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  • moya_lyubov 7w


    I miss you looking at me,
    Far away from the crowd, in parties,
    Those protective eyes watching me,
    Where I go, whom I talk to.

    I miss you holding my hands,
    In the mall, in life,
    Telling me "take another dress."
    Telling me years back "stay in India if you can."

    I miss you holding me from behind,
    Walking with me into the crowd,
    In a rave
    or entering a gurudwara.
    Protecting me always,
    Raved all night by looking at you only,
    And maybe it was only me,
    Who every first day of the year told Babaji,
    I have my happiness beside me,
    Give HIM everything he desires for.

    I miss being in love with you,
    Do you miss loving me?

  • moya_lyubov 8w


    My heart pines and aches,
    Do you care?
    My tears flow, my hands bleed,
    My skin burns,
    You don't care,
    My eyes get swollen you don't see,
    I get overwhelmed,
    Easier to give up,
    But the dreams of you smiling
    Keeps me alive.

  • moya_lyubov 11w


    I remember you every night at 1.35am

    Cause I know I can't get you at 1.35pm
    Cause you're far away,
    Like the waves crushing on my feet,
    And leaving me before I touch,
    Like the shadow of mine,
    I can't touch;
    You're so far that I yearn more,
    You're so near that I crave more,

    I try not to remember you every night at
    But I do.
    I will do.
    Even though you won't.

  • moya_lyubov 16w


    How much a soul costs?
    How much does honesty cost?
    How much does true love cost?
    How much does commitment cost?


    You're too sold off to the glamourous world full of lies, infidelity and unfaithful people that you forgot the meaning of true love.

  • moya_lyubov 20w


    Lost my free SOUL to your lies.
    While reviving your caged soul with my truth.

  • moya_lyubov 38w

    Take Rest. Get well soon.

    Take Rest,

    Get well soon, my heart....
    From all the pains you knew you will receive eventually, but you kept drinking the poison.
    Get well soon, my love...
    From the loneliness of sitting alone on the terrace,
    Imagining how easy it would be attain liberation from all pains, by just jumping off;
    Looking at the screen and asking for help, while the world is immersed in coloured lights and high visions.
    Get well soon, my soul....
    From the all the ill treatment, you received and you suffered silently in the name of love.
    Thinking one day, even NSA becomes true love.
    Get well soon, my body
    Cause it is not one 100 rupee which determines your worth,
    Cause someday you ll have him by your side while suffering the severe stomach pains, not calling and calling but have none to hear you cry.

    Take Rest, Get well soon;
    You'll realise it was all an illusion.
    A dispersion from reality.

  • moya_lyubov 38w


    To all the love you gave,
    I am filled with sanctity.

  • moya_lyubov 44w


    I say you don't care for me,
    But your hands reached before to fetch some holy water in your palm,
    More than my thirst my soul got water in the holy abode of Golden Temple.

    I say you don't care,
    But you held my hands tight on a dark night in Pattaya,
    Nights in cheap hotels got us closer than ever.

    I say you don't care,
    But everytime I am alone in the kitchen, you come to check on me,
    You do the dishes to help me without asking for it.

    If there are 7 more lives of being a human,
    It's only you, you and you,
    I will want as my soul mate.

  • moya_lyubov 45w


    When you look at me from a distance among the crowd, I feel secured.
    When you are possessive about me, I feel protected.
    When you ask me "U ate", I feel my hunger is satisfied.

    And then on your own bed on a night full of lights,
    When you own my soul,
    Holding my hair tight,
    While crackers burnt all night not only outside,
    But every inch of my skin burst with your smell,
    Festival of lights on my eyes full of lust,
    Choking down all your love in my glistening skin,
    I feel I am immortal.
    My spirits get immortal each time,
    I brewed love,
    I cooked love,
    And made love to you and only you.

  • moya_lyubov 72w


    Your love is like the thorn I choose over any petals.
    Your strong addictive scent I choose over any fragrance.
    Your crude I chose over any softness.

    You I chose ALWAYS over ANY.