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  • more_than_happiness 112w

    You get millions of fan mails,
    Betelling your beauty, flattering your sliver shine, in which every night Lovers' sail.

    In this unmeasured time, I always wondered why you choose to play the moon? Though in the nights, you try to cosplay the stars.

    You must wonder! Sometimes, if it was just a bit easy to be the stars. If it wasn't painful burning twenty four hours. You wouldn't have dared to steal their spark.

    In deed you paid for that sin of yours,
    Now everyone watches your imperfections, the scars and pores.

    You disappeared soon after that full moon,
    without letting me pay the fairs,
    I rode you many times, to my wounds you also glared,
    But soon I realized it was just a fifteen days affair.
    May be you get tired living in someone else's reflection,
    may be you're also a salve of this desperation. #inspiration #friendship #life #nature #love #travel #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    My letter to moon

    You get millions of fan mails,
    Betelling your beauty, flattering your sliver shine, in which every night Lovers' sail.


  • more_than_happiness 116w

    Can we feel without touch?

    I hear it everywhere, those so common friends tale.
    They recite how they met, recite how it felt.
    Just exchange of smiles made their heart melt.

    But, where to find the smile,
    When distance between us more than millions of miles.

    Choice were ours,if we wanna make this farness sign of our friendship.
    Instead,we played with DIFFRENT cards. We picked closeness of hearts.

    We shared all the hues of our life,
    Promised to each other we'll never lie.

    Laughed on the thoughts of together dying.
    I still remember when hearing your voice for the first time made me cry.
    I lost control over my own emotions,
    Spitted the words that were deeper than oceans.

    You were stranger to me a night ago,
    But before arrival of the dusk you upheavaled my sorrow.

    Our bond had different notions,
    I never touched you, I never saw you but still feel your emotions.
    Still I'm in thoughts , how
    can we feel without touch?


  • more_than_happiness 122w


    Decided to search the cause of my melachony,
    Tickled my heart, wanting it emit the happy symphony.
    I thought the reasons are my high hopes, need to stop having them for pain to resolve.
    I stop expecting from others, but it's hard to stop loving them.
    I stop wanting them, but it's hard to stop missing them.
    Collected emotions I never felt.
    It turned me so blue,
    having. someone the fear of
    lossing 'em I smelt.
    Gave 'em all love I had left in my. heart.
    It emptied my soul.
    More than hating getting hate, I hate getting ignored. I won't shout what I'm feeling but please once try to read my eyes.

  • more_than_happiness 123w

    You're still brave enough to look into my eyes, still brave enough to repeat the same lies,
    and the irony -me, still foolish enough to believe you dear.


  • more_than_happiness 123w

    To be honest!

    I thought I loved you always,
    But to be honest I think I never saw your real face.
    You were my Mr. Perfect for me, the one who made me dreamy. But, touching the reality's surface, I realised you're too far from me & from healing my scars.
    I waited for you,to say those words to me, recreated my belief in destiny.But to be honest, my destiny is not you.

  • more_than_happiness 124w

    :Are you ready for tomorrow?
    :There's no one who's ready for tomorrow.


  • more_than_happiness 128w

    I really know, how it feels when something good pinches you.
    Today, my own expectations from others emptied out the happy air from balloon of me.

  • more_than_happiness 128w

    Love' Books

    I read a book titled feelin's you missing,
    Tuned pages up, pasted copies for healing.
    I saw them around but never within me, for me emotions were cringey.

    Absence of senses made me stiff,
    Asked myself it's a sin or gift.
    Pushed hard the walls for my heart to switch.

    Philosophies on love were lies with sugar coated smiles.
    Is it possible to give affection with no gains?
    Even the book left a question mark over its answer,
    At the end those feelings destroyed making 'em worse than cancer.


  • more_than_happiness 131w

    Out there,
    Must be someone,
    Who's better than you,
    That doesn't mean that,
    You'l stop working on yourself.


  • more_than_happiness 131w

    Pretty Faces!

    Ever felt the urgency of having someone special in your life,
    Well! I did feel it everytime in vie.
    Needed one to listen my stories of fancy places, that never wore reality's dresses.
    One to hold my hand when I cry,
    To see me smile make funny faces, thousand times they try.
    Pop up in unexpected set ups, when I feel down they could make my head up.
    Their outer shell may be shattered, may be not fit right in the norms of world.
    But, to someone like me they act my source of divine,
    Holding me up, they form every single bone of my spine.
    Yes! I learned how to read a hearts,
    Had enough falling for pretty faces!