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  • mirakeepoet 99w


  • mirakeepoet 104w

    Two Swinging Souls

    Aligned with the stars they swing

    Two young souls entwined in love

    As she glanced at the sparkling stars with awe!

    Fascinated by his own!

    He admired a different world!

    He observed the galaxy in her elegance

    And adored the sparkle in her eyes


  • mirakeepoet 105w

    Positive Reflections 2

    "You can choose the lifestyle that you want to live by, but you may not live as long as you wish your life will be, so choose a life that is worth living."


  • mirakeepoet 105w

    Positive Reflections 1

    If you lose yesterday you have tomorrow to look forward to; because what ”was” is a shaped memory and what ”will be” is a memory in progress which only you can determine its shape!


  • mirakeepoet 106w

    Life Note

    You are an unwritten book yet to be finished
    Every day is a new narration for you to ink
    What will you engrave today?
    Only you can determine the outcome!
    So what will you write then?
    A heavenly page of rainbows and greenfields
    Or a hellish porter of pain and misery
    You made that to be!
    You are the architect of your tale to tell!

    You are an unfinished book yet to be written
    The title is you and the ink is your sweat, tears and blood
    Mark my words! Your life is a book
    And it will end with a ”full stop”.


  • mirakeepoet 106w


    Among the stars we travel afar, till we become one!

  • mirakeepoet 106w


    People who always smile are those who hide the most suffering! It's not a mask they hide their pain behind, it's only their way of fighting!


  • mirakeepoet 107w

    ”Shackled Identities”

    How can I be me?
    When everyone is pretending to be someone else
    How can I be free?
    While shackled to a different reflection being my identity
    Every day goes by will not be missed
    How can I miss something not true
    Even the mirrors that reflected my image became uncertain
    Of which face will they show
    Till the day they all crack and become shattered
    To catch up with all the faces that I resemble
    My story is the story of most of those whom I see on my phone
    I know it is wrong, but I do it
    Being me and the unknown, but, somehow, I love it
    I forgot to love myself first and only to love what strangers want
    Strangers to me and strangers to themselves
    This is me now, and nothing I can do about it
    Unless something happens
    There might be hope for me
    Something that will change everything for me
    The absence of mirrors and their many reflections


  • mirakeepoet 109w


    Spider Spider on the wall
    How is it you can’t fall?
    Staying strong, staying still
    Even when you are small!
    Tell me how to stay firm
    With an unbreakable will

    Spider Spider standing tall
    How can you not fall?
    Tell me what kind of skill
    That makes live in such a place
    So delicate and so fragile!
    Tell me your secret, I won’t tell

    Spider Spider my brick walls
    They are starting now to fall
    My whole life is beginning to shake
    Please, small Spider for God’s sake!

    Spider Spider weave my life
    Stitch my wounds with your webs
    Which may make me see hope
    Even through a needle’s eye
    Spider Spider don’t make me die


  • mirakeepoet 111w

    The Shadow of Time

    Such as a shade starts your life

    In five-stages, if you don't know

    In morning’s break it starts to grow

    Then in mid-day, becomes tall with pride

    Small it returns in the afternoon

    Then pride shrinks at sunset’s time

    And when night comes you fade and die