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  • montana 3d

    How do I describe your beauty

    How do I describe your beauty
    Like the sea breeze brushing through your hair
    Like the sun rays kissing your melanin dripping body
    As the atmosphere adorns itself with the sweet fragrance of your body

    How do I describe your beauty
    Like your eyes brighter than Neptune's gaze
    Like your smile sweeter than nectar
    Like your lips pink as Napoleon's ribbon

    How do I describe your beauty
    Like your hair silkier than Rapunzel's hair
    Like your laughs warmer than snow white's
    And your feet the perfect size like Cinderella

    I could go on and on and I wouldn't end
    Greek mythology missed a goddess in you
    For you are Aphrodite's seed and this is true
    Forgive a mortal like me for trying to describe the indescribable ❣️

  • montana 3w

    Her kiss is as soft
    And her hugs as warm
    Like spring's first sun rays

  • montana 3w

    For my Doc Alima

    I know you've said let's be guided
    I know you've said you don't need a knight yet
    But after yesterday you all that's in my head
    I find myself at work thinking bout you instead

    Now m getting scared of how I feel
    With your warm smile my heart you did steal
    I want you to be my doc so my heart you'd heal
    I said I won't speak but this heart has drank to it's fill

    I don't wanna promise you paradise
    You way too smart for that fairy tale
    But if you let me I promise I won't let if fail
    Be my medical doctor and I'll be your love doctor

  • montana 5w

    Loves rebirth

    Am I supposed to feel this way
    How can a touch bring back the memories
    It's like you never left
    How can my heart still skip a beat when our eyes meet
    How can the present not even matter when you are around

    I remember dancing the rain to meet you
    I remember silly chats by your window on Christmas
    Here I am at the office blushing like some school boy
    How can you have such an effect on me

    The memories walk to my body in shock waves
    And we smile at each other even the world says wow
    This poet had stopped writing but your presence gives him awe

    This Love is beyond comprehension
    It's proven to survive harder than a phoenix
    It looks impossible but still it reignites
    It has no end that's why I call her Infinity ❣️

  • montana 9w

    Learning never ends

    Everyday we wake up with a new goal
    Like Lebron hoping I hit the hoop
    Mistakes past and present being the coal
    That as age comes along we might fill the loops

    As teenagers we did party and dance
    And as the years change so does our learning enhance
    That what we learnt by fate or by chance
    Helps us be better adults in life's stance

    Truly learning never ends
    And as we walk this path of life
    In our endeavors and our daily strives
    May we always pick an opportunity to learn

  • montana 9w

    Sleep is the elixir upon which the rejuvenation of life depends on

  • montana 10w

    Daily routine

    Every morning we beat the clock
    Usually at times faster than the cock
    And like Joseph we tender the flock
    All for our daily bread we do work

    And as the clocks tik toks
    Like teenage girls on tik tok we hurry
    In search of what will help us make merry
    Dusk to dawn searching for bread is a daily routine

  • montana 11w


    For a million hours I've watched her
    Near close up and even afar
    Yet everyday by me she passes
    And as the clock ticks so does my love grow

    Up in the morning with a pen before the crow
    Hoping I build words that will make her see me
    Even the class nerd has a right to love
    But yet when I said hey she asked who was I
    So did my heart did break
    My crush never saw my existence
    All along in class I was always unnoticed

  • montana 33w

    Strangely How

    Strangely how even in a crowd you still lonely
    Strangely how even in company you still feel alone
    Strangely how your smiles once radiant from the heart now is just a facade
    Strangely how your eyes once full of love now is just full of wondering
    Strangely how instead of feeling fulfilled you feel empty
    Strangely how though you thought love left these streets but still it roams freely
    Strangely how in his kisses and touch it's me you see
    Strangely how no matter how hard you try everything still reminds you of me
    Strangely how though you try to deny it yet you realize you'll always love me.

  • montana 36w

    Love's hurdled journey

    I remember when like a gamble on me you did stake
    I remember the baby steps we both did take
    The little fights and how the foundations did shake
    But still yet you stood and like the wind you didn't break

    Building even when the building owner doubted
    Still solid you stood your goal untainted
    Creating a work of art a master piece
    And now here it stands with such beauty

    Do not let this job go in vain
    Don't let another builder builder into where you did strain
    It was a gamble but yes you did win
    So please don't let another come yield the gain