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  • most_wanted 72w

    Happiest birthday... I love you so much Anup
    @its_youknowwho.. my best friend #love #bestf #forever
    For each and every moment
    Every second I exist
    I live and breathe for you
    Your love I can’t resist
    To live and love this lifetime
    You are in my daily prayer
    For times when you’re not with me
    When I close my eyes you’re there
    For every dance together
    For every star above
    The light that burns within us
    The passion of your love
    With dreams so never-ending
    For every sparkling sea
    For each sunrise and sunset
    I feel your love in me
    For every breath worth taking
    More than the air I breathe
    The love that lives within me
    Forever I believe
    For each and every moment
    And every heartfelt kiss
    I am always thinking of you
    And of the things I’d miss
    For every hug that we have shared
    And every soft embrace
    For every smile turned to laughter
    No other could take your place
    For each and every moment
    This heart so warm and pure
    Gently caresses each heartbeat
    And I could not ask for more

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    Happy birthday love..

  • most_wanted 96w

    @its_youknowwho ❤❤ love you a lot 😘❤❤❤ i actually do this many a times ❤

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    Do you know what love is?

    When you zoom in his every picture and do nothing but staring at him for long and giggle. ❤

    Love can be described in many ways. ❤

  • most_wanted 98w


    When I'm with you, I act different. In a good way. I smile more and laugh more. I don't have to pretend everything Okay when it's really not. With you I can drop the fake smile and put on a real one. I don't feel hurt and alone when I'm with you. Instead, I feel sake and loved. You're easy to talk to, and you listen to me. I don't have to worry about holding back with you. I don't feel self conscious. I don't ever feel insecure or sad, you show me that you really do care, and you are not just pretending. I really appreciate your company, because with you I'm different. I'm happy ❤
    Thank you so very much for coming in my life ❤❤ I love you so much 😍😍❤❤

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    With you ❤❤
    Read the caption.

  • most_wanted 100w

    @its_youknowwho ❤❤❤❤ that hug 😍

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    He hugged me like I was the last thing left in his world ❤

    I hugged him back knowing he is my world ❤

  • most_wanted 101w

    @its_youknowwho I'm sorry from few days I'm not able to give time to you and I understand you need some of mine and I promise that from now onwards I'll give time that u deserve because I love you so much 💝

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    "Strangers to friends "

    "Friends to best friends "

    "Best friend to no one above you "

    It's been the best experience of my life with you ❤

  • most_wanted 102w

    @its_youknowwho 😘💝 you do matter love. I love you so much 💝💝💝

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    Why you always say sorry to him? Someone asked.

    Because he matters more than my ego, she replied.

  • most_wanted 102w

    @its_youknowwho I love u so much 😘💝 thx for always being there for me 💝

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    I might be a writer
    but you'll always be the words 💙

  • most_wanted 104w

    @its_youknowwho ❤❤❤ I love you so much and I'll never stop describing you and your eyes and your voice and your damn smile 😘❤

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    That smile of yours can end wars and can even cure cancer 💝

  • most_wanted 106w

    @its_youknowwho I love your eyes the most.. More than you too 😁😘😘💕

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    Your eyes have their own vocabulary.

    What a beautiful language to learn 💝

  • most_wanted 106w

    @its_youknowwho 💕 I love you so much and will do for the rest of my life n ahead too 😘

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    Sometimes two broken hearts find each other, and then they heal each other,

    they protect each other and they love each other for the rest of their lives ❤❤