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  • miss_silentlyweird 10h


    In eternal suffering
    Penning the page
    Is became companion in temporary tranquility

    #tagalog #shortpiece
    Source ��: Canva

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    Sa kahangtoran pagdurusa
    Pagtarak ng pluma sa pahina
    Ang naging salig sa pandaliang kalinaw

  • miss_silentlyweird 11h

    A hieroglyph (Greek for "sacred carvings") was a character of the ancient Egyptian writing system. Logographic scripts that are pictographic in form in a way reminiscent of ancient Egyptian are also sometimes called "hieroglyphs".

    #spectacle #monumentc
    #wod #pod #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersbay
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    I'm a tourist of my spectacle pyramid soul wanting to reach its peak to carve out hieroglyphs self-love in my heart.

  • miss_silentlyweird 1d

    She have a wardrobe in her body filled up of lilac bruises covering her skin pair up with shoes of lies.

  • miss_silentlyweird 2d

    My past, present and future me let's hang tight..

    #acrosticc #adventurec
    # wod # pod @writersbay
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    Anywhere our feet bring us
    Don't leave me behind
    Venture or be vagrant
    Embrace my soul
    No one will
    Tear our
    Unbind connection
    Reach my hand we will
    Explore our own adventure

  • miss_silentlyweird 2d

    Hello! Its been a while :)

    #mosaic #audience
    #wod #pod #mirakee
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    Poems are mosaics made of broken pieces of a heart,
    Painted with emotions,
    Paste with words of experiences and thoughts
    With a frame of a soul
    Displayed in a gallery where life is the audience

  • miss_silentlyweird 4d

    One mask for my lies and emotion,
    And one mask for protection in virus,
    Then I ready to go..

    #mask #wod #pod
    Source ��: Canva

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    How cruel the world is
    When it makes us wear mask when we already had one deep in our soul.

  • miss_silentlyweird 5d

    In this life many can turn you into crumpled paper but only yourself can transform it to origami and become masterpiece.

  • miss_silentlyweird 1w

    Hey can I ask you a question?
    Is getting cold isn't?
    The thoughts are getting darker and so are you
    likewise for your vision about everything.

    Is it like an invisible autumn walk in your heart
    making the leaf of emotion fall,
    Should we be happy to finally let it go?
    Or should we mourn in dying branches of our soul?


    #passconc #autumn #invisible
    #wod #pod #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersbay

    Just try hshshs

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  • miss_silentlyweird 1w

    [There's a lot of grammatical errors and typos!]

    “At the end of the road"

    When did I fell asleep when I close my eyes?
    I put my hand near my heart time demise,
    I hear my sob now it's exploded my lies,
    In this journey of despise,

    With my bare hands I reach the light,
    But before grabbing— it disappeared benight,
    Only engraved with contrite,
    On this path I remain alone it's so quiet,

    No one is here: no one hear,
    Even the ground I'm in can't tear
    So I shout and shout in blare
    For this way I can erase little fear

    I desperately walk
    Continuously look
    It's getting farther away
    Darkness makes me so lonely and decay

    However I can't go away,
    In aching heart even after countless days,
    After a long night invisible pain stay,
    Now I can't still tell if I've already in midway,

    Counting one by one hoping stars to guide me,
    I close my eyes again for self foresee,
    My breath halt and my body implode,
    My feet stop at the end of the road,

    I’ll deeply bury all this emotion in sky,
    Even the emptiness can overfly,
    I'll hug myself tightly ,
    And see how darkness flees finally


    #solitudec #journey #wod
    #pod #mirakee #darkness
    @mirakee @writersbay
    Source ��: Pinterest

    We chose what we believed making it looks like truth but it's not, it's all lies. We create fake reality in our mind for our heart to bare. We deceive our self for sometime, and while writing this—that's what exactly what I had in my thoughts, my heart is aching. This poem I made is about a solitary journey within one self and soul. Goodnight!

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    I close my eyes
    I see my world
    In solitude journey
    Where darkness
    makes me feel so lonely


  • miss_silentlyweird 1w

    ⋆ �� �� ������ ������������������ �� �� ⋆

    The life cut me down left me bleeding,
    My dreams are now gone slowly burning,
    Hopelessness smothered future meaning
    And now I'm busy with my death mourning,

    I scattered my ashes on the ground,
    Pieces of it fly away with wind in clouds beyond,
    I look up above to find its way out,
    The night of sky will not last for long right?

    Holding my hand telling I'm gonna breakthrough,
    I walk in zigzag road of doubt and snafu,
    Admitting I'm tired with this avenue,
    Yet stopping is cowardly so I'll face this with self residue,

    Stuck in a long journey remain missing,
    My mind is thirsty and my heart hurting,
    It may be desperate to wait for the sun rising,
    But I will continuously wait in the midst of raining,

    Because one self-dying, trembling or breaking,
    Is just a process of transforming


    #transform #sunc # wod
    #pod #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersbay
    Source ��: Universal Art

    I'm late but here's my shot, honestly I'm losing my mood to write it up these day (sucks) but that's how I feel right now. Sorry for the trash :)
    Bye, goodnight!!

    Thanks for Editor's Choice

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    If I use my brain I'll be heartless and if I use my heart I'll be thoughtless. In this transformation all we need is just be honest
    that brain & heart can't never be separated.