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  • mirakillian_matre 8w

    Autobiography of a bed

    No , I have not slept with but slept on. I have seen partners changing. I have witnessed heart breaking. I have been taken well care of when someone special is about to mount me. I am also neglected for weeks when my owner goes into depression which was occasional earlier but these days it is persistent. Seems like the bedsheets have become my on n off boyfriends. They cling to me till every pore of it stops breathing... I often taste delicacies as you know how it goes with depressed people. They are gluttons and good food is their only comfort. I dont mind any of these.
    Yes, at times which is very rare, my bones crack because of the jumping, excitement and ecstasy. But I get enough time to heal myself as I said those spurts of enthusiasm are rare. Not to forget the moans. She has a roaring moan juxtaposed with her silent screams of anguish. I couldn't understand her till date. She grooms me at times and that is when I feel alive and understand her. She is really gentle,soft hearted. The way people handle things, can tell a lot about themselves. I am a thing to you. She has made me her home. She is so attached to me that I can feel the vibes. Pandemic has brought us closer still. With age people get bedridden I have heard. I wish she gets bedridden. I want to live with her forever unlike the world who has used her as a napkin. I want to comfort her and be her safe haven forever even if she is infested with worms. Her bedsores will not be half as painful, I promise.

  • mirakillian_matre 8w

    Will they?

    They too had weapons, they wielded them to create history,to become a part of time, continuity... Kind or harsh, they still chose a pen over arms. Civilized armament you can call. Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about the right n wrong once again. But, I couldn't refrain from this comparison given to what is going on in Afghanistan. Cant they take up pens? Some have sought refuge in social media. They are the kind ones I guess, begging for life and freedom. The "little harsh" ones in that part of the world, how to describe them? Can't they take up pens? Will they take up pens? Will they allow to take up pens?

  • mirakillian_matre 8w

    I am

    You could be cunning enough to abuse my soul,
    You could be powerful to dominate my persona,
    You could be rich to ruin my honesty,
    You could have been a gossip monger to ruin my reputation,
    You must have been a tyrant to bruise my body,
    You have been ruthless to curb my ambition,
    You have been barren enough to erode my trust,
    You have been malevolent for sure to unleash my wrath;
    Yes you can, could and have changed me in all possible ways.
    But you couldn't be innocent enough to win me:
    And that is a terrible loss I pity you for.
    I still give all of you my earnest sympathy;
    Because without innocence you are no good.
    And without good you could never be close to God;
    And without God, you become a fool,
    You become powerless in due time,
    Your soul becomes impoverished,
    Your cause is lost,
    You become your own slave,
    You miss the greatest grant from God---mercy,
    Your soul never harvests rich verdure,
    You lose the opportunity of becoming benevolent,
    After all possible tryst by becoming the fittest to survive,
    Are you at peace?
    I wish you were innocent.
    I wish you innocence.