....some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night....I was born to the second one. Trying to find solace here.

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  • monosijsen 6w

    The Hurt Locker

    A friend of mine was really hurt
    Paid the price for being smart.
    Though smart she believed in good
    And hoped that she'd be understood.
    First I thought she was a complete fool
    As she didn't know the unfair rule.
    The world is fucked up and people are swines.
    I never liked how she always whined.
    She cared for her friends and loved them all
    In their perils she fought and stood tall.
    She lied to them to stop their fights
    For their peace she spent sleepless nights.
    She lied to give his friends an extra slice
    But now they treat her as a lousy lice.
    Casted away like a leper for no good reason
    Her tears now beautify the rainy season.
    Backstabbing, humiliating and kicking her out
    They choked her songs and made him shout.
    Now she sings to god for swift death
    Wishes she would lose his breath.
    Cries in corner and never shows tears
    Smiles when suddenly a friend appears.
    When they ask how's your life.
    Says I'm chill, from behind the stripes.
    With scars of whiplash etched on back.
    She feeds stray dogs from her own sack.
    Lost everything but never lost her spine.
    Now she bends it just to maintain the line.
    Though worthy beyond far of their reach.
    She ignores their insults and lies they preach.
    Not from weakness but from love.
    She refrains from squishing their conspiring hub.
    Now when it's too much and do or die.
    She still wants to mend ties, still wants to try.
    Like a helpless man all I do is see.
    Couldn't ever repay what she did to me.
    Like a sister she patted my head.
    She was there when hope was dead.
    Now in her ordeal I can't do shit.
    In my own face I should spit.
    Like a stray dog they treated me.
    Only she heard my sorrowful plea.
    But, though stray a dog is loyal still.
    Now it's time to show my will.
    If you don't stop I'll hurt you all.
    I will rise and you will fall.
    You'll know folks that how it feels.
    When you're innocent still crushed by heels.
    Though she didn't say anything bad.
    But I know when my sister is sad.
    I'll protect her and save her heart.
    Even though she dines and locks her hurt.
    When she'll rise again it'll be no shocker.
    Because she's a real good person, a true hurt locker.

  • monosijsen 9w

    The Incendiary

    As I was going up the stairs
    I met a man who wasn't there.
    He wasn't there again today
    I wish I wish he'd go away.
    He tells me all my beliefs are lies
    He startles me often then he dies.
    Then he comes back as a ghost
    Makes me serve as an unwilling host.
    He crawls in shadows when I sleep
    Tries to shove his fingers deep.
    In utmost fear when I scream
    He tells me it's all a dream.
    This world is just a fluke
    Uglier than it actually looks.
    Our father would never greet us
    We are his mistress's aborted fetus.
    Disposed of on a rainy night
    Even our mother would despise our sight.
    He tells me to kill you all
    He reminds me how you made me feel small.
    Though terrified... I think about that
    You guys really made me sad.
    But as a good boy I suppress that thought
    Killing you all will take a lot.
    So I play with cute fluppy toys
    And I let you people live and enjoy.
    I tell him I don't like his voice
    But I'll consider his advice as a choice.
    But for now please get out
    Or I'll curse and I'll shout.
    That man really showed me a way
    I wish I wish he'd go away.

    - Monosij Sen

  • monosijsen 11w

    Some Like It Hot

    Some like to bully kids
    Some like to shout
    Some like to kill pigeons
    Some like to pout.
    Some like to build muscles
    Some like to smoke
    Some like to pee in the pool
    Some like to choke.
    Some like to play with swords
    Some like to ride
    Some like to spit on authority
    Some like to thrive.
    Some like to break the bed
    Some like to swear
    Some like to roughen his girl
    Some like to hear.
    Some like to save the weak
    Some like to stand up
    Some like to give up life
    Some like to man up.
    Some like to shoot the crowd
    Some like to dance naked
    Some like to burn the world
    Some like to stay crooked.
    Some like to fuck in showers
    Some like to fuck all things good
    Some like to fuck the fuckers
    Some like to fuck in hoods.
    All of us are warriors
    Just lacking the push.
    All of us can conquer the earth
    So go and hit that bush.
    Whenever someone says that you're
    Violent, mad, unhinged or bad
    Tell them not all of us are the same
    And some like to be the dad.
    Some don't care it's right or not
    As long as it is hot.
    Some like life in a boiling pot
    Some like it hot.

  • monosijsen 12w

    Yellow valentine

    True despair contains an ounce of hope
    True love escapes destiny's ropes.
    Never told you, never gonna tell
    Can't risk losing your enigmatic smell.
    Your ignorance cuts the deepest.
    My self worth becomes cheapest,
    When I obey your silliest orders.
    Always trying to erase the borders.
    But friendship stands like a thick firm wall.
    Like a sailor I was enthralled
    When I saw your sea like eyes,
    Drenched in loneliness and cold as ice.
    Felt an urge to make you complete.
    Like villagers overwhelmed by a Norman fleet,
    I surrendered to your burning charm
    My psyche I've let you harm.
    Made myself forget the eternal rule,
    Pure hearts are always used as tools.
    But never once I regretted loving your smile.
    Though I knew your heart was vile.
    But who had wisdom ever so wide,
    That can let the desires slide?
    But now at last I can see the end.
    For myself I wanna make amends.
    Now I know you'll never be mine.
    But at least be my yellow valentine.
    At least be my yellow valentine.

  • monosijsen 12w

    The Obsession

    You never said, 'don't go', when I said goodbye
    Though fed up with all your lies
    Never gonna stop loving those deceiving eyes
    I know how fast time flies
    But gonna remember you until the universe dies.

  • monosijsen 13w

    Gone With The Wind

    Roses are murdered, roses are dead
    Violets were violated in their bed
    Lilies were lied to for carnal lust
    Potteries were put in the cosmic dust
    Monalisa's glow is now visibly dull
    Large Hendon Collider confirmed null
    All the charity drowned in Bill gates's pool
    Even John Lennon was made a fool
    Rose married some rich brat and never looked back
    Suddenly Jack appeared to keep their economy in track
    Juliet died for an unstable prick
    Rasputin's sad now with a huge limp dick
    Jesus died for some ungrateful apes
    All the clergy is now promoting rapes
    Pandora fucked us once and for all
    Even in that Cameron's film they got blue balls
    The God Father died sad and lone
    So many laws but they didn't kill Al Capone
    Rocky would be called a loser in today's age
    Chengiz would be criticized for not having rage
    Osar will always go to the crippled fag
    Miss World title goes to that dark old hag
    Everything PC but everything wrong
    Like the world just had too much bong
    Miseries are still here and they're just the same
    They are just changing the name of the game
    The erosion is now exponential and that everyone knows
    And they're taking fucking save pandas vows
    Agony pain misfortunes never left us in ruins
    But this time the hope itself has gone with the wind.

  • monosijsen 13w

    True Love

    I wonder, who are the true lovers
    Are they Romeo and Juliet
    Or Hitler and Eva
    Are they Jack and Rose
    Or Joker and Harley Quin.
    True love is a myth.
    We stay along with the people we find most convenient for our survival.
    The hormones just ensure we don't fluctuate.

  • monosijsen 14w

    Mistaken Me

    Look at me smirking
    At the lovers
    At their promises
    So sure they wouldn't last.
    Look at me agreeing
    With hate
    With despair
    So sure they are the truth.
    Look at me spitting
    On empathy
    On caring
    So sure they are weaknesses.
    Look at me disregarding
    The good
    The grace
    So sure they are impure.
    Look at me now
    In love
    Miserably in love
    So sure she'll say no.

  • monosijsen 18w

    Remembering the smell

    Memories are useless
    As they're not enough to remember you.
    You cannot remember odor.
    They only increase the craving.
    And nothing good happens when I crave you.
    What is your wildest daydream?
    Mine is you.

  • monosijsen 23w

    Last Man Standing

    The last man standing is always alone.
    He doesn't know the smell of freshly mowed grass.
    Never has he had ever cried for others nor he ever enjoyed brass.
    The last man standing is a cold blooded chap.
    Cruel and indifferent to all.
    Doesn't forgive anyone whether big or small.
    Sees the world as what it is, rotten and unfair.
    Wants to grab all of it, far beyond his share.
    The last man standing has no rules.
    Here to conquer the earth.
    All he knows is lust and gore, always curses his birth.
    He never read Shelly, never looked at the moon.
    Life is his curse and his dream is the boon.
    His heart full of darkness, his eyes crimson red.
    Cannot be defeated, cannot be stopped until the god is dead.
    The last man standing will become god,
    As only the evilest is worthy of his crown.
    The last man standing will become god.
    And then cry on his knees with his head down.