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  • miss_augustine 1w

    No one believed in her, that someday she will swim back to the shore and fight all the circumstances she encountered in the middle of ocean. But then one day, she become a survivor.

  • miss_augustine 3w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Season

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    In every season we always learn something new.

  • miss_augustine 5w

    The talk about how to find our confidence by Miss Najwa Zebian is so inspiring.


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    "I think that the biggest reason that we lack confidence is that we really don't know ourselves and when you don't know yourself how can you be confident."
    -Najwa Zebian

  • miss_augustine 5w

    And so the little girl sat quietly in the dark with her pen and journal, she's now ready to create her new world.


  • miss_augustine 7w

    Aren't you tired, boy?

  • miss_augustine 7w

    Maybe right now, I am not the person he needs. Maybe he doesn't need someone who will understand him. Maybe he isn't the person who's longing for some of my comfort. Maybe he just wants to conquer his fears all alone. Maybe he is tired of being involved in another bullshit relationship. Maybe, just maybe I should stop overthinking about it.

  • miss_augustine 12w

    This is why being alone is terrifying.

    There's a part of me that wants to trace back all of the memories and feel all the pain once again.

  • miss_augustine 19w

    Stop stepping back into comfort.
    Learn to move your feet towards growth.

  • miss_augustine 34w

    Maybe at that time, he just really needs someone to fuck. And it's really such a shame to make myself believe that it is love.

  • miss_augustine 34w

    And funny thing is, he never even look back at me for once. That hits me hard and left me thinking if he really loved me or am I the only one who feels like that?