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  • monikakapur 3d


    Why endings are associated with sadness?
    Endings could be as beautiful as a beginning.
    Ending of a misery,
    Ending of a bondage,
    Ending of a toxic relationship

    Full stop is necessary to begin a new sentence. Let's celebrate end too.

  • monikakapur 4d

    तेरी मीठे फरेबों की रौ में अब नहीं बहते
    इशारे सब समझते हैं भले कुछ भी नहीं कहते

  • monikakapur 1w

    एक सफ़ेद सूती सा कपड़ा
    जा गिरा सत्ता के गलियारों में
    ऐसी कालिख लगी ना छूटी,
    धोई हर नदिया के धारों में

  • monikakapur 6w


    My morning's sun, my evening's moon
    Which Soothed my nerves, that mellifluous tune.
    The zephyr that touched my soul,
    My eternal half, that made me whole
    The spring in my steps, the twinkle iny eyes
    My forever partner in truth and lies
    But like a whiff of air, you disappeared
    No explanations, you left me in tears
    You broke me in pieces , you shattered my existence
    I picked up my pieces slowly with half hearted persistence
    I kept on chanting to myself that I needed to be strong
    I thought that love will last forever, I was wrong

  • monikakapur 8w


    Inviting you all to be co-author of an anthology based on hope and positivity.

    Every co-aurhor will get 5 pages in book, a hard copy of book, a hard copy of certificate and a medal .

    Contribution : 600/-

    Contact @therealmonikakapur at Instagram

  • monikakapur 8w


    When hope kissed me
    And the sunshine caressed me
    When rainbow hugged me
    And the rain enveloped me
    My soul sang a song merrily

  • monikakapur 9w

    कल रात ओढ़ कर सोए थे और ख्वाब सिरहाने रखे थे
    बस नींद न आई, रात गई, तकिए से गिर वो ख्वाब गए
    छूते ही हकीकत की देहरी, आंखों से फिर वो ख्वाब गए

  • monikakapur 9w

    You once told me

    You once told me
    i look beautiful when caged
    i believed in your love
    I tried to find compassion in your rage
    But soon I stood on the grave of dreams
    My shadow shouted on a nightmare scream
    My wings were clipped and my feet, tied
    And a freedom song i longed to sing.
    Then one fine day, I escaped the cage
    You injured my wings in fit of rage
    But I leapt on the back of the wind
    and floated downstream till the current ends
    I dipped my wings in the orange sun rays
    And sang the song of freedom for days
    I spread my broken wings and fly
    and dared to claim the mighty sky.

  • monikakapur 9w

    Even masterpieces are not perfect
    they too have blemishes and scars
    In them is hidden memories and sorrows
    The dreams of sun, moon and stars
    Wait for the cracked canvas to whisper,
    Hear it in the brush stroke's reflection
    The poetry, the mystery in each line
    Beauty of affection and not perfection

  • monikakapur 9w


    With the rustle of your leaves
    At a slow, langerous pace
    Dance with me Autumn
    With your inevitable grace
    Make me heady dear lass,
    With your precious spicy scent
    Flow lazily like a gentle breeze
    Warm, balmy and content
    With your charm and charisma
    beguile the boughs of trees
    Prod them, lure the smitten ones
    to shed their favorite leaves
    Stay a wee bit more with me
    beneath the starlit skies
    And ask the yellow, resplendent moon
    To shine in our lovelorn eyes
    Kiss me , love me dear Autumn
    With your ever spellbound ways
    For me to remember you in spring
    Waiting faithfully for you, for days