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  • milky_ 1d

    Letter To Mayo

    Horizontal slides on my phone
    And a vertical slide,
    A friend came up
    A short creature; a cute female
    Calm and crazy
    Naive yet deep
    Her's is a tale of hidden scars
    and extreme cautiousness
    friendly and calm she is
    lovable and fierce is she
    I Wish you Heavens Best
    Keep Being You
    You Can Only Get Better
    God lifts you ✨

  • milky_ 4d


    A thousand words; a thousand stories
    All in 17 years
    A fierce one, a strong persona, a naive child
    All in fragile flesh
    Who is she ?
    Where was she seen ?
    Does beauty exist ?
    Can perfection be seen ?
    Oh my !
    From your crib straight to the outer world
    Your smile stands brightest
    and even when you ain't trying, you still precipitate beauty
    I appreciate you more than I show
    I care for you more than you know
    My prayers is may fruits abound for your sakes even in gardens where you didn't sow
    Soar on Friend
    You're the bestie

  • milky_ 22w

    It's tearing me apart


  • milky_ 24w

    A Release

    A thousand Chariots, A thousand droplets of rain ️
    The smell of the earth
    The cool blow of the wind
    The earth whispers subtly
    The sun smiles Cunningly
    Oh that the cosmos might be my friend
    Oh that ethereality might be my abode
    For I see a thousand Chariots, a thousand droplets of rain ️
    I see a release
    I smell the wind
    I see Freedom

    "Bathe in rainfall to become a poem"


  • milky_ 24w

    Master, Master HELP TMFT


  • milky_ 31w

    I Love God

  • milky_ 35w

    You're the stars and I the cloud
    You, bring out the beauty in me
    When we synchronize our nebula stirrs awe from men
    When we unite, we become a spectacle
    You and I
    The synchronization of nature
    You and I
    Nature's delight





  • milky_ 36w

    Hiding in despair for ages
    Bemoaning a sad fate for eons
    All we could do is weep in silence
    Till the rains drop
    And synchronize with our tear drops
    In the land of soft mourning

    The Place We Call Home


  • milky_ 37w

    Been away for some time
    Stopped writing for a while
    Lost poetry for some few months
    Still, not for once did my love dim
    Nor my skill dwindle
    All that was still is
    And not that is, was
    Poetry never dies

    Plastic Sparrows Don't Age
    Paper Flowers Never Die
    It Is The Genuineness That Matures
    Art Stays Young Forever
    Poetry Stays Young Forever

  • milky_ 42w

    By unknown writer

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    Faithful dust
    Negative You-manity
    Pathetic life
    Beastly realms
    It's all a short life
    And man will be what it was born to be