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  • mimi_karage 46w

    It's all about the perfect time. What's the rush? Is it because everyone keeps asking you when you are gonna get married or because you are jealous of your friends that got married before you? Shouldn't you be more worried about what might happen if you choose the wrong person.

    You see my love, marriage isn't a game. It's not always going to be like the clichè romantic novels you read. It's reality. Yes it might be all cheesy and sweet at first but what about later on.

    Don't let peer/family pressure lead you into ruining your future. It's not just your future anyways, think about your kids. Think carefully and find a good partner that would set a great example to your future kids.

    Pray to Allah to give you a life partner that would be there for you through every step of the way.


  • mimi_karage 53w

    A short story

    Love and pity are two worlds apart and we need to understand this. Here's a story I'd like to share, my story.

    I thought it was all love at first, everything about him I began to find so captivating. I was paranoid at first, I told myself that I would never fall in love because I can't bear a child and being in love means getting married and having a child at some point right?

    He was the doctor that operated on me after the accident. I was told that I had a very little chance of bearing a child and that broke me completely. I loved kids, in fact I had secretly always wanted one but then now I would not be able to have one. This man gave me a shoulder I could cry on and became a soul I could rely on.

    I let myself be swayed by the emotions I thought I saw in his eyes. I should have listened to my heart when it kept reminding me that he was married but then again, in my religion, a man was allowed to have four wives so I ignored those red lights and said yes when he proposed not waiting to think for a second what I was getting myself into.

    It was all a bed of roses at first, he looked at me like some tender and breakable object that could break if not handled with care. His first wife had two babies while I was in the house and that was when everything changed.

    His family began to toss me aside, treating me as though I was some piece of trash. I was not allowed to even touch those babies his wife had given birth to, those kids I adored so much for they claimed that I was bad luck and I might hurt those kids out of hatred. But I had nothing but love for them in my heart.

    He began to change. Using every opportunity to curse me and remind me that I would never be able to have a child of mine. It hurt so bad but I waited in patience hoping that they'd change at some point and holding on to that little hope that one day, I'll bring a child into this world.

    The whole world felt bitter and at some point I could not take it any more so I demanded a divorce when he hit me because his baby cried in my arms, he said I did something to his baby. He didn't even blink an eye before granting me my divorce.

    I rented an apartment and few weeks later I found out I was with child. I can't even express how happy I was but that day I spent the whole day on my prayer mat, thanking my lord for his endless generosity.

    A few months later I heard about the sad news of his childrens death. All two of them passed away and I was yet to tell him I was with child. I vowed never to go back to his house and to take care of my baby myself.

    Four months later I held the love of my life in my arms, crying as she cried, loving her with every birth I take. He was in that hospital where I had given birth and he shamelessly walked in with tears in his eyes stretching out his hands to hold my child.

    I looked up at him and told him never to approach me again and that I wasn't some tender breakable glass pot he thought I was. I am a strong woman that would look after my baby. I realized at that moment that all you needed was your lord and a strong heart. So to all ladies out there, I know you are strong so don't let yourself be swayed by those lies they tell you.

    Before you get married to that man, don't just love him. Know him, his family, his true self and everything you can find out because it's your life you are gambling with.


  • mimi_karage 54w

    Oh lord, if this is a test, guide me through it. oh lord, I trust you with all my affairs, help guide me. Do not leave me alone to myself. Do not punish me oh lord,I beg you.

  • mimi_karage 58w


    What do you cherish the most?' he asked.
    'memories' she replied.
    Because memories are prized possessions. Everything in this life isn't permanent. We all have to leave one day. But memories are what keeps us going. When we remember those little moment that we used to look down on when we were together with the people we love, we realized just how much they mean to us when they are gone.

    Those moments of laughter, tears, happiness, sadness. They are all bound to be memories one day. A lot of people find it hard to spend a little time with others. No matter how irrelevant you think it is now, you will one day find out that was the most precious time of your life. Give good memories to your friends, family and even strangers. Smile with them, laugh with them and if they are sad, give them hope. Those little things you do might seem meaningless to you, but to some, it will be a memory that will never fade away.


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  • mimi_karage 61w

    A simple poetry with a thousand meanings

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    Hopelessly fighting a war I can never win.
    Sorrow defining the situation of my soul.
    The tears are so blinding, I need to see.
    Where is my escape? I need to flee.
    You are my escape, so give me the key.
    You gave it to someone else?!
    Why be so cruel?
    You know that I needed it, yet you ignored.
    The war ends here, the war of the heart.
    So I will stop fighting since I don't have no key.
    Because it appears I'll never get a chance to hold that key.
    So Let he who has it, keep it safe.
    For all that matters, is keeping it safe.
    But just know that I'll always be there as it's guardian angel.
    Goodbye my love, the war ends here.


  • mimi_karage 61w

    Lesson of the day.

    Many of us have this habit of never wanting to take responsibility for our actions. When something happens, we find every opportunity we get to blame to it on others and it doesn't take a genius to tell you it's not a good thing. When you do something good or bad, learn to accept it. If it's bad, then that doesn't mean the world's gonna end. You learn from your mistakes. But blaming people and finding faults is not going to get you anywhere. So try to be cool with everyone. If you make a mistake, learn from it. Don't blame others!


  • mimi_karage 62w

    I sheath my sword as I stand all alone in the battlefield ready to fight against the thousand enemies.

    Fear is not real,I don't believe in it.

    it's just a word people use as an excuses to cower away.

    Who dares to raise his sword to defeat me?

    Who dares to cross the line I have drawn?

    Let him come forward and I shall destroy him with the tip of my sword.

    Cowards! I dare to call you.

    For all you can think of is attacking from behind.

    But I stand with nothing but my sword, ready to fight.

    For I am not afraid because I am not alone.

    My lord is with me, protecting me.

    And he is no match for mere fools like you.


  • mimi_karage 63w

    You know why I love the lotus flower so much?
    It rises through the mud,
    Bloom out of darkness
    and radiate into the world.
    A lot of us don't give our selves a second chance.
    Once we fall, we tell ourselves we can never rise again.
    Life isn't always how we want it to be.
    What we want is never what we get.
    And what we hate is sometimes what we get.
    That's the irony of life.
    People will always try to bring you down on your way to success, but don't let those obstacles get to you.
    Don't just sit there and mope around
    because you believe you can never make it
    or because you believe you will never get what you want.
    You don't get to decide that.
    If a delicate flower (lotus) can bloom beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud unsoiled, then you can also overcame this difficult world.
    Remember, what matters is the beauty of the heart. Keep your heart clean no matter what.