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  • moonchild_7 1w

    Sometimes people change you from good to bad and then blame you for being rude and bad to them ... Though in start they just used u like a tissue and tore u apart !!!!

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    I CRIED and CRIED,
    You think you can HURT me,
    BITCH my life is your WORST nightmare
    You think I CARE....FUCK OFF because when I did noone cared
    Now DARE to test my patience i will show you how HELL looks like !!!!


  • moonchild_7 6w

    Sometimes you are so sad that instead of your eyes; your heart cries without any sound...deep down you feel like walking on the ocean of happiness where you can't baptize yourself in.....AND THIS FEELING SUCKS A LOT!!!!

  • moonchild_7 6w

    You lied , you lied like others.
    You said you will not leave me but you left without telling like others!!!

  • moonchild_7 17w

    You never know what other can hide behind there smile but you know much you hide behind that smile ����

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    HER SMILE!!!

    Just an average girl,
    Cheerful and have big bright smile,
    But she hide hundred of things which you never saw beside her big bright smile,
    She screamed and cried but never let down that big bright smile,
    She have scares of battle that she never wanted to fight,
    She is sad and cried every night,
    She thought she is a curse and Don't want to be alive,
    Her mind was messed up but she still have that big bright smile,
    Everyone thought she is fine but she was not fine...she was already dead inside,

    One day she stand in front of a mirror with that big bright smile ,
    She said I'M FINE and then disappeared from everyone's life,
    She faded away with that Big bright smile,

    Have you ever thought , how she fooled you with that big bright smile??


  • moonchild_7 24w

    Its better to be alone then getting hurt by people around you !!!

  • moonchild_7 26w

    Why I should cry for someone who was never mine!!!

  • moonchild_7 29w

    Dear friend

    Why do I care for your happiness,
    When you crushed mine ;

    Why do I care about your felling,
    When you buried mine ;

    Why do I care about your problems,
    When you invented mine ;

    Why do I care about your tears,
    When you are reason why I cry ;

    Why do I care about your mental health,
    When you fully distorted mine ;

    But I care , I still care and I don't know why......


  • moonchild_7 32w

    What depression feels like...

    Dead soul with living body,
    Smiling outside but crying Inside,
    Glow up on face but deep dark heart,
    Life full of lies and cry every night without light's.

  • moonchild_7 33w

    Earlier I used to think why people say "I'm living but my soul is dead!"......and I though it's so stupid how can that even possible
    No, no I was wrong
    Now whenever I see myself in mirror I get the answer that how its possible and I was stupid to think it's stupid.

  • moonchild_7 34w

    **Don't let your depression made you!!!**