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  • misty_2004 1w

    (गलतियों के लिए माफी चाहती हू । )

    " चांद से बिछड़ा तारा मैं"

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    "जाने कौन है तू मेरी मै ना जानू ये मगर... " तेरे बिना ये दिल खुश रहने को राज़ी नहीं। तुझसे दूर इसे अपना ख्याल रहता नही। इश्क करना भी मौत का एक खूबसूरत रूपवर्णन हैं बस। दूरियों में रोज़ तड़पके मरते हैं। खुशी होती भी हैं तो भी कुछ कमी सी लगती हैं। पता नहीं क्या असर हैं ये मोहब्बत का जो बस तेरी एक झलक पाने के लिए हर रात जागी हुई हु मैं। तारों से भी बस तुम्हारे किस्से सुनती हूं मैं। क्युकी मुझे न सही, उन्हें तो तुम रोज़ दिखते हों न। काश मैं भी एक तारा बनपती। दूर से ही सही, हर रोज़ तुम्हें देख पाती। मैं न सही, मेरी रौशनी तुम्हे छू के गुज़रती और तुम्हारा चेहरा चमक उठता। हाए ! कितने प्यारे लगते तुम ।

    "मैं दिल के राज़ कहती हुं" तुमसे। नजाने उस खुदा का कैसा ज़रिया हों तुम। मेरी अनकही बाते सुनली तुमने । मेरे लिए तो इश्क भी तुम , इबादत भी तुम, और हर सांस में जीने का ज़रिया भी तुम। एक मुस्कान तुम्हारी मानो दिल के सारे दर्द मिटा देता हैं। और एक झलक तुम्हारी मेरे सारे गम पिलेता हैं। और जो पुकारते हो तुम मुझे , सच कहूं तो मेरी जिंदगी सवार देता है।

    " की जब जब सांसे लेती हुं, तेरा ही नाम लेती हू, ये तूने क्या किया??? "

  • misty_2004 6w

    Happy Birthday darlo ❤️take love

    R kichu bolte prlm n��

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    Happy Birthday

  • misty_2004 6w

    Happy Birthday @sparkling_

    Thora khatta, thora mitha, thora tikha...thora thora hr taste ka zikr hai is rishte me...dosti ki nokjhok...behen ka pyar...badi behen ka ma jaisa care ... Ek sahi mentor ki trah sahi rasta dikhana...sathi ki trh sath chalna...hr rishta hai is rishte me...kuch aesa hi rishta hai ..mere aur apke beech me ��


    Dur rehkr mere dil ka haal samjhti hai...mere asuo ko samne se na dekh paye..pr rote hue chehre p muskan zarur lati hai... Meri hr tklif ka solution hai unke paas ..meri situation ka coincidence aur relatable koi mile to hai wo ...mere dil ki sbse karib...mujhe janne wale sbse kareebi dosto me..mere apno me hai meri Saniya di.... ��❤️


    Di...love u loads ...

    Kya hi likkhu ap pe...shabd km pr rhe hai...kya hi bolu apse...ap to sb kuch jaanti hai...meri sbse close ho ap...❤️

    Love u..happy birthday ❤️

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    Happy Birthday

  • misty_2004 6w

    बोहोत समय के बाद, कुछ हिन्दि में लिखने कि कोशिश
    भुल चुक के लिए माफ़ करियेगा

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    सच लिखु तो क्या लिखु?
    मोहब्बत कि शयरि या उन्मे छुपे अधुरे ख्वाब लिखु?
    लिखु मैं बारिश कि मधुर इश्क़ या उन्मे छिपे अश्रु लिखु?
    मैं इश्क़ के अल्फ़ाज़ लिखु या सिर्फ़ तुम्हारा नाम लिखु?

  • misty_2004 6w

    Better kill me...but do not misunderstand!!

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    Need strangers to talk to me,
    Cuz even if judged I won't really know.
    Even if I do, it won't bother.
    I need to let go off every bit of the strangeness
    That's flowing through me.
    Need strangers to talk to me,
    Cuz I won't expect understanding,
    Neither would it hurt if I have a fight.
    May be I would find someone who relates.
    That would somewhere share a shoulder to cry.
    Not friends, I need strangers to hug me tight.
    Not knowns but unknowns to be by my side.

  • misty_2004 7w

    The only portion left to me is my distorted aura... I don't really know where it all started and where this will end...am slowly losing myself to the void...at times, I simply forget everything and go blank...and exactly nothing resides in me...even the capability to comprehend the present seems to go off ...and at other times, a plethora of past and present thoughts and those concerning the future throngs my head...nd I drown deep into overthinking and impatience...that's how am stuck ..., between grids of circumstances ��

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    There's a void laid beneath the moonlight,
    Shaken and trembled by fear:
    A fear of loss of self and sign,
    That trembles everytime someone calls for.
    Within the shallows and creeping dreams,
    My souls laments and aura escapes.
    And I lay freaking beneath the skies
    Counting the stars and observing constellations,
    Waiting for fantasies to come true.
    But never do they even shine.
    And there lies my broken pieces,
    Painted in Grey's and faded to illusions that remind
    That am none more than hollows
    And less than screams.

    And my canvases convey my coldness
    To my colours that kiss them dearly,
    And they fear I would cover them with black
    To give expressions to my reckless agony.
    But all I end up with is a wet canvas,
    And scrambled paint smeared all over my dreaded body.
    And there my flowers die and rainboww disappear,
    My clear skies are tormented by storms.
    And the holy edifice is broken and weatheres
    To pieces of stones that faint .
    And within the coldness and stillness of the rock,
    There's a me sulking beneath the sheets of a void.

  • misty_2004 8w

    Happy Birthday @goldenwrites_jakir ❤️


    Wish you may returns of the day �� stay blessed ❤️ stay happy ��

    Chand si chamak aur pyara sa man...
    Rangeen fulo se jaise saja hua angan...
    Itna pyara dil hai jaha...
    Aesa komal hai mere bhai ka man ❤️

    Sry for late wishes.


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    Happy Birthday

  • misty_2004 9w


    ❤️…Happiest Birthday to the most amazing soul…❤️

    You remind me of stars that shine
    When every hope is lost in the dark…��
    You remind me of good times,
    When my heart is broken into parts…��
    Like glory, you nurture my smile,
    Like moons and snow, you form the perfect spark…��
    Perfection at the zenith is to define for real
    How blissful and magnificent you are…❤️

    And every inch of poetries speaks of you...
    And every prayer thanks you by heart…❤️
    And every smile confines your tales…
    And every help has your touch…��
    Pleasure has got to adore you by grace,
    And heaven’s treasure is confided in your part. ❤️
    That’s how lovely you are…��
    That’s how lovely you are.. ��

    Happiest Birthday Di....Loads of love... ❤️


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    Happy Birthday

  • misty_2004 9w

    Nothing much…I don’t understand what really pulls me down…why am I not enough to keep myself awake with a smile…


          “Meri har dua me tu…par haqiqat me kaha?”


    Like an irresistible dream, you come to me every time I try to close my eyes. My sleep disappears. My nights ask for you. They crave to be in those arms and let go everything that comes. But then all am left with is a subtle coldness, garnished upon baked lonesome emotions and creamed and puffed intolerance for the waiting portion. I do not know what has brought me here but then staying awaken for the entire night pulls off every inch of soul within me…I wish I could completely escape.

    In seek of deliberation and in desire of escapism, I choose to be drunk within lyrics. But as I drown deeper, all I gather is an impenetrable silence and streams running down my cheeks. To be honest, these lonesome nights extract every bit of life within me. I stay dead within. Like a heartless soul, an iced rock, a black butterfly and a starless night. I lie hollow. I squeeze myself into the folds of my legs just in case my vacuum could be filled. But my stars don’t blink. Just my eyes do. And my nights don’t end.

    Falling in love was easy but staying was tough. But you did. Am thankful for every little inch of love I have got form you. I got a friend, a best friend, one who never misunderstands but proudly owns me, who knows all my lows but still keeps me on cloud nineth as if am his mistress from heaven. Your eyes speak of decent love to me, one that’s endless and ever-lasting. I confess I have fallen for you, irresistibly, unconditionally, and for the forever. I have never known love could be so beautiful until you happened to me. I never thought I could give up on my ego and wait for someone until it was you. You mean a world to me. A universe. A cosmos. A fantasy where every wish is fulfilled, where there are emotions flowing through the vicinity with enigma of love, where flowers bloom with petals of affections, where there aren’t concrete forests but castles painted with pastels and unicorns and blinking stars and moonbows.


    “Hum ko khud me shamil krle…ab to khud ke kabil krle…

    Rang tumhare rang jayenge…. sang tumhare sang jayenge”


    You happened to me like dreams happen to nights and constellations to the skies. You happened to me like a never-ending euphoria of happiness and warmth. I have never known why being by you feels so pleasing. Maybe I will never know. I don’t know why all my thoughts fly around everything and anything but ultimately rests on you until I fall asleep. I don’t know why I cry and crave for your patience.And I don’t know if I can ever love you the way you do. Cuz am way incapable. But trust me all I pray for is your well being.


    “Te Amo”


    You are every inch of my poetries. Those that fill my pages and my eyes. Those that have my ink and my blood. I don’t know what really I like about you cuz you are everything to be loved about.


  • misty_2004 11w

    Am every bit of a hollow dream
    That comes and goes without a sense.
    Am every day of a stressful week
    That no one wishes to see again.
    Am every minute of those tough times
    That we wish could be warded off sooner.
    Am every spect of a broken smile
    That's toxic and harsh to tolerate any longer.

    Am every part of that dreadful darkness
    That forces us to close our eyes.
    Am every layer of a storm and earthquake
    That breaks and tears the nature and skies.
    Am every star of a hopeless night
    That falls but can't fill wishes.
    Am every ray of the sun that shines
    Within the darkness during eclipses.

    Am that unending poetry
    That laments for the rest of the life.
    That breaks every heart that reads
    And fills up skies with sobs and cries.
    Am a toxic drop of blood
    That poises an entire heart
    That tries to call me " mine".

    Am every shallow of a deep drowning emotion
    And every hollow of willful cheers.
    Every unnecessity that ever dwells.
    Every fear that we hate to share.
    Am every rust on those iron blocades
    That keeps you safe from uncanny souls.
    Am the one you should stay away from
    Cause all I have is a terrible soul.


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    Am the silence of the songs,
    That feels the end of the journey...