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  • mr_clumsy_player 9w

    Feel it

    Mere smiles are an illusion
    Mere words are a tale
    But what the heart feels
    Is the only truth ❣️


  • mr_clumsy_player 13w


    உன்னை காதலிக்க ஒருத்தி வருவாள்
    உன்னை காப்பாற்ற ஒருத்தி வருவாள்
    உன்னை சிதைக்க ஒருத்தி வருவாள்
    யார்வரினும் உன் மனம் காத்திருக்கும்
    உன் மற்றொரு பாதி வரும் வரை... ❣️

  • mr_clumsy_player 18w


    Is it the raising sun ?
    Is it the setting sun ?
    Is it the hiding love ?
    Is it the struggling fire ?
    Its the will you are
    Yet to realise in heart


  • mr_clumsy_player 27w


    Friendship is like an energy
    Neither can be created (by ones will)
    Nor can be destroyed (by ones will)
    Its flows through everything
    Also through none

  • mr_clumsy_player 30w


    There is just NEWS
    No GOOD or BAD
    - Master OOGWAY

  • mr_clumsy_player 31w

    Sounds turn into air
    Letters turn into scribbles
    Photos turn into paper
    Promises turn meaningless
    There prevails the Present
    Shining like a Cresent


  • mr_clumsy_player 41w

    #youth #as_my_own_thatha

    Many can't relate to this post . Love you Venkatesan thatha . This is abut the man who shaped me . His smile , his speech , his language everything sparkling positivity . From being my frnd's grandpa to becoming my own grandpa . Food , elections , chicks , dress , buying vegetables making chips and what not we discussed over weakends . He's the best friend I had even before I knew myself . His journey to God's land . Yours loving Allu ❤️

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    Uncle thatha ❤️

    Taught me like a teacher
    Fed me like a mother
    Greated me like a friend
    Scolded me like a dad
    Inspired me like a star
    Old man who shaped my life

    - Allu (©the_unshed_tears)

  • mr_clumsy_player 53w

    Strongest Man

    He's no Superman , He's no Hulk
    He's no Gaint , He's no Hercules
    And yet ,
    He is the strongest man
    I have ever seen all my life
    His tears , never saw them
    His pain , never felt them
    All he does is smile
    And that just enough for me
    He's my dad , a man of real strength
    A strong heart and a sound mind


  • mr_clumsy_player 53w

    The Unsinkable ship

    From hours of talking
    To absolute silence
    From sharing memes
    To pic-less chats
    From teasing eachother
    To avoiding eachother
    It sailed far away ...


  • mr_clumsy_player 55w


    Not when he cusses you
    Not when he hits you
    Not when he challenges you
    Rather when his eyes are calm
    His lips shed a gentle smile
    That's when your enemy is dangerous