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  • mr__h__ 12w


    Love is just a word for outsiders or to a person who doesn't feel it but to the person who engage with it, its a path filled with sacrifices.. so you might sacrifice your Value,
    Emotions ,
    Metality ,
    So its kind of a complicated meaning , and also sacrifices are bonded in true love , love can be showed to any living thing.

  • mr__h__ 12w


    Hurtful feeling is also like a minor wound ,it can be cured by presenting it to a person who can cure it or else you just have to pass out time until it gets cured within time which will gradually take a long time period ..sometimes for the same type of hurtful feelings we know the treatment because we have been through it , so we just apply the treatment by our self without showing and we just let it go..But if we get the same hurtful feeling continuously before even getting fully recovered and cured , we get sick of it and we later realise how to live staying apart from getting wounds (hurtful feelings) for that sometimes we might have to refresh relationships , friends, objectives , goals , love ....

  • mr__h__ 12w


    Our life is like your room , if we keep it clean we will easily recognize who spoils it by entering your life and even if someone spoils in you can get rid of it with less effort. But if you keep it unclean, you wont recognize the ones who spoil it cause its hard to identify spoiled stuff in a place which is already spoiled ,so make sure you enhance your life with the quality of clean and make sure you refresh your life like your room so that you could live with a great mindset.

  • mr__h__ 19w


    Brave hearts, can only absorb without rinsing the hurtful feeling when you understand the love you share is not equally or up to certain extent is not shared by the other person ,but its so hard to only absorb when you start realizing that the care of love you get is getting decreased and your care increasers ,so the absorbtion rinse out as pain and that cause to break out hearts.

  • mr__h__ 20w

    Story of the sun and moon

    She was the moon of our sky but my brightness hide her beauty. The day i left all saw her beauty but her life was covered with only darkness. I am afraid to stay with her all time cause i cant be selfish to hide her beauty infront of my presence. So i decided to change time into day and night , so that she could shine up too.

  • mr__h__ 21w

    Life colours

    We genuinely change our colours to match with the people we choose as special but sometimes with time we realise that those colours of them were fake ,because we will notice the fading of their colours.

    So make sure you see natural colours of them.

  • mr__h__ 22w


    We sometimes get good advices from bad people.

  • mr__h__ 22w


    We wish to live because we want to stay with the things we love and we wish to die when we hate the things we love.

    So living for real is a balance with love and hate.

  • mr__h__ 22w

    Society influence

    Many ask us, what's your target, goal, dream ?
    But most of then never ask, Is their anyway i can help you to reach your dream?

    This is a good moment to identify whether that person who asked is honestly caring about your plannings or not.

    If we ask someone's personal targets, firstly always give some definite respect to it.


  • mr__h__ 22w

    Our Doings

    We mess up our lifes because of taking the correct motive decision in the wrong time.

    So do things when the suitable time comes rather than getting messed up by adding unsuitable things to that period of time.