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  • mika_baby10 117w

    My own self worth

    I used to look in the mirror, tears streaming down my face at 3 am

    Wondering why I was never good enough for you.

    Then one day I woke up, walked down the hall way I looked in that very same mirror , and suddenly everything changed, it was like a light switch being flicked on inside of me , I realized ...

    I am good enough ..

    But honestly...mabye ..just mabye,

    you were not good enough for me.

    And to that all I can say is,

    I AM SORRY... but for once I'm not apologizing to you.. so please dont flatter yourself darling.

    I am apologizing to myself , simply for not seeing my own self worth, my very own beauty, I am apologizing for EVER doubting me.

    And to you?

    Well... thank you....

    Thank you for helping me realize all these
    Amazing qualities that I have ALWAYS had, but was simply always to blind to see about myself~♡


  • mika_baby10 117w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Barely

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    Barley existing, your the only reason I go on believing

  • mika_baby10 117w

    All I've ever wanted

    All I've ever wanted was to see you completely, truly, and genuinely , HAPPY,

    And if letting you go is the one thing that can help you achieve this feeling.

    Then I guess this is goodbye my love~


  • mika_baby10 119w

    It's not your fault.

    It's not your fault ,..
    . I'm fragile , I've opened up to so many people just to be crushed , like autumn leaves crumbling under peoples feet and now I tend to push away anything that gets to close,
    I dont want to let anything back in,
    I dont want to be hurt ever again,
    And no madder how many times you tell me you love me,
    I will always have the tiniest sense of doubt that you will eventually grow tired of me and find someone 50x more beautiful, you will surely walk away ,you ask me how I know for sure that you will?
    Everyone leaves,...
    Because nothing is forever my darling

  • mika_baby10 119w


    It's like I'm running in a dark tunnel
    all I see is a small dim light at the end and im running towards it , heart throbbing out of my chest, knees shaking like jello, gasping for my breath to return to my lungs, I'm ready to give up on myself at any moment.
    Yet I'm walking casually down the street with a smile on my face , waving at people passing by me, putting my best foot forward

    As per usual.

    I am lost,
    Roaming these empty cold streets,
    Alone and scared of everything.

    I think after awhile I just became numb to it all. Got tired of waiting to be happy

    Im just empty and prefer simple loneliness all the time now
    I never know witch path to take, for the once beautiful light filled welcoming path now just seems so dark n gloomy like the previous pathways.

    So now I sit n stare
    , Dizzy and lost

    Honestly feeling nothing all the time

    Is better then feeling to much or to often everyday.

  • mika_baby10 119w

    My demons~

    Were all addicted to somthing that takes away all our pain, weather it be
    a person , a substance, objects..
    We crave the pills ,and the lust
    We just want to feel loved and feel safe
    So we take 1 thing in our lives and obsess over it,because it makes us feel somthing
    We cling on to it till the point where the person walks away or the drug isnt enough ...

    We suffocate everyone and everything around us in fear we will never be loved or wanted

    I used to think even my own shadow would run from me somedays, due to my neediness of love and acceptance.

    And no madder how many times I tried to look at my own skin and see anything less then beautiful,
    I would still run a sharp blade across it, still think these nasty thoughts ,

    So next time you tell me to think of my self as beautiful,
    understand that I do ,

    I TRY to think such things of myself
    everyday single day I look in that mirror....

    I am strong.

    But somedays my demons are stronger. ~


  • mika_baby10 122w

    You didnt break my heart, I broke my own.

    I find people like to hide behind a million masks,building wall higher the the tallest skyscrapers , brushing ecerything off and switching the subject simply because they once let it all go for one person , just to have someone peel back the layers of your masks , to just break your heart over and over agian
    Till the masks become tighter, the walls become thickerand taller , you tend to just start icnoring people when they bring up certain people, & places...
    After awhile , you wait for so long, , cry a little to much, lay awake, so alone, and noone is in sight... all the people who promised to never leave, well there all long gone, and i dont try and act like i never saw it coming.l, cause i did, the moment i looked in your eyes, well that told a whole story , i seen it all comkng but i risked it anyways, so dont feel bad , or sad that this all happened ...cause i knew... i knew you would leave, why? Cause everyone evenrually does... you didnt break my heart , i broke my own heart , and continue to do so, its what people like me do, so if you ever stop yourself and statt blaming yourself for this all happening,,

    Fucking dont cause

    I am the one who broke my own heart darling.

  • mika_baby10 122w

    The process of Letting you go.

    Im never gunna act like your not part of my life ,
    like your a ghost and you dont exist in my life and mind because,
    you do, dont worry about being left or forgotten cause you wont be, You are pretty impossible to forget somedays, trust me ive tried to forget you.. and when trying to fight between my mind and my feelings.... the mind....was the one who wins the battle every damn time....

    Just because im not chasing after you, dont mean i dont love you..

    Youll truly understand what i mean about everything ..mabye ..one day.

    Goodnight .

  • mika_baby10 124w

    You get me ~

    You get me, we meet up and go for a drive, and it seems I'm talking to you for hours on end without even realizing about things I swore I'd never open up to anyone about myself, but no madder how hard I try n hold it'll in, the words just uncontrolablly spit out of my mouth like vomit, normally id hate myself for being vunarable but with you I find myself OK and calm, like I don't have to hide who I am,

    You look at me like your in the dark 24/7 and just being next to me lights up your darkness, I'm not used to someone telling Me how amazing I am and how I make you feel like you just won the damn lottery,
    you see he always ignored me, he always found other things to grasp his attention, even when I begged for him, he would disappear,
    but you...
    You seem to be right there, with a snap of your fingers, you actually seem interested in what I say, and it's been awhile since I've felt wanted.
    You tell me you want me to readout my poetry and what would I write, right now?
    Well we sit and listen to good music...
    Well I thought about it,
    And this is what I'd tell you if I had the courage to look at you and say how good I feel when your around ,
    my mom always said it's better to be unique then the same as everyone else... Well
    your different then everyone else
    , and I've always been a lover of different, and unique
    I like the black sheep,
    The odd ball
    You tend to stick out like a sore thumb.
    Your simply
    inspirationally beautiful to me.

    You walked into my life at the most weird time, and I am so curious to learn so much more about you, you are a never ending adventure,
    and I am so ready to start exploring.

  • mika_baby10 127w

    A diary of emotion

    Title waves filled of sadness, and forceful gusts of tornado like winds
    Crash amongst my skull thrashing my brain around like leaves in a hurricane,

    I can't think,or eat, nor sleep,

    Why am I like this?

    I tend to push all the people I love away, in intense hopes that it somehow makes them want to stay more.

    I've grown this fear,
    I don't want to be forgotten or lost...

    Without realizing I already have been...
    For quite sometime now,
    People say don't fall in love with being alone,.. cause you may end up liking it forever.


    The feeling always was quite dormant in me.

    Now that I've grown, it's become more or less...

    Branded in me, just like cattle.