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  • mirakee_post 47w

    When it's dark,
    You are more aware..!!

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  • mirakee_post 50w

    Our action are what set things in motion,
    But we have to live with that..!!

  • mirakee_post 51w

    Trust are earned
    They can't be magical hand it over!!

  • mirakee_post 51w

    Bad things stays with you!!
    They follow you!!
    You can't escape them...
    As much as you want!!

  • mirakee_post 51w

    Dear people of my country!

    Dear students!!
    You all got the best time to prove yourself...
    To just shut those babbling mouths who say that you can't do any thing!
    Only marks doesn't matter! Your knowledge does!!
    Shot waking up late and wasting your time...
    Wake as you do in your college or school days!
    Have a schedule!!

    Dear pass out students!!
    Plz don't wait for a company to hire you!
    You have a golden opportunity in front of your eyes and you are just ignoring it!!
    Just meditate for sometime a try to set a new Startup!!
    Make others to get a job!!
    Still there are many things which are yet not discovered!
    Still there are many things which are yet not invented!
    Gave a huge contribution to your country!! We need people like you to handle the uncertainties that came to our nation!!

    Dear business mans!!
    We all know there are ups and down in business!
    But when there is always down, there there is need to think and rebuild Or built a new one!
    You have a lot of time to think about your business strategy or if you wanna change your line of business or marketing! Then their won't be any golden opportunity in future!!
    So the time is right now!!
    If you didn't even made enough money just to survive for a couple of month without earning then it's impossible in future that you'll make enough money!!
    Think about it!! There is no meaning to stuck in a thing that doesn't provide to comfort and relief!!

    Dear 9 to 5 people!!
    We know it sounds bad when we address you by calling 9 to 5 people!! Isn't it!!?
    If you feel bad about this, then it's time to think about what you are right now and what you dream to be!!
    It doesn't matter whether it was your choice or an alternative!! But the only thing that matters is what makes you happy!?
    Is this 9 to 5 sucks you!? Then think about it and find the bug!!
    The best opportunity is in front of your eyes!!

  • mirakee_post 51w

    ek ek asoon ka hisaab hoga
    aaj unka waqt hei
    kaal humara hoga.

  • mirakee_post 51w

    From corridor fight with seniors to, being a friend of a junior, we all grew up...!!
    From class 10th chess matches to, college fest competition, we all grew up..!!
    From fighting for the last bite of Maggie to, cooking food, we all grew up...!!
    From giggling and shouting in corridors to, maintain silence in the library, we all grew up...!!
    Thanks for being in every part of fun and adventure....
    Luv uh buddy....
    Stay healthy in this season of covid-19...!!
    Once again happy b'day...!!

  • mirakee_post 52w

    dil toh krta hei jann le loon!!
    paar kya kru meri jann bhi ussi main hei!!

  • mirakee_post 52w

    Sath mere betha tha,
    Par kisi aur ke kareeb tha...
    Wo apna sa lagne wala,
    Kisi aur ka naseeb tha..!!