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  • misseverchanging 24w


    Another one not for me,
    Another looking for someone else,
    Another who doesn't see me,
    Another time wasted.

    I love me,
    That's all that matters,
    I love me,
    More important than the opposite.

    Maybe I'll find someone to love,
    Maybe that fairytale isn't for me,
    But maybe it doesn't matter,
    Because maybe, I'm good enough for me.

    Because I love me,
    That's enough.
    Because I love me,
    Nothing else matters.

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    I Love Me


  • misseverchanging 81w

    I spent the years hoping and dreaming,
    Finding and changing
    Perfecting and adapting

    Trying not to be picky,
    Trying not to be needy,
    Attempting to be sexy,
    Attempting to be more

    I'm getting older,
    Now everyone is married.
    Kids are coming,
    But I'm here loney

    I try to find him,
    I try to be better,
    I try make life fine without it.

    I'm tired of love,
    I'm tired of looking.
    I think I've found it,
    But I'm still left wishing.

    Tired of heartbreak,
    Tired of loneliness
    Tired of being a hopeless romantic,
    I give up, I give in,
    I'm moving love off my list #love #thoughts #life

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    Tired of Love


  • misseverchanging 122w


    Memories, so precious and dear
    Yet, we forget so often
    We make so many
    Some long forgotten,
    Others remembered forever

    But what we hold dear,
    We find at the end,
    All the memories lasted
    From now till then
    What lasts and remains forever

    Time is short,
    We have to decide
    To make memories now,
    Before the time has flown by.
    Love, family, and friends
    They make the most meaningful memories

  • misseverchanging 127w

    A Little While

    In a little while,
    I'll be gone
    My life a sacrifice
    For you, from me

    In a little while,
    I'll fight,
    For you, then me
    To enjoy a little more

    In a little while,
    My life will change
    New rules, new people
    New orders too

    In a little while,
    I'm gonna be,
    The person I want to be
    For you, but also for me.

  • misseverchanging 128w


    Run, run, run
    My feet hit the road
    Slap, slap, slap
    The rhythm that they make
    My heartbeat to match

    I'm breathing in, slow and steady
    My mind sure,
    Knowing where to lead
    I see the trees on the side
    They pass by in a hurry

    No worries, no stress
    Nothing to get me out here
    No bothers, just my breath
    As I run, run, run
    As far as I can

  • misseverchanging 128w

    Don't You Know

    Here I lie, wide awake
    All the night,
    Thinking of you,
    Of everything you said

    It hurts so much
    My heart can't take it
    Don't you know
    Words are like weapons

    As a sword cuts deeply through the body
    Your words cut my heart to pieces
    I'm trying to get over you
    But each time you pull me around again

    Dont you know you're killing me
    Slow, each sentence murders me
    Dont you know who I am
    Dont you know, I wish you could

    Dont you know,
    This is where
    I'll you forever
    And ever more.

  • misseverchanging 129w

    On My Own

    Everybody wants somebody
    Everybody needs somebody
    It's a difficult world
    Lonely and sad

    It's hard to be all alone
    On your own,
    Just needing someone to hold
    A little love goes for a way

    But being alone has its perspective
    On my own,
    It's a good thing
    I can see all the good in me

    Perhaps, maybe one day
    I'll meet that somebody
    But till then I can wait
    On my own, loving my own

  • misseverchanging 129w


    He didnt want me
    I dont know why
    It seems a hard thing
    Trying to chase an impossible dream

    But this sadness, this fear
    How can it compare
    To the pain of those
    With so much more to fear.

    I can't reply,
    The tears fall from my eyes
    But no words, no emotion
    Shall ever escape this person.

    A prison without bars
    A life torn
    Happiness and sadness
    Go hand in hand.