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  • mimzchishi 118w

    I Died

    No you don't Love me.
    You don't care even if you happen to lose me, you're just scared as to what you'll respond when They(people) ask you about us. Tell them *I DIED*

  • mimzchishi 130w

    Old and new

    Old is gone,
    Behold the new has come.
    When you decide to turn over a new leaf, you're a step closer to getting succeed.
    Good Luck!!

  • mimzchishi 130w

    Are you saved?

    What if you die today, will you be saved?

  • mimzchishi 131w

    By unknown writer

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    In love

    Are u crazily, madly, stupidly, amazingly, favourably in love with the person u love?

  • mimzchishi 131w


    My Mood is super hilarious.
    I wonder how i at One time fall madly, deeply, crazily in love. Then the very next moment abhor every little thing about that particular person whom I was head over heels in love few minutes ago.
    Funny eh?

  • mimzchishi 131w


    Its sad when you don't get what u want. Especially when it is about craving for an attention which will never really be yours. :)
    Life sometimes turns so unfair.

  • mimzchishi 131w


    Why music? And not something else?
    Music soothes our soul.
    Makes our mind calm, peaceful, glad and exhilarating
    Music is bae❤

  • mimzchishi 131w

    Thug life

    Living my life always wanting for his approval, hoping one day he'll realize that I've grown enough to be worthy of his trust.. But no its not gonna work. That day will not come because he's never gonna see me as an equal.

  • mimzchishi 131w

    Lack of thankfulness is a lack of thoughtfulness

  • mimzchishi 131w


    I am blessed beyond Measure.
    The love I embraced, is inexplicable.
    The life I'm living is super exhilarating.
    And the moment I have is all, seriously worth the wait.
    I'm indeed the happiest Damsel now because I am blessed beyond measure