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  • mimzchishi 17w

    The Heart's cry

    Those inaudible voices that rambled through her,
    Nobody else hears it but her. She wonders;
    If at all, there is any, any who can hear her.
    Her deplorable cries.

    Those vicious noises, gradually trampled her entirely,
    Her already shredded soul.
    Consequently, converting her heart, from an enticing –
    To a treacherous one.

    This Damsel in Distress longs to embrace an exquisite love,
    As she stays Forlorn. Wondering:
    If at all, there is any, any who can bring back
    Her fatigue heart alive.

  • mimzchishi 19w

    When you finally recover from your illness only to realize the fact that the life you live is more sickening than lying in your sickbed. Period!!!!


  • mimzchishi 21w

    My love

    No matter how Livid I get at HIM the entire day, At the dusk,when I hear him sleeping so peacefully as if there's nothing in the world to stress upon or worry about:) I realize, that's how much He feels Safe to be with me :)
    I throw away my entire pain and agony, forgets just everything and remain super elated and grateful to God Above for blessing me this very man,the Dandy man snoring so loud and clear while I'm still there on the call I just long for the greatest Wish, which is to eradicate all rages, eliminate all the distances between us, sleep beside him, cuddle him so tight and sweet, Blow a gentle kiss on his forehead,caressing him on his Head and Whisper slowly in his ears "Goodnight my Babe".
    It is indeed an extremely inexplicable thing to say how enormously big I cherish this Human being in my life

  • mimzchishi 29w


    To be Punctual in life, is one of the most vital Habit that a student must adapt in everyday life. In the present society, Many, often tend to take advantage of the luxurious life that they live and pays no heed to the word So called PUNCTUALITY. Considering the fact that be it, the prime minister of india or the dirtiest beggar in the street, we all get the same hour, that is 24hrs. But why do others progress and not us? Progressing but not at the same pace as others, we should first know the value of time and the pivotal meaning of Punctuality, then slowly and gradually punctuality will find itself a place In us.

  • mimzchishi 78w


    Was chained in the thoughts of the past,
    in the thoughts of the past for so long.
    Had Enough retrospection to the deadly past. To the deadly past, I will Refrain Nomore.
    Refraining nomore, Though Memories still lingers,
    Though memories still lingers fresh,
    I've decided to give birth to the second chance.. Tonight I've given birth to the second chance

  • mimzchishi 78w

    The pandemic has left the entire world in chaos.
    Consequently taking many precious lives away,
    Disheartening to see and Say that,
    The masses are still struggling.
    Well, I have a food for thought,
    "Will you be Saved if You die today?"
    Something to seriously ponder upon.

  • mimzchishi 79w

    What if

    What if I try to move on?
    What if I really forget it all, Will He still be irreplaceable?
    What if He is replaced.. Will I still miss Him?
    What if I miss Him, will He miss me too?

  • mimzchishi 79w


    Sometimes I wonder,
    Wonder what should I do.
    To Move on or to go back?
    Moving on scares me, while the thought of getting back haunts me..
    I wonder why!
    Btw I'm just a Poor damsel in distress over-thinking about life in the Dusk

  • mimzchishi 88w


    I miss u here, I miss u there.
    Your footprints lay everywhere And I try to wipe them off all with tears. I let you go not because I got tired of u. I had to, I needed to. I miss you now, ill keep missing you.
    Memories with u will forever linger in my heart. You're forever close to my heart. I love you and I miss you

  • mimzchishi 110w

    I got flaws

    I'm just a depressed damsel pouring my heart out of my head...
    I wish that you could see the pain in me and all of the time I spent being not me..
    Its been quite a time, I've got nothing left to hide.. I tried my best but sorry I got flaws.