bears life stoically

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  • mirmeksica 11h


    What little pill can do,
    for me,
    opens the shiniest carpet,
    as I walk by,
    puts the magic boots on my feets,
    so I could fly above
    the land of sorrow and loneliness.


  • mirmeksica 1d

    I don't wanna...

    I don't wanna lose,
    my books,
    my mind filled with words,
    blank papers around the room,
    and pens of different colors.

    I don't wanna live without
    my coffee,
    solitude during runs,
    my long talks with the Moon,
    And unhealty insomnia of mine...


  • mirmeksica 2d

    I will...

    I will find courage within,

    I will find a right green path,

    I have a mind of an inventor,

    I will said the truest words,

    I will present them my idea,

    I will be okay if they don't like me.


  • mirmeksica 3d

    I'm going to

    I'm going to fly
    into my new life.

    I'll slam
    all the unnecessary doors.

    I decided.

    I want to live
    this one and only life of mine.

    Breathe freedom,
    exhale anger.


  • mirmeksica 4d

    Watching others

    Watching others
    live their lives,

    life is easy,

    everything is so funny,

    it's not stressful there,

    finding a job,
    no nervousness,

    the first sentences in the book,
    without self-criticism,

    the first brush strokes on the big screen,
    they become masterpieces.


  • mirmeksica 5d

    A call

    Sudden call,
    thanks, but,
    it's not for me,

    you are looking
    for someone who cares,

    I'm just here
    to direct and

    I'm just wandering around,
    I do not know when I will back,

    probably never.


  • mirmeksica 1w


    I look
    into your eyes,
    those are two
    little black holes,

    can fall into them,
    and never disappear,

    you stand near me,
    in the event horizon.


  • mirmeksica 1w

    I don't know...

    I don't know
    how to tell you this.

    You don't look me
    in the eye, your gaze
    always wanders,

    I never know if
    you're listening to me.

    Although I know you
    know every detail even
    though I never asked you.

    And now your gaze
    wanders around the room,
    thinking of something.

    And that's why
    I don't know how to
    tell you that I
    believe in you.


  • mirmeksica 1w

    Fight or flight

    the queen of my own inner world,
    announce loudly
    A call for a fight,

    to all people
    in a bad mood,

    to all the people
    who suffer,

    for those who believe
    they are weak,

    for those who think
    they are small.


  • mirmeksica 1w

    Morning after

    Morning after,

    distorted face in the mirror,

    dirty tears all over the face,

    broken breath hits the mirror,

    all the chains within the body breaks,

    legs becomes one pair of

    stone from the fallen temple.