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  • mighty_are_the_fallen 5w


    Achingly bitter are my dreams,
    The ones I have in place of every memory.

    Repression and forgetfulness,
    My sweet gentleness.

    I wish I knew,
    All the things I wished to forget.

    I screamed and cried for years,
    So afraid the child I was,
    Trembling with bloody back.

    You needed help.
    You needed kindness.

    They gave you fear.

    You pushed it all away,
    But now I am left here,
    Crying to heal,
    Left with the mistakes of years of neglect.

    I dream in the shades of trees,
    The things that lurk.

    I refuse the shaking,
    The heat,
    The tears and the bile.

    Let me dream of the things we fought to forget,
    Let us heal,
    Let us mourn.

    Our heart is heavy.
    Cold and afraid.

    I will continue,
    So the abuse will never persevere.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 5w

    I Remember Waking

    I remember waking.
    Opening my eyes and breathing,
    Yet my life is so distant.

    I grew so cold with myself,
    Like another person,
    That now I find myself learning more about myself.

    Everyday I find I have preferences,
    I did not wake with them,
    Yet I remember waking.

    I find myself,
    In the creaky floors that drive me mad,
    In the gentle breeze that makes my heart swell,
    In the foods that I refuse to eat,
    And the ones I eat so freely.

    My ears used to belong to creaky floors.
    That gentle breeze was such a fright.
    The refusal of food tasted like a swollen lip,
    Gluttony like starvation.

    I find myself so interested with myself.
    All the things I learn about myself.

    It's almost like a dream,
    But I remember waking.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 11w

    Where I'm from

    I am from somewhere closed,
    Like lids to boxes,
    A place waiting for a push,
    To let everything spill free.

    I’m from broken dreams and cursed things,
    Lies and family I never wanted,
    Things I never needed,
    Names I'll never speak.

    A place where grass grows too well in patches,
    Barrel lids in the yard,
    Bags in the freezer.

    A place where I leaned against the door too hard,
    Holding the handle too tight,
    Later smelling the copper on my hands,
    Stained to my soul like a streak of white.

    A place that tasted of tears,
    A place that tasted of screams.

    The feeling of adrenaline,
    Listening to the floorboards.

    Yellow bottles,
    Chalky taste.

    A deep humming,
    A sound you hear in horror movies.

    Is that gas?

    Stains on the carpet,
    What happened here?

    Static in my lips,
    Where did it go?

    A name I don't recognize,
    Who is she?
    Where I’m from is dead,
    Another green spot in the yard,
    Another bag in the freezer,
    Another stain in the carpet.

    It is a name I do not know,
    Pictures that are not mine,
    Faces I don’t remember,
    Smells that make me ache.

    I come from a place I will never returne,
    A place I leave to nightmares.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 17w

    Static on my tongue
    Sweet euphoria
    Make it hurt
    Making a rash choice
    Cut yourself open
    It's something else
    It's the open doors
    Pounds so loud
    Open the doors
    Carve it out
    Make it stop
    Rushing past my ears
    Jitterbug sounds
    Cicada screams
    I don't wanna be looked at
    Don't look at me
    Don't look at me
    Don't look at me
    I want it to stop
    I want it to be quiet
    No more knocking
    No more screams
    No more shaking
    It's so sweet
    Tastes too good
    It's like a dream
    A nightmare
    I wanna be awake

    #mania #manic #depression #depressed #trauma

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  • mighty_are_the_fallen 18w

    Go Away

    Not even here is safe anymore
    Knowing the eyes of prey watch
    Knowing things I hate lurk
    I want to feel
    I want to be able to feel
    I need to feel
    Go away so I can mourn
    Too much has happened
    Not enough support
    Hiding everything away
    It hurts
    I want it to stop

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 18w

    Not Happy

    I'm not happy
    I'm not happy
    I'm not happy
    Was I ever happy?
    It's mental illness,
    Being happy.
    It's not real.
    My eyes burn,
    not from tears,
    But from the salt on my hands.
    It's all fake,
    It's all a lie.
    They say they love me.
    It's all not true.
    They say they look up to me,
    It's so they can get more from me.
    No one actually likes me.
    No one.
    No one.
    No one.
    I feel so lonley,
    I know it's just a break down,
    This one feels bad.
    Very bad.
    Very bad.
    Very bad.
    I wanna break something.
    They all keep lying to me.
    They make me feel good,
    Just to take it away.
    I wanna break their fingers.
    Vision of teeth.
    Broken hair.
    This is not me.
    I don't feel this way.
    But I do.
    But I do.
    But I do.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 18w

    A Weight

    I feel hollow and empty
    My chest is cold
    I'm hungry
    But my stomach is heavy
    A weight
    A burden
    Feelings of being a child
    Panic and fear
    I don't want it to make sense
    It never could

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 23w

    Bad Thoughts

    Closing my eyes to visions of nightmares
    Thinking of things I hate

    Opening my eyes to another nightmare
    Thinking of a way to make it stop

    In my dreams my jaw opens for rot
    In my wake my jaw is clenched tight

    In my dreams my eyes see all
    When I wake I see a haze

    Dreams come in through the open window
    Yet never leave

    They linger and fester
    Create homes in my clothes
    In all the nooks and crannys

    They eat the happy thoughts
    Rot away my sanity

    When I open my eyes I see them scatter
    Hiding away
    They where not meant to stay

    They grow gluttonous on my sanity
    Leaving nothing at the table
    Not even a scrap left for me

    I somehow find them
    Hiding under tables
    I squash them without mercy
    Leaving little black spots

    But with one death another joins
    In the name of vengeance
    Of some grandparent

    Some day I hope
    The bloodline will end
    Either my own
    Or the bad thoughts
    One has to go

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 23w

    Sad boy

    I'm a sad boy
    A mad boy
    A little bit of a paranoid boy

    I feel really sad
    I feel really mad
    Some words are simple

    No one is simple
    I am not simple
    I am not so quite

    A deranged boy
    Sitting on the edge boy
    Craving to end it boy
    Waiting to be a man boy

    A silent boy
    Waiting for them to speak boy
    Always checking his voice boy
    Waiting to be strong boy

    A shifty boy
    Always checking his back boy
    Fearing something real boy
    Waiting to be brave boy

    A sad boy
    A mad boy
    A paranoid boy

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 27w


    She's shaped like an angel
    Her shoulders arche high

    Beautiful wings
    Beautiful eyes

    I gaze into her soul
    As she holds me close

    Theirs a thick haze
    Ash on our fingers

    I wanna stay forever
    Wrapped close
    Palms over her wings

    She calls me hers
    And I call her mine

    It's taken so long
    But I feel the love