Write and love even if it's the last thing you'd do

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  • mobolaji_wilson 31w

    Edge of Tomorrow

    Here we go again,
    Living life like we were taught to
    It's a new day but it seems like we've been through this before
    Exchanging pleasantries and living on the edge of tomorrow
    Burdening our souls with the forethought of grief
    We comfort others with the thoughts we hardly believe ourselves
    And hope when the sun rises and the cock crows the second time
    We will see the thoughts of a thousand miles brought to our doorsteps

    But it's always the same
    Different events on different days
    But it's always the same life
    And so the roads we've walked are treaded with care
    We make sure not to burn the bridges
    For we know we might have to walk that path again
    We walk with cognizance of the lives in unlikely places
    The strange ones, who leaves as quickly as they come
    We know the world is in shambles;
    Everything has fallen apart
    And so we mutter pleasantries each day
    And live on the edge of tomorrow.


  • mobolaji_wilson 31w

    Hall of Everything

    And the wait gradually came to its end
    The storm has passed and the calm returns
    And with it comes every door to the things we ever wanted
    We're off to a better place and so we leave this one behind;
    The tears and the fears, the dark clouds, the sterile lands
    Everything that reminds us of that life is gone
    And so we leap with joy and sing songs of victory
    We know that the road ahead is now filled with flowerbeds
    With beautiful roses sprouting from the sidewalks
    But we tread gently still
    Aware of the lives in unlikely places
    For we know we'll one day dwell within the soil upon which we've tread
    So even when we're granted access to it all
    And we're placed in the hall of everything
    We choose carefully
    And wisely
    For so many lost souls are born of such choices.


  • mobolaji_wilson 41w

    There's this last strand of love
    That remains in our soul even after we've lost in love
    A tiny fragment of what we used to be
    Floating through the corners of our heart
    A subtle reminder that love doesn't mean leaning
    And company doesn't mean security


  • mobolaji_wilson 44w

    Love, like life, comes with a price
    With some having it larger than others
    Each person chooses love
    Unaware of the price they have to pay
    And when it eventually comes to it
    They leave their love to burn
    And for its ashes to flutter through space.

    I, for my part, chose to love another
    A soul made of stuffs like mine
    But the price to pay for love
    Is too much a burden to bear.
    Be that as it may, I'm willing to pay the price

    It is what it is.


  • mobolaji_wilson 61w

    Do not judge what you can't see. We are all lost in our separate lives, each fighting his own wars.

    Do not be quick to conclusions. The struggle is more than what meets the eye.


  • mobolaji_wilson 63w

    So many people harbor the ridiculous notion that love, like everything else fades with time. They say in the end, everything dies. I guess they've not been where true love resides. Where the grass grows green and water flows upwards. Where there are fountains and waterfalls and a few moments of unnecessary pain.
    I've been there and it is where I live.
    Soon, I hope you find yours too.


  • mobolaji_wilson 64w

    And of all the oddest things to ask from life, I asked to laugh with my eyes closed.
    And again, it was too much to ask.


  • mobolaji_wilson 66w


  • mobolaji_wilson 67w

    Not all dreams happen in your subconscious
    Some keep you up at night


  • mobolaji_wilson 68w

    Believe me, I understand the impulse to stop, to give it all up. I know how hard it is out here, everyday. I know how much you try to make it work. The dreams and the hopes, I understand how much they mean to you. But it won't help if you leave now. If not anything, you're farther from where you started. And although you're still not where you want to be, you're halfway there.
    Believe me mate, you don't want to stop.
    You can't afford to turn back.
    If you lose yourself now, you lose everything.

    Remember, na who give up, fuck up.