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  • mkp_08 1w


    When the waves of words,
    thoughts gather in a tumultuous
    storm, causing unending ripples,
    tremors, engulfing, suffocating
    every breath, there would, invariably,
    be one tiny piece of wood,
    a small branch, a piece of metal,
    a shred of hope, that you will have
    your fingers clasping on. That, will
    allow you to float, let go of it all and
    survive. Whether you know how to
    swim or sink or not, this will keep
    you afloat, irrevocably, indefinitely.

  • mkp_08 1w

    तुम हो

    मंदीर में ढूंढा
    औरों में ढूंढा
    गेरों की नज़रों में ढूंढा;
    आज जब खुद के भितर
    देखा, तब जाना, कि तुम्हें
    क्या खांख ढूंढा, जो
    खुद के भितर ना ढूंढा!

  • mkp_08 1w


    A crystal clear night, stars shining bright,
    the moon, in all its glory,
    all its luminance, bestowing its divine light.

  • mkp_08 1w

    Give it some time

    Like winter nights, it will be long
    Like winter nights, it will be cold
    Like winter nights, it will be rough
    Like in winter nights, it will leave you shivering.
    You will also have a clear, star studded,
    bright roof, as on winter nights.
    You will even have warmth, heat and
    comfort, just as during winter nights.
    You will, as well, have a shiny, luminous,
    very much your own, moon,
    waxing waning, but there,
    Just as it is, during those
    jagged winter nights.
    You will have it all, no matter how
    far-fetched, bitter cold, or dark it may
    all seem right now;
    You see, my dear, that is
    how Natural phenomena work.

  • mkp_08 2w

    Focus shift

    Why do we, the ones in 20s, 30s feel trauma to such an extent? Why do we feel like the hell has broken loose and are agitated as if there has been a defective fuse all around us? Our energies keep tripping, our mental capabilities face an outrage quite more than often, our power is here now and gone tomorrow, amidst all this how do we keep calm and how do we not contemplate more and focus less? Why do we feel like all the wrong that could happen, happens only to us? Why do we want a life that is so perfect that it is screwing up our presence? Probably due to the fact that we are exposed more to negativity, wrongs, constant criticism, continuous blame games and unrealistic expectations everywhere around us. This viciousness around conjures toxicity within. We can only try to look at the goodness within rather than on everything around, we can only try.

  • mkp_08 4w


    This past year I met me.
    The actual, unpretentious,
    unmasked, bared me.
    I learnt of my needs.
    I learnt of my priorities.
    I learnt of my wants and a
    way to negotiate with them,
    manners to curb them.
    I learnt what I definitely do not
    want nor do I need.
    I learnt that it was okay to
    feel depressed, traumatised,
    helpless and hapless,
    as long as I could find ways to
    soothe, pamper, heal my own self
    and find my own, very own solace.
    I learnt that life, right now, might
    not be as I would've hoped or wished it to be, but that it definitely will be a lot
    more better when I finally get to
    live it, whenever I do.
    I learnt that perfection is not a
    feat, but a tryst. I learnt that you can
    only try as much as the other
    chooses to, is willing to see.
    I learnt, in a striking way, that it is
    okay to just keep floating and
    eventually you would hit a shore;
    and the discomfort, insecurity,
    hunger, agitation, fright, and
    plight that you go through while
    floating, is all for making me
    realise the true worth of things,
    of letting me see my perspectives
    clearly, of letting me choose me -
    over and above every thing else.
    This year, I learnt to begin living like me.

  • mkp_08 5w

    Living, Surviving

    Living is easy,
    Surviving difficult.
    Living is smooth.
    Surviving tedious.
    Living is charming.
    Surviving strenuous.
    Living is beautiful.
    Surviving is plain.
    Living is paced.
    Surviving takes humongous effort.
    Living is peaceful.
    Surviving, a daily battle.

  • mkp_08 8w


    बादलों से घिरे तुम,
    यहा अकेली खड़ी मैं।
    तुम तारों के संग खेलत हो,
    खिलत, झूमत हो, और यहाँ
    खुद ही की लगाई बंदीशों में,
    डरत, घबराहत में।
    तुम चाँदनी बिखेरत,सुकुन देत
    जग को आनंदित करत -
    उदासीन सी, परेशान सी, जग से
    लड़ती-झगड़ती मैं।

    यूँ चार दिन की चाँदनी बिखेर तुम
    मोको जीवन देत, मोको धैर्य सिखाय,
    मोको प्रेम का पाठ पढ़ावत तुम, केवल तुम;
    मोसों ही मुसकाई, मोसों ही बोलत,
    मोसों ही बतियात, मोकों ही परम सुख
    दे जावत तुम; और इस क्षण में संपूर्ण
    जीवी के, इस आनंद की राह देखत,
    तुम्हारे विरह में बाकी सारें दिन,
    छिन-छिन तड़पत मैं।

  • mkp_08 9w

    All is Good

    "Some ties are bound in order to teach you to let go. Some bonds are made in order to teach you to break free from. Some wounds are inflicted in order to teach you to heal yourself. Some people are made friends in order to teach you to live alone. Some events take place in order to teach you your strength and some things happen the way they happen to let you be aware of true happiness and the worth of real satisfaction."

    Jo hua hai woh kuch sikha jaata hai,
    jo hona hai woh strong banaayega
    aur jo ho raha hai woh khood se asal pehchaan karvaata hai.

  • mkp_08 9w

    One step at a time

    I don't know where I am going or what will be my next step. No matter where I land, I know I am not stopping anywhere. I continue, one foot after the other, treading slowly, cautiously, yet steadily towards wherever it is that I am supposed to go. Even if there isn't anywhere to go, I still will walk on, because that is what life is all about - to keep going, to keep moving, to keep living, despite everything.