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  • midnightashes 10w

    The Road

    "You never know what the road will bring until you leave."

  • midnightashes 12w

    (Love At Farewell)

    The morning deserts me, quickly leaving the dew.
    You said dew and drizzle are different
    But anyway you missed the fact
    Both are just water.

    The day still passed as usual
    With my pain I still walk
    Remembered a traveler from the east, who had come for a few splashes of star-lit water
    But it devours you.

    I didn't leave a single glass
    I still gulp down the last drop
    But it's still the same
    All the nights i've been through have remained the same
    Like the eternal farewell night then.

    Flowers that you say you don't want to hurt now has lost its essence
    Has withered and cannot keep the promise to remain eternal.

    The museum you love is obsolete
    The owner has died with you
    Do you remember the last butterfly you captured with your beautiful eyes?
    It also died when you closed your eyes from me.

    Your trip is taken over without consent.
    And it will die in the same place and way as you.
    Of course,.
    If tonight could be..
    The night of eternal encounter..

  • midnightashes 15w

    Only Time

    There is a time when you want to die but you are given a very long life.
    There are times when you want to live but you are just pushed to the brink.
    There are times when you will only be lonely in miserable circumstances.
    There is a time that makes you want to live in the past, when you think of a time when you were free to pick flowers at that time.
    Or a time when you don't want to go back at all.
    There are times when you will miss to sick, smell the worry that you no longer get. However, there is happiness that cannot be obtained anymore, there is happiness that cannot be obtained at all.
    And there are times when you long to be hurt. but..
    There are a time when you don't realize one or two people who think about you very much.

  • midnightashes 16w

    No Name

    It's easy to say goodbye..
    It's easy to say i'm leaving..
    See you there as if we will never end..

    The flowers bloom, grow up with my skin..
    My sin fed them, and give them alive..
    See you there as if we will never end..

    When you cry because you miss someone, then believe me you love him much more than you realize..

    I love you from afar..

  • midnightashes 17w


    In a day i could see..
    In the end i blind forever..


  • midnightashes 17w


    Don't pretend to get something.
    Because maybe, what you get is also just a pretense.
    Be your self & Never surrender!


  • midnightashes 18w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Chaos

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    My Ocean Light

  • midnightashes 19w


    Greetings from autumn to spring
    when my love are mad at me
    when my heart is break for him
    autumn will come to you
    to make our story
    greetings from autumn to spring
    from hope to dear
    from love to love


  • midnightashes 22w

    Love & Respect

    Love is respect.
    Therefore respect yourself first so that you will be loved.


  • midnightashes 24w

    Dark Lyrics
    By : _MidnightAshes_

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    My Coffin


    Flowers have been sown on my grave
    Leaving thorns stuck in my face
    Liar prayer has ended..

    if my lover's age is only a moment
    where will I look for him?
    to examine every feeling without meaning

    I gave you my coffin..
    The return of the flowers you had sown..

    Your lies are the most valuable
    Let's cheat each other, love again as before..
    No! The flowers have withered, there are only thorns alone..

    Don't send me thorns, I'm crying..
    Don't share me stories, I'm dying..
    My coffin, had filled with stories and cries..

    I gave you my coffin..
    Will you sail with that?

    The ocean will not stand in your way
    Like a road that doesn't stand in your way
    To chasing the thief..

    The rainy words will never end..
    Like me who was waiting for you on my empty grave..
    Hope you will arrive soon with my coffin..

    Then bury me..

    I gave you my coffin..
    My coffin almost collapsed..