Sparking Off a Lil Imagination✌️

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  • miffyduke 1w

    Crush #71

    Love is the smile,
    I like to wear when you are by my side..

  • miffyduke 4w

    Crush #70

    In your hands I place my soul,
    Which happily smiles singing along...

  • miffyduke 9w

    Crush #69

    I like it,
    When you smile,
    Just to make me smile...

  • miffyduke 16w

    Crush #68

    Everything I dare,
    Is for your only love I care

  • miffyduke 21w

    Crush #67

    Every little smile,
    Brings your world closer to mine...

  • miffyduke 21w

    Crush #66

    I dress up my smile,
    With the beauty of yours

  • miffyduke 25w

    Crush #65

    With you by my side,
    I have got lots of reasons to smile...

  • miffyduke 26w

    Crush #64

    I swirl by the happiness of your smile...

  • miffyduke 27w

    Crush #63

    Nothing makes me proud,
    Than being the reason for your smile..

  • miffyduke 27w

    Crush #62

    Deep down the heart,
    There are many more things to share,
    But your one little smile,
    Makes everything go blur...