Pages of my diary.. They are my solace in chaos of this world.

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  • mirakeewrites_ 1w

    Her words give shelter to many emotions,
    Full of different colours of life and magical potions,
    I very often gulp them down and travel to somewhere far,
    Sometimes to a lost land , sometimes the midnught star.

    She writes magic with that magical wand called pen she hold,
    So many stories she has penned many more are yet to be told.

    She calls herself a chaos, What a beautiful chaos she holds in her heart,
    I have loved her writings not from now but right from start.

    She loves " the Army" , a BTS fan, I golden soul,
    I hope you get all happiness that's in store.

    There is nothing she has not written , all emotions like all the colours of the sunset sky,
    In her writings sometimes she is too low, sometimes you reach too high.

    She has been a phoenix rising every time she falls,
    Sky us her limit, she cannot be bound within mere walls.

    I met her here , we talked, we became friends,
    I hope this friendship continues and never ends !

    Have a great day, I hope you have many more!
    May god bless you with all love ad happiness that's in store ...

    Today us your day may stars and moon light up the night,
    may your life be full of happiness , sadness nowhere to be seen in sight.

    Happy birthday once again !
    Keep shining in sun, storm and the rain❤

    ( this is just for maintaing the rhyming okay ����)

    - With love

    (PS - Sorry for being late !�� Happy belated birthday love ❤❤ @tamanna3 Just wanted to wish you so here is a little.something from me. )

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    Happy birthday
    Tamanna ❤

  • mirakeewrites_ 4w

    Sometimes I feel like a volcano just about to burst,
    I am tired of failing, sometimes I want to be first.
    Sometimes the day is too dark to see even a spark of light
    Sometimes I am too tired to even fight.
    I am lost , too lost to be found again,
    On days like this I barely am sane.
    This pain seems to be ending never,
    I hope it gets better, but I doubt will it ever ?
    I seem to be trapped in a room with no way out,
    Nobody seems to hear me no matter how much I shout.
    It seems no matter what I do I will always lose,
    Everything seems wrong no matter what I chose.
    I seem to destroy even the things around me,
    The path from here onwards is too blur to see.
    I want to sleep , I want to cry,
    oh dear ! I am too tired to even try.
    broken glasses seem to allure me now,
    I want to go back to sunbright smile but I seem to be have forgotten how ?
    Its a struggle to open my eyes even to wake,
    Still all day I wear smile all fake.
    At times like this I feel sad for my diary, for all my songs,
    At times like this I cannot even differentiate between rights and wrongs.
    I want to be immersed in my metaphors ,lost in the rhymes and the pages,
    there are all coluds, the grey ones, I miss the sun today, It seems it has been ages...
    On days like this being anything other than sad seems tiring to me,
    When will spring come again, let's wait for a while and see.......
    Universe seens to conspire against me shutting all the doors I have known,
    It seems to be trampling mercilessly all the plants I have ever sown.
    With those plants, I crumble under the weight of those dreams I had,
    I want to be normal but all I can be is sad....

    (PS- Had to take the mess out of my head . You can ignore this one )

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    ~Take me to the moon, I want to sleep for way too long,
    Just hum me a lullaby or your favourite song...


  • mirakeewrites_ 5w

    A handwritten note,
    holding hands , a sweet little quote.
    a kiss on forehead rather than lips,
    not coffe but tea who sips.
    A gentle breeze,
    the smile that makes me freeze.
    Hair dancing along,
    to the rhythm of wind's song.
    Me trying to stop then behind your ear,
    but they dance just like you without any fear.
    Sleeping in your embrace,
    looking at your shy pretty face.
    with my head in your lap, reading a book,
    after a few pages pausing to take a look.
    those eyes which are drowned deep into mine,
    your eyes like a great painters's art so deep and fine.
    Instead of long drives long walks by the road,
    talking for long hours when we feel bored.
    Instead of long texts, a short note in your own writing,
    Cute little banters instead of serious fighting.

    Those little things are what I call love.

    (PS -I suppose am too old fashioned for the kind of love I see now-a-days .)


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    A little jealousy, a bit of tantrums,
    a pinch of being possesive, a brush of care,
    Tons of respect and gallons of faith.
    some strokes of love , little shades of fear.

    THAT'S LOVE!!!

    (According to me
    Most important
    pillars of love
    are Faith and respect)


  • mirakeewrites_ 8w

    Oh promise me !
    Not a love that stays young forever,
    But the one that blooms even if its short and the fragrance fades never.
    Not the moons and the star,
    Not the places and things so far.
    Just some smiles
    A walk with hand in hand by miles
    Not a journey counted by years
    Neither by all the tears,
    But by the moments of joy,
    the love and togetherness that we enjoy.
    Not to love me till you die,
    Side by side somedays just silently lie.
    Not to think of life as a bed of roses,
    Not only poetry but sometimes proses.
    Promise me not a bouquet of flowers,
    but talk to me for hours and hours.
    Lets watch the setting sun, sky all blue,
    Of that sky somedays lets just enjoy all hues
    Promise me not sweet lies but the truth all bitter,
    While speaking the truth please don't jitter.
    Not the colours but sometimes black and white,
    Not just laughter but sometimes a petty fight.
    Promise me not to stay by my side ,
    Just promise when you don't love me any more you won't hide.
    I know love fades and I will accept it with grace,
    All I want is that pretty smile always on your face...
    Promise me not just those soft petals
    But also the thorns that cut so deep.
    Not only a companion in your laughter
    but also a shoulder to weep...
    Not a rose everytime along with my favourite song,
    but sometimes that short lived dandelion to wish upon.
    I know life may seem unfair sometimes,
    promise me On those days just lean upon my rhymes.
    Promise me that these promises you will keep,
    When you smile, when you laugh, when you complain even when you weep.....

    ( PS- Maybe I am back (:
    Maybe not.
    I seem to have lost words and rhymes. Maybe I.
    cannot write how I used to before....
    I know its too vague )

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    Such a tender word to say,
    Yet too deep meanings lay.

  • mirakeewrites_ 15w

    As this year comes to an end,
    there are left too many scars too deep to mend.
    some smiles too bright,
    some dreams going out of sight.
    some promises we could not keep,
    some tears that were hidden way too deep.
    some metaphors hidden between the pages,
    some stories in the corner of our heart to be forgotten for ages.
    some autumn leaves all crushed and dry
    some roses all wilted that made us cry.
    some hope that kept us from falling apart,
    some endings that marked a new start.
    some poems that made us smile,
    some first steps we took for a walk of a mile.
    some starts beautiful and fresh as dew,
    some dreams filled with aspirations all new.
    some people turned ephemeral whom we wanted by our side,
    some tears just rolled down the cheeks for they were too difficult to hide.
    some dreams came true making our eyes glitter more than ever.
    this year has given each one of us something we can forget, not soon maye never.


    As we move to a new year,I hope it is much better than the previous one. Let us not forget that all th scars have taught us that we are stronger than we thought...Love yourself ,stay happy.Thankyou to all people who have been there as an inseparable part.
    May the next year holds all joy hapiness and good health and many more good things in store...

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  • mirakeewrites_ 16w

    I wanted to be by your side,
    each tear from you wished to hide.
    I wished all happiness for you,
    you life filled with all the colours and every hue.

    The day I realised ,I can no longer bring you smile,
    I paused and thought, Oh! hasn't it been a while?
    Since you laughed because of me, all you've done is cry,
    Since I came to your life, ever since it has been devoid of joy.

    I still want all happiness , too much to hold,
    its just now too late to be told.
    I still want to hold you hand,
    but it is too far, into some yonder land.

    No matter how hard I try, these pieces I cannot mend,
    I never believed in forevers, I was right in the end.
    I still want to wipe those percious tears,
    But they have long gone dry, waiting for me for years.

    I still want to listen to all of you heart,
    but I know its too late to start.
    I still want to see the love in your eyes that you had for me,
    But my eyesight is now too weak and distance too much fir me to see.

    I still want to put you head in my lap and listen to you heart beat,
    but Inow am not eligible for that seat.
    I know you must hate me, even I do,
    ever since you left all those dreams have melted away like the morning dew.

    But you see ? I can't now,
    even if I want to, even if I know how.
    For your happiness, for your life I have to go somewhere far,
    otherwise in the end all that will be left will be scars......

    (PS- Just wanted to write something. Dosen't make much sense. Just random stuff)



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    But when I realised
    I no longer brought
    smile on you face,
    twinkle in your eyes,
    I decided to fade away
    just like those clouds
    after rain...

  • mirakeewrites_ 16w

    All I want for christmas is the sparkel that your eyes held instead of all the tears it has now,
    love in your life,
    dreams that you once were crazy about,
    freshness of all the spring flowers.
    That is all I want.

    (For all my wishes have always revolved around you��)



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    All the colours that a rainbow hold,
    All the dreams that once you told.
    may all your dreams come true,
    this is my wish for you!


  • mirakeewrites_ 17w

    My eyes they belonged to you
    for they were always dreaming, dreams all new.
    they seemed to have forgotten their own,
    All the things I once loved seemed littleless known.

    My heart it belonged to you,
    sometimes it beats for me but only a few.
    It seemed to have given a home to all your stories,
    no place was there for a few chapters of mine, a pinch of happiness and a handful of worries.

    My smile belonged to you,
    earlier I used to smile at smallest of things, a butterfly, a blloming flower even a drop of due.
    But now only when I saw I could smile,
    I haven't smiled for myself, its been a while..

    My poetries belonged to you,
    every colour, every rhyme and every hue.
    Each line embraced meataphors of our love, of each smile , every tear, every fight,
    Each verse had hidden in it every place, each emotion and every lovely sight.

    My diary belonged to you,
    When I started writing it seemed lines will only be a few.
    But then I went on and on l, pages after pages
    Even my diary got jealous it said once, "Hey! please write about something else its been ages."


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    I belonged
    to you
    more than
    to myself...

  • mirakeewrites_ 17w

    The day you left I promised..
    I promised those flowers
    that now I will never talk to them for hours,
    I promised that scarlet moon,
    I will never admire it again, I will sleep too soon.
    I promised that rain,
    only with her will shed tears of pain.
    I promised the sky,
    no longer will I wish to fly.
    I promised all those withered leaves of our favourite tree,
    I will no longer bind to it any promise its now on free.
    I promised those dandelions ,i would never wish upon them,
    For all the threads of my dreams were now too lose to hem.
    I promised those broken records of our favourite song,
    I won't play it again , all of its melody you took along.
    I promised the broken pieces of my heart,
    that it will not get hurt,its a new start.

    As I promised all of them
    my diary waited for its turn,
    all those poems , all those metaphors
    I wished to burn,
    I wanted to stop writing, erase every word every line,
    I wanted to undo every simlie , each rhyme.
    But , I could not
    I wanted to stop thinking but my mind had a lot.
    If not the diary then were would I go,
    seeds of hope where would I sow?
    But then all the promises I made were no longer kept,
    I flew again,I talked to the flowers, I wept,
    not with the real ones but in the pages,
    I haven't talked to the flowers or seen the moon, it seems for ages.
    But I hide between the ink and the pen,
    I am immersed in this world every now and then.
    I feel like I am alive again,
    on days too hard this is what keeps me sane...

    (PS- kuch bhi likh diya. Just wanted to write something. Sorry for my random rants)


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    The day you left I made so many promises, I was too fragile to keep....


  • mirakeewrites_ 18w

    I met them here
    I came across their posts and left my heart there.
    The way they mould the feelings into those words and then a line,
    the way they convey every feeling is so raw and fine.
    They way they make me feel when there verses I read,
    on a day went wrong just a post frim them is all I need.
    magic wand of words and metaphors is always with them,
    wuth their words a sweet cardigan for the winter of life they hem.
    It keeps the heart warn even when its too harsh outside,
    within their work a whole new world resides.
    Their proses and poems are the first dew,
    They are like those stars on a moonless night with shine bright even if they are just a few.
    They are like that first ray of sun at dusk with soothes you,
    they are like the colours of rainbow after rain having all colours and every hue.
    they make you smile on darkest of the day,
    they always have those things our heart is too afraid to say.
    They are like those pearls deep inside the sea,
    too precious to touch too beautiful to see.
    they are like the rose and its folds,
    each word , each metaphor a deep hidden meaning it holds.
    they are like those fireflies all twinkling and lighting up the path of everyone who reads,
    in the hearts of some a light of happiness and for some they sow the hope that one needs.
    They are like a wonde4ful piece of art,
    you know it will be your favourite just when you start.
    After a hot summer day they are like the first shower,
    its fragrance spreads all over the graden they are that flower.
    They have helped me sink too deep and fly so high,
    to my earth they have been the pinkish shy sky.
    They take you to the places of your heart you never knew were there,
    I am so glad I found them here.
    Thankyou for such wonderful writings and proses,
    in my gallery and my heart I always store those roses(SS OF THE POSTS BY THEM).




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    Places, hearts, feelings, eras,people
    where do you want to go?
    there is a route too fast and easy,
    oh which one? just let me show.
    read this poem and metahor
    what you were looking for you may find,
    and believe me it will
    help you explore new horizons for your mind...