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  • moon_pie 49w

    paper house. pearly white walls line the edges of my sight. i can hear laughter snip through them like scissors. if i squint, it almost feels real-- but when I blink, the illusion is gone.

    paper smiles. meaningless as a poem without lines. so thin that i can see into the cavity they are taped across.

    paper words. handwriting scrawls across the canvas faster than i can read. scratching of the pen echoes

    echoes inside my skull.

    the words tell lies and stories and names of places i do not know. they dance around the paper walls and tumble out of paper lips.

    the paper reflects colors that cascade around the room. but they are muted and static, like a shadow of the shade they're meant to be.

    the only flesh is my own. the only blood flows through my veins. the only thoughts that hold any weight are those that pound through my head.

    the closer i peer, the more apparent it becomes. i am 3d in a two-dimensional plane. and the walls are crinkling around me.

    the paper leaves paper cuts on my skin. its coarseness scratches me as it constricts around my chest.

    crumpling walls.
    crumpling laughter.
    crumpling smiles.
    crumpling words.
    crumpling lies.
    crumpling lips.
    crumpling flesh.
    crumpling veins.
    crumpling thoughts.

    crumpling reality.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #derealization #mentalhealth

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    paper house


  • moon_pie 60w

    in its ever churning, ever flowing cosmic circuit
    always rushes back to its source.
    like its circadian current,
    my tears fall into the caked sand beneath my feet.
    "you foolish child"
    the ground spits
    "why do you water the weeds that
    tighten around your chest?"

    even love
    can carve scars in flesh
    they are etched into me like the fissures in the earth.
    my hope is a bubble newly blown
    not meant to bear pain.
    slowly, my heart begins to fracture
    like the glass forged by mighty worker hands of the sea.
    skillfully, delicately crafted
    but fragile
    so easily shattered

    in the scent of the sunrise
    memories flood around me in a salty breeze.

    the sweetness
    of a strawberry candy
    popped onto my tongue
    before dipping my toes in the water

    the laughter
    that bounces off the dunes
    as the mother sun splashes
    over an ever-expanding horizon

    the thunder
    from burning tendrils of flame
    as a new star bursts into existence
    billions of miles above our heads


    it's the
    it's the

    at last.

    with a gentle caress
    of incandescent waves
    washing away the last strips of plastic--
    an abandoned pool float.

    i'm carried to the expectant bay
    where stillness rests
    a veil draping the golden sand.

    "this is not your paradise.
    not the numbing tides that fill your lungs with water.
    it is the shore
    where you can drink air
    and be a l i v e"

    breathe in the words they speak."

    "they may just save you from
    "from floating



    #sea #ocean #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    dead in the water

  • moon_pie 63w

    when golden rays blossom, sunflower petals unfurling in my veins. and the scent of honeycomb and bubble bath swims in the air molecules around my head

    because i know the desperate, aching feeling,
    i know the melancholy aroma of a whispered goodbye

    sitting in the static silence, our stifled giggles were left hanging the dark room. it seemed that night would never be wiped away by the breath of dawn

    because we were alive in that moment: we were butterflies beating our wings against those silken cages to the pounding of our heartbeats. young souls trapped in eternity. intertwined in our own ticking clocks. our own fold in the quilt of ever-expanding time.

    but what was the breath of life is swept away in a last murmur of stagnant air. i feel so warm, like a blanket of starlights are shimmering from between the gaps in my ribs. but
    i feel so hollow, because your arms loosen their grip around me.

    i know the throbbing, the aching.
    i know the heart-wrenching and rhapsodic and and lingering echo
    of a whispered "goodbye"


    #bittersweet #love #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    it's bittersweet

  • moon_pie 64w

    open my eyes. smile at the amber beams swimming in through my window.

    watch the sparkles that twirl and frolick in the golden shallows. specks that have scattered through our atmosphere since the birth of the constellations. they visit my room this morning.

    listen to the hush of her chest rising and falling. she doesn't know that my eyes are open, gazing at her divine. moving in stopped time.

    for a few heartbeats, i'm alone. not lonely. i have the sun and the dust and the stars and her breaths to hold onto.

    just for one minute before i turn on the light.


    #morning #mirakee #writersnetwork

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