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  • mishti__ 3w

    Just before you break my heart; know that it'll still want to be fixed by you, love!

  • mishti__ 5w

    This is kind of a song and I can for sure say that people can relate this♡

    Repost and Spread love :D

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    Tomorrow I won't be such a mess, maybe....
    But tonight, I am.....

    I am in a bad phase,
    Got so much to chase;
    Yet, here I'm;
    I'm such a mess.

    I got smile on my face,
    People judging from my same race,
    I'm trying to leave no trace;
    But I'm drawned into sadness.
    I'm such a mess;
    I'm such a mess.

    Everything ruined my happy place,
    I'm saying, "I miss you" to happiness

    Oh, I'm such a mess,
    im such a mess.
    Got so much to chase,
    But I'm such a mess.

    Get me out of here,
    You promised me when I'll need you you'd be there and,
    Today you aren't yeah, that's not fair.

    Life's so goddamn unfair
    You're far away and your picture is laying on my chair.
    My pills in my drawer and here I'm,
    I'm just laying down bare.
    I beg you to come over, I beg you to come here.
    I need you so come over, I need you so come here.

    Mess in my God damn room, including me.
    I'm drowning here into a deep sea,
    I wanna feel free...

    But, I am such a mess,
    I'm such a mess.
    I'm in a bad phase,
    Got so much to chase,
    Have a smile on my face.
    But, entirely I'm such a mess.
    I'm such a mess, I'm such a mess.

    Slightly wishing I was a child, hugging my momma all the time. Happiness in candies and real smile. Good old days, healthy baby and happy always ready to shine.


  • mishti__ 8w

    #pod #wod #ceesreposts #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    I'd be posting a poem or a prose on this topic soon, but idk when. I'm having a writersblock!��

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    I see you as perfect and I adore you, love.
    But let me,
    Let me please be your that only one flaw.
    Let me complete you entirely as;
    No one was meant to be perfect.
    Let me, let me be your flaw, Love!


  • mishti__ 10w

    Look at me, I'm here for you.
    Peep in my soul, it belongs to you!

    @miraquill thanks a lot for that♥️

    (Playing Kabbadi with the waves is something I learned from Dear, Zindagi movie. It's so fun.)

    The beauty of love is kinda indefinable. There's so much Purity in that word. Some people do fail to express, some feel but don't express. Love's a complicated feeling sometimes, but you know for sure when it's the time. You know when that person is the one. You just feel like yeah, I found my QUERENCIA and that feeling is divine. Love is divine and consequences is like the second word to love. But when all the consequences fail to get you, you get your love. That's well deserved.

    ( Idk, if this makes sense xD )

    @miraquill @writersnetwork


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    Golden hour and your puffy gaze with that coffee craving look.
    Twilight hour and your hands squeezing mine.
    Collywobbles in me as, I feel your touch.
    Getting drunk together and slow dancing, to;
    Playing Kabbadi with the waves at the shore,
    We enjoy being close, we have fun in our love.
    The sky turns pink when I see love for me in;
    Those fine pair of ocean eyes.
    I bloom like beautiful France hydrangea as;
    You call my name in delight.
    The fragrance of heaven turns lavender when;
    You and I collide.
    Oh Sarang, for you I'll sail in the ocean of poems.
    Just trust me and hold me like you do.


  • mishti__ 10w

    ��Hope I only leave good vibes on your living room floor
    It hurts so bad that I didn't when you asked for more��

    WTF, Mirakee has liked my 6 posts today— something is wrong omgg!!����

    /Better by Zayn/

    Went a little too long I know.��

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    I remember building a;
    Huge castle in your room.
    With rupturing tears from;
    My swollen eyes.
    Every single drop rolling,
    In the memory of things that,
    I was leaving behind for you.
    They might've dried of course,
    Yet, the castle is still hidden in the;
    Air of your room.

    I left every single thing about us.
    Except all the memories which are;
    Still bottled up.

    Left my,
    Bare soul with;
    my every deepest darkest secrets,
    I revealed to you.

    Left my every,
    Poetry I wrote;
    Woven with our love.
    Our favorite romantic songs.
    On the rhythm of which,
    We danced barefoot.

    Left my,
    Favorite aroma which;
    Which was the smell of you.

    Left the,
    Last taste of;
    Your lips on mine.
    Your every single touch that;
    Passed shivers running down my spine.

    Left my,
    Care for you;
    To look out at you.
    With our short time promises of;
    Forever and always

    Left my,
    Positive vibes on your floor,
    And carried the negative ones on my shoulder.

    Left my,
    Sanity with loosing;
    My pride over there.
    My every little piece,
    Agonizing my spirit.

    I tried hard to save this.
    I fought every day.
    But, my strength went in vain,
    When you decided to break us.
    The old me is long gone.
    Not portraying any emotions,
    Heartless I've become.
    Hope you're alright though,
    Because you're still remembered in my poetries.
    Just this time with tears except smile.

    Dear Lost Love,
    You might've just left us.
    But I left myself;
    In the process of leaving us.


  • mishti__ 10w

    This kinda sensualhearts;️
    This defines my view for Crimson red #colour #color.
    #erotic #sensual

    ( also would like to write a short message for @lovenotes_from_carolyn on her birthday)

    I know I'm late, but it's not too late. Happy birthday dear Carolyn. You've been so much supportive in this writing journey of mine. You appreciate everything I write and also correct me when I am wrong! I am so grateful for you dear. Happy Birthday, hope all your wishes come true!!

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    We lay naked,
    Me on you,
    My head on your bare chest.
    On the silk sheets,
    Our love dripping;
    While we sweat.
    The fragrance of;
    Our connection,
    Fill up the room.
    All the miseries vanished;
    Stress revealed,
    We lay naked.
    The tension and temptation;
    Meet up mixing,
    Leaving me crimsoned.
    The rose petals around us;
    Excited to tell a,
    Different tale.
    The dahlias in the corner;
    Smile at us,
    Knowing what we;
    mean to one other.
    We lay naked.
    The strawberry shade of my;
    Plump lips,
    Scattered all around you.
    You look like an artist,
    Who studied me well.
    Analyzing every inch.
    All I see is you now;
    Filled up with,
    Life, health, vigor,
    War, courage, anger and
    My sensual love.
    I see you bleeding my love,
    Like the finest;
    poetry of all the time while;
    We lay naked.

  • mishti__ 11w

    I just got this new idea and I couldn't stop writing!!
    One more for the #tell challenge!!

    Hope y'all like it.!

    (The background colour is the yam shade of orange. Or maybe just a bit alike idk. But I really like this yam shade of orange!!)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork heyiexcl;iexcl;

    Thank you for dropping your heart at the post @miraquill ♥️ this is the first time that happened to me:)

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    Tell me all the stories of you;
    admiring this colourful sky.
    Sunrise to sunset , till the stars shine;
    under the moon beam.

    Tell me what you see in;
    That tinted thick clouds.
    Do you feel me?
    Do you ever miss my;
    Craziness for the cotton candies?

    Tell me what you see when;
    The shade is taking over the sky.
    Do you still think of me?
    Do your eyes get heavy while;
    Recalling the memories;
    We took in that yam(ish) sunset?

    Tell me what you see when;
    The darkness takes place with,
    A huge amount of glittering diamonds in it?
    Do you remember me?
    Do you lay down beneath the stars and;
    Count it while;
    Smiling for me?

    Tell me what you see when;
    The sun rises with a cooing melody.
    Do you take a trip down memory lane?
    Do you drink the same coffee which,
    I used to make when;
    You used to get headaches because of,
    staying up late?

    Tell me about all the times,
    You spent without me.
    Taking a glimpse at our;
    little safe place,
    Will you ever think of coming back to me?
    Will you just let me go;
    Or will you fight me to stay?
    I'll be waiting for you, love.
    Come before it's too late to even see me.


  • mishti__ 11w

    Tell me that those stars up in the sky,
    Will stay forever there.
    And I'll promise you till I die,
    That I'll always be right here.
    And I know that you can't tell me this,
    'Cause nothing is meant to stay the same and you know it.
    And you just know it!

    Tried to hold on to the happiness I got,
    But it turned it's back on me.
    You and I are us, that's what I thought,
    Until you opened my eyes to see.
    I can't be the one for you forever,
    'Cause nothing is meant to stay the same and you know it.
    You just know it!

    I went downtown looking for our favorite club,
    Didn't find it at all, 'cause it has turned into a grocery store.
    Every memory we made there is now been rubbed,
    And there's no way we can help it to restore.
    It is like a dead end for us,
    'Cause nothing stays the same and you know it.
    You just know it!

    Tell me that those stars up in the sky,
    Will stay forever there.
    And I'll promise you till I die,
    That I'll be always right here.
    And I know that you can't tell me this,
    'Cause nothing is meant to stay the same and you know it.
    You just know it! (Yeah)


    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Nothing is meant to stay the same!

    (I wrote it like a song, instead of a poem.)

  • mishti__ 11w

    #hoarding #ceesreposts #soulraabta #writersnetwork #miraquill #wod #pod

    This can be a hoarding for a neutral Beauty brand. Which will be for all the categories and things lol.��

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Don't envy others, look at you.
    Perfect never existed and never would;
    So just;
    BE YOU!


  • mishti__ 11w

    Sheesh, I am so late!!
    Well, I know I'm writing too much bout insecurities but that's what going in my mind rn��

    Metanoia - A journey of changing one self, heart, mind etc.
    Takara - Treasure

    Hand lines - as fate▪︎
    Legs Slow- slow journey ▪︎

    #synechdoche (?)

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    Walking on an ignited tightrope of;
    my metanoia,
    With fuming soul and patient mind.
    My legs slow and;
    My hand lines taking a little change.
    Fears diverging,
    breaking the power of flaws.
    While fighting my insecurities,
    I found my self worth as;
    My biggest Takara.