w

    Just a dream

    Welcome! to my world,
    My sweet perfect dream,
    Where there's no fight for hunger,
    No more cravings or screams.

    Families support interests,
    Crab mentality doesn't exist,
    Where there's no need for prisons,
    The crimes and burglary desist.

    Where the needs are few,
    Nobody exploits or hoards,
    Where the development is sustainable,
    Students are taught without black-boards.

    Where every child wants to be,
    A helper in developing the nation,
    Where the delegating mentality,
    Doesn't found a mention.

    Where there's no division among humanity,
    It's the only religion there is,
    I see this dream with open eyes,
    Just a dream of a world like this.

  • mr_romantic 216w


    आग़ ऐसी लगा गये वो,
    जो बुझती नहीँ हवा-ओ-आब के।
    तन्हा छोड़ जाने के बाद,
    पूछते हैं क्या हाल हैं जनाब के।।

    दिल में है भरा मोहब्बत का दरिया,
    उफनता रहता है जो बिन सैलाब के।
    जिन्होंने पैर भी न भिगोये उसमें,
    वो पूछते हैं क्या हाल हैं जनाब के।।

    वादे जो थे बकाया हम दोनों के दरमियाँ,
    छोड़ गये वो बिन किसी हिसाब के।
    जाते जाते पलट कर पूछ ही लिया आखिर,
    कि क्या हाल हैं जनाब के।।


  • mr_romantic 217w


    My heart was combustible,
    Your words like flint,
    When the spark ignited,
    I don't have a hint.

    Then came the flames,
    Of hot passionate desire,
    You is all that I long for,
    Consumed by this lovely fire.

    You then went away,
    Leaving me burning with love,
    My dreams came down to earth,
    Just like a shot dove.

    Still I hope that one day,
    You'll realise and reciprocate,
    As I will always love you,
    Never be able to hate.

  • mr_romantic 217w


    In mother's lap,
    There is querencia.