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  • misfitwallflower 95w

    You don't have to be unique to feel special
    You yourself are special in every different way

  • misfitwallflower 96w

    Being thin or fat isn't a crime
    What's crime is making fun of a person for it.

  • misfitwallflower 97w

    She wasn't your normal type of girl
    She was the one on whom writers wrote about

  • misfitwallflower 98w

    You take your own time to know your worth
    And so do the others
    So don't hang around awaiting their realisation
    Just fly off to the wondrous horizon
    Where you'll know what you are made of

  • misfitwallflower 99w

    She says 'I love to be alone'
    And that is her greatest lie of all

  • misfitwallflower 99w

    And everywhere I turn I see people not living their own dreams but of the others to prove that they can do it better than them

  • misfitwallflower 99w

    Hard rimmed glassed girl
    A strand of hair dancing off the tunes of breeze
    Hands gently clutching the hardbound book
    Of crispy yellowy papers
    With the wafting fragrance of old woods and vanilla
    There she sits by the thick window
    While the raindrops drum against its glass
    Her eyes and mind savouring the plot
    Heart delighted with the flawed perfection of the characters
    Whom she probably loves more than her self
    She reads, reads and reads
    Flying high in the skies her fingertips grazing the stars and the moon
    Discovering the darkest and lonesome zones of the oceans
    There she reads by the window
    Unbothered and unshaken by the thorny edges of reality

  • misfitwallflower 100w

    Social anxiety

    I watch them speak of things I adore
    Do things I ever wanted to do
    Accomplishing those I always dreamed of
    So many dreams turned ashen
    Just 'cause I'm shackled with the iron bonds of social anxiety

    Here I am!
    Standing in the shadows
    Tongue tied and dry throated
    With the clouds of dreams blowing away farer and farer from me
    Watching 'em do all the things I always daydream about.

  • misfitwallflower 100w

    So she waited every night
    For the moon to glide softly in the sky
    At whom she could smile at through the bars of her window in her sleepless hours
    The Moon who knew every layer of loneliness and uniqueness
    For only she knew what it's like to be moon amongst the stars

  • misfitwallflower 100w

    For her books weren't just her best friends
    But her antidote for random anxiety attacks too