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  • monicasharmajoshi_ 20w

    Dream chronicles

    There is a place ,
    In my vivid imagination ,
    Which is more real then the real world ,
    Nothing ever changes in my world ,
    There’s always peace and calm and yet an irresistible craze ,
    I can feel you more than I can feel you in reality ,
    I can see you more than I can see you in reality ,
    I can hear you more than I can hear you in reality
    I can be with you with no inhibitions,
    I can be me ,
    It feels surreal ,
    Though it’s not real ,
    It’s more real than real .

  • monicasharmajoshi_ 20w


    I love my sun shine upon me ,
    And I love the soothing rain shower ,

    Sun removes the gloom and dark
    Rain soothes the scorching heat ,
    A little bit of rain, a little bit of sun ,
    Is all you need to see the magical rainbow .
    The magic of life lies in a balance between pain and pleasure .
    A little bit of pain and a little bit of pleasure , is all you need to see the magic of life .

  • monicasharmajoshi_ 20w

    Heart musings

    The heart always pulls you into believing in magic , the mind pushes you to believe in logic.
    The mind mostly wins laughing at the innocence of a heart ,
    The heart continues to break , and keeps coming back stronger and bigger.
    The broken heart loves more , believes more
    The mind wonders at the audacity of a heart ,
    How do you still believe in magic after being torn apart by my logic ?
    The heart smiles and says , that’s the whole logic of being a heart !

  • monicasharmajoshi_ 23w


    Sometimes an absence is required to value presence
    Sometimes silence is required to value communication .
    Sometimes indifference is required to value love.
    Sometimes setback is required to value achievement.
    Sometimes chaos is required to value peace .
    Sometimes clutter is required to value space .
    Sometimes sorrow is required to value happiness .
    Sometimes bondage is required to value freedom .
    Sometimes pain is required to value pleasure .
    When would we learn to value what we have before losing it ?

  • monicasharmajoshi_ 23w

    Mind matters

    A beautiful mind ,
    An anxious mind,
    A creative mind ,
    A mind takes you to a world that may never exist,
    A mind can create a whole new world
    A mind can destroy a beautiful creation
    A mind can work constantly leading to no results ,
    A mind can be at peace yielding a better future
    A mind can make your vision blurred to see the beauty in life
    A mind can make you see the beauty in the most darkest moments of life
    A mind can create what no one else can see
    A mind can be your worst enemy
    A mind can be your best friend
    Rule your mind before mind rules you

  • monicasharmajoshi_ 23w

    Time tales

    Time , is a healer they say ,
    Time is nobody’s friend ,
    Still we always look for time ,
    Time doesn’t stay ,
    Still time is everywhere ,
    Time waits for none,
    Still we wait for the “right “ time ,
    Mysteries of time ,
    The only entity that lives forever ,
    It’s never the same they say ,
    Time changes ,
    Time changes everything ,
    But the “time “ remains the same .