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  • mikeanthony 113w


    "Paul's learning to drive..and has a new
    driving instructor...Mr Thomas"

    MR THOMAS-"ok Paul we are soon gettin
    to a roundabout,I want you to take the first left"
    PAUL-"Ok no problem Mr Thomas,I take the
    first left that's right near the shop called Beth"
    MR THOMAS-"Correct,so when you get near
    the shop BETH you go left right!"
    PAUL-"So I don't go left at the shop BETH
    then...i go right?Yet the right turn is so tight?‍♀️

    MR THOMAS-"No..I told you to take the first
    left at the roundabout not right..ok?"
    PAUL-"But you did say turn left in the
    beginnng?now you're saying it isn't right...eh???"
    MR THOMAS-"No I said turn left,I only said
    right to say you were right in what you said!"
    PAUL-"So I was right all along then..you did say go
    right..ok I'll turn left now.?..so now.. straight ahead?"

    MR THOMAS-"Yes straight ahead right,when
    you pass the bus garage you can park!"
    PAUL-"So I drive straight ahead on the right
    and stop pass the bus garage?."It's getting dark!"
    MR THOMAS-"No you just drive straight ahead
    right,then when you pass the garage you stop right!"
    PAUL-"You just told me to drive on the right
    and stop on the right?"look I've had along night'

    MR THOMAS -"Look Paul,you've not understood
    my instructions right!
    I suggest you drive home,I'll walk back right.
    I have no time to argue right...or to fight!"

    (Paul drove the car away leaving Mr Thomas.
    Yet when Paul looked back...
    ..Mr Thomas was walking on the RIGHT!)‍♀️
    .".question is...who was right??. him or the driving instructor?‍♀️‍♀️

    "I let you decide!".

    Mike Anthony 2019 ✍❤

  • mikeanthony 115w


    "This poem is part of a challenge"
    A dear friend here recommended me to respond to a challenge here!"

    Maria was my new love (not in real life‍♀️)

    Maria was my life.,she planned for me to meet
    her family at her cousins funeral one evening
    Her mum and dad,brother,and others
    met me at her home.No one was leaving
    Sadness yet joy filled the air, laughter
    and mourning we all shared as one
    Maria's sister and others now arrived
    as i headed to the bathroom.So much fun

    On my way to greet them I grabbed Maria
    Grabbed her from behind as she stood alone
    I put my arms around her waist..held her close
    whispered words from a romantic zone
    Yet she turned to look at me with hatred.
    Angry words came from her mouth
    How dare you hold me she shouted loudly
    She began punching me saying get out

    Tears streamed down her eyes,I asked her
    "what's wrong Maria?"..She got more mad
    She began throwing things at me,shouting
    screaming.It's the worst experience I had
    She then informed me that she was Maria's
    twin sister sue.identical,always dressed the same
    She wore the same clothes as maria that day
    Same hair and make up too.Yet I got the blame

    "It took six weeks for maria to forgive me
    So my advice to you is to always ask
    Any new partner if they have an identical
    twin.."pls make this your number 1 task!"

    Mike Anthony 2019✍❤

  • mikeanthony 120w


    Cry your tears into my eyes and let my warmth
    cradle the brokenness of your scarred heart
    Let the valleys of your tortured mind embrace
    the silent falling snows of innocence ❄
    Driving away black shadows of heartache
    filling the land of your dreams with purity
    For your face was made to smile and death
    was the predestined home for your pain

    Let the heat of my compassion warm the dark
    cold corridors of your childhood memories
    Release the wounded child from within you
    Set your true brokenness free to fly away
    Allow the belly of your soul to digest the
    sweet flavours of a new found freedom
    Darkness and abuse became your deceitful
    companions for you called then normality ‍♀️

    You see,your normality was the abnormality
    for pain was lifes only real gift to you
    Happiness was a stranger,joy divorced itself
    from your exsistance.Never to return.
    Yet now your malnourished hope can now
    feed on the very essence of my presence
    For the prison you lived within is now gone
    The time has come to walk into your freedom‍♀️

    "Tonight instead of painful memories,angels
    will be playing harps inside your mind
    Your once wounded soul will be swimming
    in lakes of gold,wrapped in blankets of love!"

    "Dedicated to anyone whose suffered abuse:childhood,adolescence or in adulthood"

    Mike Anthony 2019 ✍❤

  • mikeanthony 121w


    Washed in warm waves of an emotional paradise
    Whilst drinking fresh water made of glass diamonds
    You're life becomes filled with sweet magical aromas
    For loves sweet essence breathes new life into you

    Dull days are now all marinated in glorious warmth
    all rising up from a divine sweet romantic sunshine
    Songs fills the heart,daydreams teases the mind
    For someone loves you.You become special

    The wind echoes your name and birds sing to you
    Whatever you dislike about yourself they will accept
    You swim in the warm ocean within their smiling eyes
    You melt like wax whenever they hold your hand

    "Bathed in romantic rainbows,watching dreamy
    summer sunsets
    Affectionate hearts become one under blue
    warm summer skies"

    Like water to a dying flower..such is a human soul kissed by human love
    Yet like land deprived of rain is a life without
    any loving care

    Mike Anthony 2019 ✍❤

  • mikeanthony 121w


    They were once our most favourite couple
    Seeing them together warmed our hearts ❤
    At dinner times they joined us,so special.
    Know by family and friends they were adored
    They worked together in the food industry
    specialist in their field,strong and valued
    They were beautiful,unique,one of kind.
    We all would comment on the compatibility

    Yet I remember the sad day I received the call
    For they were no longer together
    They had separated!our hearts were broken.
    The reasons why were unknown by all‍♂️
    One of them went AWOL unexpectedly
    leaving the other alone in isolation ‍♂️
    They were from Italy,yet were here in london
    with their relationship now gone.we were lost

    Unable to work alone without their partner
    Everything changed.It wasn't the same.
    The one remaining no longer joined us for dinner
    For this lonely knife needed the folk inorder
    to help us eat.Eating without a folk?..impossible!
    No one knew how this expensive folk disappeared
    Though we tried to find it.Our efforts failed
    Together they helped us eat.They were a precious
    yet vital part of the food industries double act

    "Never to return.Never to be loved again.
    Never to share a meal.Gone now forever!"

  • mikeanthony 121w


    "Inspired by a conversation!"

    Hello reader,lemmie ask you a serious question?
    Coz there's something that needs your attention!
    For there are some individuals that I need to mention
    Who have so blessed your life in straight succession
    So I will mention them now in this poetic expression
    As you've forgotten some of them in lifes progression

    As you were being born do you know who cared?
    Remember who bathed you?combed your hair?
    As a baby you were dependant,so who was there?
    Somebody fed you,who gave you clothes to wear?
    Who changed your soiled nappies,sat you in a chair?
    Remember as a baby crying? Who said "there there?"

    In your past life it's hard to remember this dimension
    We remember key persons,key events of intervention
    Yet baby memories are often beyond comprehension
    Those who cared for us deserve an honourable mention
    Coz if nobody cared you'd die without this caring attention

    "Remember someone else got you through your
    babyhood it wasn't you
    Someone else wiped your mouth,they did things
    you couldn't do
    Tell me can you fully remember your babyhood?
    What date did u first chew?
    These are the thankless heroes who helped
    you become you,it's true
    Your parents,family members,strangers and friends
    They cared for the helpless you!"

    "If it wasn't for them,you would cease to exist
    as you do today in this land..
    Can you remember when you first walked?
    No..but i'm sure that someone else can!"‍♀️

    Mike Anthony 2019 ✍❤

  • mikeanthony 122w


    ����YOGI_WRITES ����

    Titled THE FIRST ONE
    (To honour a faithful friend)

    I joined mirakee 49 weeks ago,and did my first post
    Got a "welcome to mirakee" comment from the host
    I then replied "thanks,glad I had found this great app"
    Then someone commented within a five second gap
    They said "Deep!! Awesome"in responce to my poem
    I didn't expect this..i thought "well..what do I owe em?"

    I saw the name yogidgr8 with a small picture there
    So I replied saying "thanks so much".".They cared"
    I ended my reply with four smiley faces with hands
    This person actually read my poem and understands
    They were the first person here to send me a comment
    My friend tom said it's great...I knew what tom ment

    Her name's now yogi_writes and shes my dear friend
    She still responds to my posts weekdays or weekends
    My first ever post was called 'the hidden compassion"
    Got 34 likes and 5 reposts in the mirakee fashion
    She was the first to comment and is just so faithful
    Following my work.. always warm and never hateful

    She was there right at the beginning,a kind stranger
    Now a special friend,positive,never a dark complainer
    I honour you yogi_writes with this dedication to you
    For you've become a sweet blessing..yes it's true
    As 49 weeks ago you blessed me,you bless me still
    A woman i deeply value with an amazing writing skill

    "There are many others here who are sweet blessings
    You know who you are,so you don't need to be guessing!"����

    @yogi_writes @mahtobpensdown @Khalidah03
    @japsjk @amritapaulchowdhury

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    ©mikeanthony 2019✍❤

  • mikeanthony 122w


    Sometimes in life you'll feel real happiness
    Other times in life you'll be hurt by snappiness
    Sometimes in life you will be successful
    Other times in life things are gonna be stressful
    Sometimes in life you will be hurt by others
    Other times in life you'll be leaning many wonders

    Sometimes in life you'll really feel all alone
    Other times in life there'll no one who says hello
    Sometimes in life you'll will feel optimistic
    Other times in life you'll be strong and be realistic
    Sometimes in life you'll smile,frown and cry
    Other times in life you'll laugh,even aim for the sky

    Sometimes in life you'll hurt and love people
    Other times in life you'll feel crushed like a beetle
    Sometimes in life you'll learn from your pain
    Other times in life joyful and dark thoughts remain
    Sometimes in life you'll fail,win and progress
    Other times in life you'll feel free yet oppressed

    "I hope reading these rhymes makes your strength rise next time
    Making you wise many times throughout your own lifetime
    For sometimes in your life you'll need to overcome lifes confines
    Otherwise you'll miss the big surprise that you're a winner everytime!"

    Mike Anthony 2019 ✍❤

  • mikeanthony 122w


    My mind and heart share a linguistic romance
    where writing is born from wombs of poetry
    Your mind and heart were made to dance with
    poetic forms listening to the sound of creativity

    Let the essence of poetic winds carry my words
    into the core of your mind.Let them live there
    For my desire is to die within the heart of your soul
    so I can flood you with the beauty of poetic ecstasy

    "For the heart of your soul is the invisible
    yet silent audience who I always write for
    You read this post for poetic winds carried
    the essence of your mind to seek my presence
    Now you have found me within this piece of
    writing,I can feel your presence.You found me!"

    Mike Anthony 2019 ✍❤

  • mikeanthony 123w


    In life we can cope without spanners,banners
    and even glamour...but certainly not manners
    Someone didnt say thank you to my friend anna
    It made her mood dark enough to show in a scanner
    It almost turned her into the hulk like bruce banner
    For this wasn't about just inappropriate grammar
    For like a wedding planner tripping over a hanger
    Rudeness hits hard,hurts like falling on a hammer

    For saying thanks is better than being thankless
    As having basic manners stops others feeling anxious
    Plus saying please is better than heartless frankness
    For without manners,society becomes a thorny cactus
    Painful and hard..like raising a child spankless
    Nothing compares to good manners..it's matchless
    Without it..many get hurt,consumed in blackness
    They're left broken by those whose behaviour's tactless

    A smile,please,thank you,hello,goodbye and goodnight
    These examples are just endless,you know I'm right
    Bad manners have caused even murders,and fights
    A simple goodmorning can take you to great heights
    Whilst not being thanked can destroy all that is bright
    Good manners makes the heart smile,it's like a light

    "To have manners makes you a blessing
    For it's positive vibes you're expressing
    Though i know it's deeply distressing
    To be devalued...its depressing
    Yet be true to yourself,don't be surpressing
    your goodness within...coz it's refreshing!"

    Mike Anthony 2019 ✍❤