I’m not deep, I just remind you of things you’d rather forget, make you feel the emotions you seek to suppress��

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  • moonlightysb 4w


    Kami lovely lady heart of gold mind of purity
    Seeker of the supreme being actor of nature
    IN no make up she be goddess of the sea
    Low haircut skin beauty of an African Queen
    Man she know no na read and joke be lifestyle
    Friends say kami you with no man to worship you Waste of beauty
    Kami mind roll don't know what to do or where to look
    Search everywhere for man to worship her
    I shall do what they say use my beauty body cruise make man worship me
    Why listen to human words for is full of selfishness misleading
    Look for love within nature bring love
    Man shall worship your hand work
    Love cripple in like a wind cool and calm
    Follow no train of human words
    Paint no face for man worship face with no mak up
    Be comfortable in your ways
    Look no where within is your strength greatness to be worship

  • moonlightysb 11w

    From broken to self fixed

    From broken to self fixed

    Garden of pains
    Flowers of emotions
    Getting blue liver and broken heart
    Standing out in a blue mirror
    A voice inside my head sounds like my own
    Bringing me to my knees
    Lamenting about age and days
    Memories and mistakes
    Watering pains of flowers
    Seems the more i stare at the mirror
    The voice sounds like me
    Bringing me to my knees, leaving me broken and helpless
    Found myself in my soul
    Sounds of a pounding voice of my own
    Takes so much to be marvelled
    In days and age mistakes are made
    Lessons are taken, memories are made
    Looking for help in my soul
    Piece by piece picking up a broken wind
    Sunrise found memories alive in myself behind my eyes buried in my soul
    Sound of a pounding voice lift me of my knees
    Lift me brave self fixed.

  • moonlightysb 11w

    Game of mind

    Game of mind

    All in a Cruise of mind
    Say let's play a game of mind
    Act like lovers just fun and cruise
    No falling in love for healthy mind
    All in game cards in hands
    Cover in Cruise Lady let's play
    Playing cool cards time count
    Feelings playing in Cruise drop
    Look at me getting carried away
    Cruise cover off love covering up
    No more healthy game cruise off
    mind in love took six cards four moves
    Lady I know you just wanted a game peace of mind cruise
    Queen go on flip your cards over
    I want more then a game show me to Eros Amor
    You can have all my heathly mind
    Go ahead rule my mind have an mind

  • moonlightysb 11w


    Hello at Jesus feet
    Hello I know it's peaceful
    You shall gist about all the things i
    How does it feel to have the fullness of grace?
    How is the milk and honey?
    How does it feel to seem ageless?
    How does it feel to have superpowers?
    How does it feel to be close to the moon,sun and stars?
    How does it feel to see the world at once
    How does it feel to not have worries?
    You have paid off your eathly duties
    Pray for Mercy and forgiveness so one day we can be United
    For now enjoy at Jesus feet

  • moonlightysb 18w

    We are all that matters

    We are all that matters
    We are the words
    We are the action
    We are the wind
    We are the rain
    We are the sun
    We are the ocean
    We are the poor
    We are the rich
    We are trust
    We are the choice
    We are hope
    We are faith
    We are tommorow
    We are the room for all
    We are love
    We are humanity
    We are better days ahead

  • moonlightysb 18w


    Choice heart should make love
    For choice of peace over war
    For choice to be there for my unknown brothers and sisters we I see going through life
    For choice to protect lives than take
    For choice to give room for all
    For choice of unity I will choose
    For choice to make the Joseph's reality
    For choice not to make human feel less than me, I will choose
    For choice to make earth heavens brighter place I will choose
    Make a space for love,for love heals.

  • moonlightysb 20w


    Overdose year
    Yes you are right
    It's been a tough year, yes you are right
    It's been war over war, yes you are right
    Having thoughts of death may come anytime
    Thinking of this way will bring a cover of awareness for nobody will make it out here alive
    Should be flow for humanity love
    For making use of the time we have for betterment of humanity will be best for years to come
    Hunger for our saviour at this hour will be best for we don't know when it may be
    Fact of reality spoken for years we have to live turns to hours, hours turns to seconds to six feet
    In all we do let's make humanity feel love
    We could be our saviour with love
    Just a kalakuta..

  • moonlightysb 21w

    Stick Through

    Stick through

    Cruel world whispers
    Stick to the bridges still
    Mountains high looks unmovable- stick through still
    Miles away from success looks like no victory- stick through still
    No sun, no rain, no cover, cold in a cruel world- stick through still
    Hate like rain, no shoulder to lean on
    Stick through for a dry land after the ocean.

  • moonlightysb 22w


    Go down read the heart of man
    Down town of man is rolling
    For it troubles the heart
    Then a looting fire down down
    For covers with a smile you can't beat
    Read the heart of man like a priest with a confessor
    Then you shall see the looting fire
    Tell me
    How unhappy are the lives of men! How purblind their hearts!
    Just a kalakuta

  • moonlightysb 23w

    Sweet lies

    Come with words for a better future
    Your words gives hopes make us give you our vote..
    Hopes so high thinking we have seen the salvation of the nation by your words
    Times come stand by your words
    You let the nation down
    We march out in ask for our right
    You march out your toys say shoot all
    Sorrow rain in the city
    Tears all over the city
    The blood of the innocent flows like a river
    You say let's mock them
    Act our hypocrisy for international sake
    Place camera for them to see...
    House assembly sit down we are the super power let's act our hypocrisy
    Talk not about the massacre
    Talk about the looting, the king staff called the youth that made us power children
    Say face reality it's a nation of suffering and smiling
    I have use your palliatives for birthday gift
    What a heartless being you are....

    We have seen your reality
    We have seen your heartlessness
    We have learnt from your sweet lies
    We know now the problem of the Nation
    We are ready to kill the disease.
    Kalakuta speak now ...