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  • miss_lyra 6w

    Grey Day

    How can the world be filled with color if the light has fallen from everybody's eyes?
    We all hide behind masks, and opinions. The world see only in either black or white.
    Is that statement politically correct anymore?
    It's bad enough it's a grey winter, now we're being reminded we have gone a year in this new sort of Hell.
    The color drained from everyone's faces, going through the motions and being complacent.
    We're all lonely and depressed. Even our families have exceeded their welcome in our presence, their company not good enough for our primal social needs.
    I want to live again. I need to love life again.

  • miss_lyra 14w

    Alone Time

    The extrovert in me is struggling to embrace the quiet time alone.
    Too much time in my own thoughts, I'd rather hear someone else's.
    I don't want to turn to social media, but staring blankly at my food in a dining hall full of people makes me think I'm attention seeking, that I am screaming, "I AM EATING ALONE" because I don't have a phone companion or headphones in front of my face instead.
    I know I am not Alone. I have people who love and care for me, but the walk home is quiet without them.
    My mind is not always good company, but neither bad. It's just melancholy, and quiet, refusing to entertain me with provoking thoughts.
    I wasn't so extroverted until I was told I wasn't allowed to be.

  • miss_lyra 16w

    CPTSD Awareness

    Cold hearted people leave scars when they never put a hand on you.

    People who suppress your opinions and emotions are a part of the problem.

    Thinking that everything was normal and okay was a lie to yourself.

    Stopping the multi generational cycle of abuse is necessary to move on.

    Deciding when enough is enough is the first step.

    Complex PTSD. Years of emotional and psychological trauma that flew under the radar...

  • miss_lyra 26w

    The Staring Stranger

    I didn't recognize her,
    she stared back anyways.

    But I didn't know her.
    She was working so hard to smile

    I could tell it hurt her,
    her eyes showed sorrow,
    pain easily read inside them.

    I wanted to help-
    but it was impossible.
    I couldn't stand there any longer

    I walked away,
    before I broke the mirror.

    To set that girl free
    on the other side.


  • miss_lyra 26w

    Life in Love

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Please don’t hang up before I’m through

    I like you a little
    I like you a lot
    if you hand me that cupcake, I’m totally bought

    I painted my nails, I curled my hair
    you don’t even notice
    but all the rest of the boys stand and stare

    I figured you out
    you’re a difficult one
    I won’t stop trying
    not till this battle is done

    You finally gave in!
    To my glorious looks
    we’re now dating!
    It’s in the books

    Senior year is here
    as we all know
    will you stay with me, or will you go

    Good for you!
    you chose right
    I’m not being sarcastic
    Baby, don’t start a fight

    College is closing
    so are jobs
    keep yours honey
    if not- *sob,sob*

    Time to paint the baby’s room
    what color do you like?
    come a little closer,
    I promise I don’t bite

    What’s that in your breath?
    Is that Alcohol?
    Is that blood on your lip?
    Were you in a brawl?

    I’m packing my bags
    I’m taking Junior too
    you’re not safe to be around
    I’m sorry, we’re through

    You have not paid Child Support
    and it’s getting kind of tough
    I’m ready to file a report
    you deserve to be in cuffs

    Junior is 11
    he’s been sick since he was 7
    we all need you
    I admit I have no idea what to do

    Junior is getting better
    you’re the one he has to thank
    you got your act together
    if you were not here, his boat would have sank

    I’m glad we’re back together
    you are such a gentleman
    will you help Junior with his paper
    I like that application, why don’t you hit send?

    We’re at his graduation
    We’re at his wedding too
    we’re now grandparents!
    How lucky are you!

    As we watch them grow up
    it makes me feel old
    feed them cookies, give them a pup,
    Isn’t that what grandmothers are told?

    my bones are brittle
    my joints are creaking
    I think you’re growing, little by little
    that means I am… shrinking!

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Please tell Junior
    that my life is through.


  • miss_lyra 26w

    Death of the Party

    All these people,

    many I don't know.

    The ability to zone

    conversations out

    soothes my secret soul.

    I stand near the edges,

    not functionally making words flow,

    avoiding eye contact

    and shying interaction.

    Snacks cover the counters,

    I don't eat.

    Too much glutinous carbs,

    but I hear my stomach growl with anticipation

    Small talk is pitiful,

    and opinions take offence.

    To not participate

    is my last defense.

    Can't trust to take a drink.

    If I go out to dance,

    A drug being sinked,

    There's always a chance.

    It's awfully quiet

    being reclusive,

    solitude can be cold.

    Cold as the winter night

    outside this window beside me.


  • miss_lyra 26w

    Downfall of the Dancer

    Hairspray fills the room

    Is that one lost shoe?

    Fall off that box and you’re doomed

    I missed my part- oh, boo hoo

    We go over dances hour after hour

    There is no end in sight

    Turns fall, legs going weak

    Why don’t you take a break- I just might

    Costumes on

    Hair fixed

    four layers of lip balm

    I think I might be sick

    Show starts

    Lights hot

    What a work of art

    I’m about to go on, wait, STOP!

    What happens next I don’t know

    I remember a girl…

    What a blow

    Now my head's in a whirl

    Other dancers circle round

    Their faces all a blur

    I can not hear a sound

    Why couldn’t either of us swerve?

    The girl I collided with

    Is dancing back on stage

    There is no music

    I find her so brave

    I see her face now

    Tears streaming down her cheeks

    I can’t take my eyes off of her  

    Even as the gurney squeaks

    I wake up. It’s 2pm

    Where am I?

    I want my family

    I need to see them

    They tell me something’s wrong

    Already sensed that

    They say I’m stuck in the hospital

    Tell me. Why is that?

    Horrific concussion

    Broken hips broken heart

    Feet mangled

    I’m right back at start

    Physical therapy

    Replace my entire life

    Crazy hard stretches

    Is it really worth all the strife?

    I’m in a black room

    Only a single light to be seen

    Then it goes off

    I wake up with a scream

    That dream is back

    But no light is on

    Lost, in the dark

    Forever alone

    Advil becomes my leaning post

    I leaned too hard

    The post broke

    I’m definitely not the one to boast

    Walls are crumbling

    So am I

    Sleep engulfs me

    Just let me die

    I find the light

    I hear a voice

    ‘Come to me’ it says

    Doesn’t look like I have a choice

    So I was called to church

    A new kind of family

    A family who doesn’t care

    What I do or what I wear

    The coach says I’m healed

    For some reason I don’t believe him

    I won’t ever be the same

    I will never begin again

    My dream gone for good

    Where do I go next

    I have lost a piece of my puzzle

    I guess this is the real test

  • miss_lyra 26w

    Won Week

    How did you do it?
    How did you take the worst week of the entire year, and transform it into something so beautiful?

    You walked with me though my many challenges, never asking anything in return. I shall repay you. As a damsel who was clearly in distress, you were my knight in shining armor.

    In one week, I went from feeling nothing good, to absolutely everything grand.

    In the list of people who have turned my life around for the better, you're one of them.
    I can never thank you enough for what you have allowed me to do. To speak my mind, to take a whole breath, and to be my genuine self, no take backs.

    What's amazing is that you make it look so easy! Listening to me ramble on about my self development. Floods of personal revelations spilling from within-
    good thing you know how to use a mop.

    It may have only been one week, but within those 10080 minutes, I've never been so certain in a person in my entire life.

    In one week, you won me.

  • miss_lyra 27w


    Anxie-tea is my poison.
    Forced down like a shot of whiskey.
    Burning at my throat, down to my core.
    3rd degree burns coat my insides like glitter on a children's finger painting.
    I can no longer swallow my challenges.
    My lungs so singed I cannot breathe.
    This anxie-tea causing a chemical reaction within me, somehow forcing nervous chuckles to bubble from within, through my cracked lips.
    I can't hold food down, so they give me more anxie-tea. By now I am numbed to the pain and clasp the cup in both of my hands, thirsting for anything to soothe these blisters,
    more anxie-tea is NOT it.
    Only God can be my anecdote.


  • miss_lyra 42w

    Water Color Kisses

    I want to kiss you like water color.
    I want our lips to blend together
    like a sunset over the sea.
    To fall into your arms, and forget
    that a monochrome world surrounds us.