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  • miragelove18 179w


    Will you be my friend???
    I never had one.
    It's not a poem!

  • miragelove18 180w

    Unwanted Needs

    My need to be a girl
    With pinkish nectar lurking in my feminine lips
    Becomes the drink of every passerby.

    My need to be a weakling
    When ruffian hands twist my arms tight
    For it was too painful to embrace his first might.

    My need to be an agreer,
    When two hearts tear themselves apart
    And his irresistible pride still cannot depart.

    My need to become a maid ,
    When the infant cries for drink of his life
    And my chastity dances upon the blade of knife.

    My need to be a fabric ,
    When tears struggle down his broken red eyes
    Drenching me cold till it eventually dries.

    My needs have always been his
    Yet I have made them mine own to frown,
    for the unwanted needs of a wanted crown.

  • miragelove18 180w

    A..RU..NA...V (de empty spaces r for d ppl who miss him)

    There is a boy who lived in my thoughts,
    Plain as a day his face was like a child.
    His boyhood is tied to his memories knots.
    How adorably he sleeps and wakes up wild!

    His thoughts are like the unfathomable treasures,
    He loses himself alike to his deep vintage vision.
    And stays building reverie's palatial pleasures.
    He denies coming back to my heart's prison.

    But he dwells in my meditations doesn't he ?
    Has he ever pondered upon my Barren bubble?
    I would have let him prick the unrequited me.
    That would save him from my one-sided troubles.

    The more he fades the more he appears,
    His valid philosophical correspondence lingers.
    He rises like the day and dies in my layers
    He dissapears unnoticeable as the chorus singers.

    His nose is funny his lips are dark his smile is real
    His snore is sweet his hair is thick and voice is bliss
    His passionate cooking creates a heavenly meal
    I wonder how engaging will be our first kiss!?!

    But he lives in my thoughts exactly as he is,
    This poem is for him, the tie beau, the car lover.
    Will he descend for real and unlock the keys?
    Or will he always exist in my poems cover???

  • miragelove18 186w


    Mohammed you were no fool,
    Your visions had made philosopher's drool.
    Every eye was set on your perfect features,
    Vigorous with bloody and rebellious creatures.

    What high dreams of god's kingdom on earth!
    What sheer royalty shed in the Indian mirth!
    Burdened with enormous curses and blessings
    Mohammed marched forth with his tressings

    The chronicles filled of an artistic endeavours,
    The heart of India beaten into two however.
    The throne of grace dancing from north to south,
    The half built castle of Daulatabad in his mouth.

    The mark of patricide won't liberate his soul
    His maternal affections are lost as a whole.

    ... continued....

  • miragelove18 186w


    My beautiful country India,
    Astonishing with serenity, culture, language.
    My enchanting country India,
    Decorated with Genda, Joohi, Mogra, Chameli.
    My omnipotent country India,
    Blessed by Bhagwan, Christ, Mohammed, Nanak.
    My chivalrous country India,
    Protected by Prithviraj, Tipu Sultan, Laxmi Bai.
    My awakening country India,
    Mastered by Bhagat, Vallabh, Subash, Azad.
    My congressional country India,
    Pitied by Gandhi, Nehru, Mountbatten, Jinnah
    My SCARED country India
    Partitioned by nonviolence and Democracy forever.....

  • miragelove18 186w


    Why have I got no friends ?
    I can't remember how many I had
    Meagre of the many were just my alter egos
    I wanted to cling on to them forever
    No one is left for me now.
    My friends are only existing in the writings of Stephen King , Enid Blyton etc.
    How I wish I were amongst them
    running, gliding laughing and living
    I could have made my fake friends nostalgic.


  • miragelove18 207w


    I wish I had someone to bury my face,
    Into the depth of his uncertain heartbeat.
    But non so sweet is fit in my case,
    So rather I must take comfort in John Keats.

    Everyone has dammed my love and hurled it low,
    Lower to the zeniths core where feeble blood flows.
    My blood is not red it has rather turned white,
    White as a corpse ready to be shallowed by kite.

    Birth rights have grown weary and tired of me,
    I find nothing in these fake words you see!
    I must be a cursed soul drawn by a tragedy,
    Slowly consuming poison and dying with malady.

    Though I am beautiful, fair and bright eyed,
    But equally cursed and feverishly tied.
    Oh if blood is all you need,
    My eyes and breast will provide your feed.

    John you do not do anymore,
    Your grave does not provide that happy lore.
    Oh kill me but don't leave me alone,
    I can't bear it God to be hammered and blown.

  • miragelove18 207w


    What's wrong in there?
    Why do you move so much?
    Are you alone my life, are you scared?
    U can't be helped now!
    Help urself!!!
    Try to sleep, try to dream, try to kick, try to grow, try to breathe .....
    You have no clues about me.... Ur mother,
    Doesn't matter I'll still love you, I'll still feed you.. I'll still think of you, I'll still pine for you, I'll still feel you....
    It's not certain that I'll survive after you ,
    Remember u are the only one who heard my heart from inside... Hence keep the legacy of the heart beat alive!!!!

  • miragelove18 207w

    Left out# bullied# alone# sad#girl#boy#pride

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    She was grey,
    She was bleak,
    She was plain,
    I saw her everyday, she was ever present!
    She was never tardy, late or superfluous...
    Her eyes were sad and her earphones were stylish....
    What's bothering you?? Are you alone?? Do you need a hug?? Tell me about it?
    I couldn't ask her Any of these questions...
    She was too unattractive for me!

  • miragelove18 207w


    If only there was an epitome of male beauty. ..I would have looked at him with an awe....and stare at every beneficial parts of his majestic being. ..like a landscape full of frolicking colours from a misty mountain top... trying to find the new in him every now and then....If Adam was created how muscular and yet gentle he must have been. .... I wonder.... We write pretentious and romantic poetries about women..beautiful radiation about her hair to toe but sometimes it's royal to write about the darker sex...Instead of the fair sex....