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  • mirnmoy 9h


    Mera beta,
    Aapna dost logo ke saath kitna kush rahe te ho tum,
    Ham ko dekh kar kitna accha lagta hai,
    Aap sabhi bahut bahut kush rahe,
    Bas Iswar se ahi duya hai mera,
    Aur jitna din ham zinda rahe,
    Aap sabhi ko suraj ke tara chamak te huya dekhna chahate hai.

  • mirnmoy 1d

    Most Important

    What is the most important time?

    Present time.

    What is the most important work?

    The work which you are doing now.

    Who is the most important person?

    The person with whom your are now .

  • mirnmoy 2d

    Mind,you won't change

    Mind , you are the root of all problems,you know ,if you show so much emotion, people will misunderstand me,
    Again you are taking me on that way, no i won't allow you to do all you want,i will captive my all feelings into an iron box and throw it's key to the limitless sea,
    I would be a man of action,
    Not a man of words .


  • mirnmoy 4d


    Apno se sikha main ne,
    Koi apna nahi hota.

  • mirnmoy 5d

    Two Choice

    You have two choice,
    To control your mind,
    Or let your mind ,
    To control you.

  • mirnmoy 1w

    Something missing

    Something has terribly lost somewhere,
    My friends complain,
    "That smiling and spirited man in you has been died ".
    To make me laugh,
    They make so many jokes,
    But nothing can make me laughing,
    I go to a lonely table and sit silently,my best friend came and asked if it was his fault that made me sad,
    No not at all,
    None of them ever make me sad,
    I try to laugh but it ends in tears,
    I feel something has been broken into my heart which can't be mended.
    Readers, can you tell ,
    What is it?

  • mirnmoy 1w


    My intention was,
    To touch the sky
    I couldn't,
    No problem,
    If i can touch your heart,
    It will be enough .

  • mirnmoy 1w

    Believe in yourself

    A bird sitting on a tree,
    Is not afraid of branch breaking,
    Because he trusts on his own wings, not the strength of the branch, always believe in yourself.

  • mirnmoy 2w

    Digital Education

    From the year 2019 ,
    Indian has been getting ,
    Digital Education,
    It is more comfortable and entertaining than the traditional pen paper education,
    Your group will keep the record of all educational activities day by day, in doc.,you can get all the notes in a pdf library in just one click,no question and excuse of missing the reading material,
    All we have to do is just to change the Indian mind set of going only on a straight line,
    Indeed,it is one of the blessings of the Corona virus,
    That's why we say,
    All that is happening,
    Has two sides,
    One positive and another negative.


  • mirnmoy 2w

    One Name

    One name,
    Brings back the life to a dead heart, one name tells in whisper in my ear, death of true love is not possible, just one name inspires me to do more hard work,
    One voice cools down my all tiredness,one look takes me to the heaven on this earth,
    Yes we all are roaming like a planet around the sun,that one person is very improtant to all of us who never leaves us in any situation.